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SANTA FE ASTROLOGY MEET-UP-09/02/18-"Introduction To Astrology, Part 1 of 3: Horoscope Interpretation Via Personal Points, Planets, And Aspects." Charts For Analysis Are Albert Einstein & Janis Joplin

This is a return to the "back to the basics" introduction lessons via western-based geocentric astrology. This is Part 1 of a three-part series. This Part 1 will center on the personal points (Sun, Moon, Midheaven, Ascendant, Nodes, Part of Fortune, and Vertex), planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), and the aspects (Conjunction, Semi-Sextile, Semi-Square, Sextile, Square, Trine, Sesquiquadrate, Quincunx, and Opposition).

History of Astrology 

SO WHAT IS A HOROSCOPE ANYWAY? The western geocentric horoscope consists of 12 houses. The houses will be discussed in Part 2 of the series. But to get an idea of what a horoscope represents, use the depiction below with the horoscope representing the Earth, and your time of birth taking place where the person is standing (with "MC" (or "Midheaven") above the person standing). This "MC" is a crucial point of the horoscope, along with the "As" (or "Ascendant") on the left side of the dial. These two points are components of the "personal points" section in this lesson; the Midheaven is the theoretical "overhead point" (relative to the Earth's ecliptic, and not directly over one's head) and the Ascendant is the "eastern horizon point" (and again, relative to the Earth's ecliptic and not the horizon that is exactly east). If one is involved in astronomy, one would note that the Moon, stars, and planets rise above the Ascendant and disappear or set below the western horizon point (as seen below).

Below is a better description of the Midheaven (MC) and the Ascendant (As). Note that they are not exactly "overhead" or exactly "eastern horizon point." This is because western astrology takes into account the 23 degree tilt of Earth relative to the equator of the Sun.

The three areas that may be the most important areas to consider in any initial horoscope analysis are the planets / personal points, the aspects or angles that form with zodiac points/planets of the horoscope, and whether or not the horoscope planets and luminaries (Sun / Moon) are compatible with other planets / luminaries by virtue of their connection with each other via aspects (and the type of aspect that is linking them together).

As far as orbs of aspects go for the charts in this presentation, I used 5 degrees (or less) for Conjunction, Square Trine, and Opposition; 4 degrees (or less) for Sextile; and 2 degrees (or less) for Semi-Sextile, Semi-Square, Sesquiquadrate, and Quincunx. BUT NOTE: there are many astrologers who use 7-9 degrees (or less) for Conjunction, 6-8 degrees (or less) for Square, Trine, and Opposition, 5-7 degrees (or less) for Sextile, and 3 degrees (or less) for Semi-Sextile, Semi-Square, Sesquiquadrate, and Quincunx. PLEASE NOTE THAT IT MAY BE IMPORTANT TO SERIOUSLY CONSIDER THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SEMI-SQUARE, SESQUIQUADRATE, AND QUINCUNX IF THE ORB IS LESS THAN 1 DEGREE. Overall, one is welcome to "stretch" the rules in this regard with applying bigger orbs with aspects involving the Conjunction, Trine, Square, and Opposition, but remember this: THE TIGHTER THE PICTURE, THE BETTER THE INTERPRETATION...

Albert Einstein

Looking at the chart above, the first thing that really stands out is the Conjunction of the Part of Fortune, Mercury, and Saturn (and this is circled in red below). The Part of Fortune is usually associated with career success, and with this trio (circled in red) forming a Quincunx to Uranus, this may define "a career involving restricted communications or communications involving government or authority figures" (Part of Fortune Conjunction Mercury Conjunction Saturn) and "involvement or tension with foggy areas that lead to important resolutions" (Quincunx) that concerns "areas that may represent surprises, shocking events, or areas involving technology or inventiveness." Saturn doesn't get along with anyone, but it can represent "government involvement." And this description above appears to be very similar to Einstein's work leading to the Manhattan Project, one of the most secretive areas (Mercury Conjunction Saturn) of science that involved the U.S. government. The T-square between Jupiter, Pluto, and the Vertex (circled in blue below) indicates "great success" (Jupiter) due to "some sort of open conflict" (Square) in areas that concern "transformation, possibly involving crisis or chaos" (Pluto) which may be related to "fated karma or an important wish" (Vertex). This may define the application of Einstein's principles (which he wanted to be used only to end WWII) to the development of the atomic bomb, which would lead to the end of World War II. HOWEVER, note that the Conjunction of Neptune with Chiron (circled in green) may define "deception or disappointment in regards to healing oneself or the healing of others." Einstein's atomic bomb invention would define the start of the post WWII U.S. military industrial complex, one of the biggest financial curses in world history. U.S. President Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex, and it's development after WWII may be fair for comparison purposes with the European Black Plague in terms of deaths and with the diversion of financial resources that could have otherwise benefited many world populations in peaceful ways. The unfortunate use of these weapons at the current time is to push government agendas via the use of threatening annihilation of world populations when a government can't have it's way, i.e. "my missile is bigger than your missile." Einstein won international praise and respect for his open condemnation of government use of the atomic bomb for government agendas (and especially such agendas that favored "special people" in the government). This may be reflective of Einstein's Moon in Trine with Venus (circled in orange below). This may indicate "relationships with others" (Venus) which may be "harmonious" (Trine) that may concern "women or the public" (the Moon). This may be reflective with "the public" since Albert Einstein reportedly had poor relations with his 1st and 2nd wives. Further evidence for this problem with his personal life with women may be represented by the Moon Square Midheaven placement (circled in light green). This may define "one's legacy or reputation" (Midheaven) "for having much conflict" (Square) with "the women in one's life" (Moon).

Looking at the grid below, there are a few aspects that warrant attention. Circled in purple, Einstein's Ascendant ("the environment; one's impression on others") is forming a Sesquiquadrate ("concerns involving health or the workplace") with Jupiter ("good luck and good fortune"). This defines "slight tension in the environment or issues regarding making a favorable impression on others, but probable good luck and good fortune in regards to health or workplace skills." Einstein died at the age of 76 while working on Israel's 7th Anniversary speech, which was very old at that time (since the average life expectancy was 65 at that time). This same definition of tension with the sesquiquadrate may be seen with Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus (circled in red below). "Relationships with others" (Venus) may undergo "tension in the workplace or with one's health" (Sesquiquadrate) and result in "surprises" (Uranus). Einstein reportedly divorced his first wife (a student from a class) and would marry his cousin. He was also reportedly showered with gifts from many women claiming close friendship, and this created friction with both wives. Circled in orange below, Mars Conjunction North Node would indicate "connections" (North Node) with "the police or military" (Mars). This is further enhanced with Mars Trine Pluto ("harmonious activities (Trine) concerning the military (and their weapons (Mars)) and involvement with areas of transformation that involved crisis or chaos (Pluto)"). And yes, with the Sun forming Sextiles ("opportunity") to both Mars and Pluto, Einstein's "main focus" (the Sun) was placed in the middle of a harmonious aspect between Mars and Pluto, which presented huge opportunity for his Sun position (circled in blue below).

Janis Joplin

Two things look pretty obvious with Janis Joplin's chart: the Conjunction of Uranus and Saturn (circled in red below) forming an Opposition with the MC and the Conjunction of Venus and Mercury (circled in dark green below). Uranus and Saturn are big-time enemies of the zodiac, representing "rebellion against authority" and "surprises regarding restrictions or hindrances." Janis was reportedly a good student, but reportedly got into many conflicts and fights with fellow students regarding her strange taste in music and clothes. She was repeatedly called a "whore" and a "n*gger lover" by students while in high school, and was voted "ugliest man on campus" while attending the University of Texas at Austin. This would fit her MC placement well; her "reputation" (MC) would be one of "hard choices" (Opposition) involving "absolute rebellion and conflict with authority" (Saturn Conjunction Uranus). But Janis Joplin loved to sing, and like so many talented singers, she started out in the church choir as a child and worked her way into singing and support for music deemed "unacceptable" by social standards and norms at that time. Janis had potential for singing, and this was revealed with Mercury Conjunction Venus ("communications with others involving art or promotion of harmony"). The hard Trine of Uranus with Neptune (circled in blue below) was also present in the charts of John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix. But with the presence of Saturn in this Trine, this defined "harmony" (Trine) with "art-expression" (Neptune) performed or involved in "a revolutionary and rebellious manner that exposed the realities of life" (Saturn Conjunction Uranus). Janis Joplin sang the blues, and sang it in a way that was loud, coarse, rough, and yet very melodic and very much in tune with the band harmony that backed her. Somewhat similar to Einstein, Joplin had Jupiter Quincunx Ascendant: "success with making a good impression on others, but possible slight tension present also." Finally, the North Node Conjunction Chiron is forming a hard Quincunx with the Sun (circled in orange). This indicates a "tension" (Quincunx) with "one's health" (Sun) as a result of "methods for healing others or healing oneself" (North Node Conjunction Chiron). This may indicate to be a warning regarding the use of alcohol and drugs as a means to "heal oneself" of any personal issues that Janis may have had as a result of a very troubled past.

Regarding the grid below, Moon Quincunx Mercury (circled in blue below) may indicate the tension (Quincunx) that Janis Joplin had at home (Moon) as a teenager per the many negative communications that took place (Mercury) regarding her dress and her choices of music involvement and music entertainment. This aspect for drawing in many arguments and debates is further enhanced with Mercury Semi-Square Mars (drawn in dark green below). Finally, Uranus Square the North Node Conjunction Chiron placement (circled in gray below) is additional astrology evidence that Janis may need to be careful with healing herself or others. "Conflicts" (Square) are possible regarding "healing oneself or others" (North Node Conjunction Chiron) along with "shocking events and surprises" (Uranus).

NEXT WEEK: "Introduction To Astrology, Part 2 of 3: Signs, Rulerships, and Houses. Completing the horoscope analysis of Albert Einstein and Janis Joplin."

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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Thanks for reading. Week 2 will be zodiac signs, rulerships, and the houses. Week 3 will be transits and other predictive tools in astrology. Best, Malcolm



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