This was probably the first non-individual and non-mundane use of astrology. The first use of astrology with ceremonial magic goes back approximately 2,500 to 3,000 years to ancient Persia. But this use of astrology was also widely used in renaissance-era Europe. Here are some important things to remember with these applications, if one wants to try them out: (1) the symbols drawn in this packet are meant to be drawn on parchment with ink and a quill, or carved onto metals (and thus creating a metal amulet for one to wear). These symbols pertain to the Behenian Seal of the star or the image (that I present) pertaining to the non-Behenian star (based on my research of the star in this presentation). Another consideration for drawing or carving are the defined images pertaining to the star, which I include in magical-influences of descriptions of the stars. (2) The choice of metal for use with such amulet carving should reflect the constellation, zodiac sign, or planet / luminary that rules the zodiac sign (of where the star is located at the present time (for real time use per magic) or based on the position at the time of one's birth (for the purpose of enhancing magical properties associated with the star in one's lifetime).  The metals considered for the purpose of carving the star symbols onto include: gold for Sun / Leo; silver for Moon / Cancer; copper for Venus / Taurus / Libra; steel for Mars / Aries; tin for both Jupiter and Neptune (and also for the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces); lead for Saturn / Capricorn; and iron for Pluto / Scorpio (and sorry, but uranium rules Uranus / Aquarius and quicksilver rules Mercury / Gemini / Virgo. Both of these metals are hazardous to the skin, and thus are not considered for purposes of making an amulet) (3) Colors worn by the bearer (who wears the amulet) is also an important consideration. Colors for consideration relevant to the star and it's amulet are: gold or orange for the Sun / Leo; silver or gray for the Moon / Cancer; navy blue for Mercury / Gemini / Virgo; light or grassy green for Venus / Taurus / Libra; cardinal red for Mars / Aries; purple for Jupiter / Sagittarius; black for Saturn / Capricorn; sky blue for Uranus / Aquarius; dark green for Neptune / Pisces; and maroon for Pluto / Scorpio. (4) Finally, do not ingest any of the stones or herbs named in this presentation pertaining to the star of magical reference. Ingestion of stones will give you very bad abdomen pain for days (until defecation of the stone, or a trip to the E.R. to get the stone out), and many of these herbs named in this presentation are poisonous (AND MANY, AS I FOUND OUT, ARE ILLEGAL). These stones and herbs are meant to be carried or worn by the individual, and not ingested. (5) Use a two degree orb of these stars relative to horoscope points for individual or mundane horoscope purposes of determining Conjunction interpretations, as well as actual live or current use of such stars for magical purposes. Now onto the magic....please note that the astrological positions of these stars presented in this presentation are the current positions as of August 2019, according to my computer.....


Above is from page 233 from the latest edition of Vivian Robson's book "The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology." These are classic medieval era seals used for creating amulets or parchments via the individual who wishes to use the magical energy of the star pertaining to the seal on the amulet or parchment (and usually in a ceremonial magic setting). But the use of magic with the stars is not necessarily limited to these specific seals from Robson. There are images of non-Behenian stars that one can utilize relative to the properties of such stars; the Behenian Star seals above are thus not the only seals that one can consider or use to harness the potential magic of non-Behenian fixed stars in the sky.


Above are the Four Royal Stars of Persia, probably the first stars used in a magical ceremony setting. This "cross" of stars was originally used to represent the world points (i.e. 0 degrees Cancer (for Regulus), 0 degrees Capricorn (for Fomalhaut), 0 degrees Aries (for Antares), and 0 degrees Libra (for Aldebaran)). Stars move about 0.8 minutes per year (and there are 60 minutes in one degree), so it takes about 75 years for a star to move 1 degree (per counter-clockwise manner around the zodiac). If you want to calculate when the Four Royal Stars of Persia were first used, be my guest... you have 2500 - 3000 years to play with to figure that out....Regulus competes with the star of Sirius for being the most used star in Fixed Star Magic applications, and is considered to be the most fortunate star in the sky. Finally, note that Fomalhaut is a non-Behenian Star; the drawn symbol is Ptolemy's written description of the star. I have seen amulets for Fomalhaut with a fish having it's mouth faced left and downward, and with the mouth of the fish opened. This may be a good consideration for a "seal" of Fomalhaut, as opposed to Ptolemy's written description that I provided.


These four stars above form a cross and are all placed in fixed signs of the zodiac. These stars appear to play a key role in social advancement, along with protection from bad energy of others in a social setting. Algol is especially to be considered regarding protection from evil forces, since Algol is considered to be the most evil star in the sky. But take note: if you have Algol strong on your chart, you are not "doomed." Edgar Cayce was born with this star almost directly overhead (and Conjunct Pluto), and Cayce was one of the most profound psychics of all time. I am currently working on an astrology theory whereby if one is born with a very unfortunate star on their horoscope (and in a prominent or strong position), it may invite strong psychic or channeling ability because the person inheriting such a very unfortunate star (in a prominent or strong position on their horoscope) may force an inheritance of energies that enhance that person's psychic and/or channeling abilities to "become alive." This "psychic / channeling ability being turned on" may be done as a result of this presence of a very unfortunate star (i.e. Algol) for the purpose of protecting that person from the horrific influences of this very unfortunate star (or other very unfortunate stars, such as Scheat). Also note that despite its' negative definitions, Algol may be a useful star for social presentations of some kind. Finally, note that Toliman and Alphard feature my own drawn descriptions for these stars; one is welcome to try their own drawing (for amulet or parchment) if they desire. Because Alphard is in the sign of Leo, gold may be the proper metal for choice, along with the colors of gold or orange.


These four stars presented above are usually strong in the horoscopes of politicians. Notice that the first three stars described above (Alphecca, Sirius, and Achenar) form a water triangle (or a Grand Water Trine), and the Capricorn-placed Vega star bisects this triangle with it's Opposition to Sirius. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, and next to Regulus is probably the most over-used star for ceremonial magic purposes (and yes, Sirius was possibly selected for timing the release of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776; the Sirius position at that time was 10 degrees Cancer 59 minutes while the Sun position was 12 degrees Cancer 45 minutes (and both are within the prescribed 2 degree orb)). Finally, note that Achenar is a non-Behenian star that seems to represent "moving water" according to my research. Hence, I picked silver for the metal (instead of Pisces-ruling tin) because silver is very strongly connected with water. One is welcome to try either metal, as well as select whatever drawing desired for amulet or parchment purposes. Dark green may be the color of choice for color-purposes since this star is in the sign of Pisces, and not Cancer.


I call the four stars above "The Four Faces of Venus" because they are strongly reflective of astrological properties of the planet Venus. The Pleiades cluster is the only star(s) not in the sign of Libra (which is a ruling sign for Venus) in the above description. But this star cluster has a lot to do with Venus since Pleiades may indicate relationship issues or separation from others for the purpose of something very important (or a profession that requires separation from others, or nobody being allowed to get close to you relationship-wise. This may be why this star is strong in horoscopes of gurus and military personnel).


The four stars above pertain to military applications and intense competitive strategy; many successful military people, politicians, and business leaders have these stars strong on their charts or in Conjunction with important planets / luminaries. For magical use, Betelgeuse is a non-Behenian star that may be second or third to Behenian Stars Sirius and Regulus as far as magical use goes. Betelgeuse is usually strongly placed (or forming important Conjunctions) on horoscopes of people involved in intense competition or power struggles with others, be it violent or non-violent (or both). Note that ancient symbols for Betelgeuse are "The Right Shoulder of Orion" and "The Coming of The Branch" (which is "the branch" held by the right hand of Orion. Hence, the description may define that something is about to get clubbed with a branch held by Orion)). "The Head of a Dragon" was the prominent symbol defining Betelgeuse (according to research); this may help explain why a lot of medieval armor worn by knights and similar medieval warriors tended to be reptile-like in appearance. The big problem with Betelgeuse (and the magical use of any star for the purpose of violence or wrath) is that negative energies harnessed via the use of star magic may attract "demons" that are used in such violence or wrath (and these "demons" may not want to go back to where they came from; they may instead decide to stick around with the person who used them in an effort to get that person to stoop to their level). And it is at this point (described very well by occultist Aleister Crowley) that your guardian angel will abandon you and let these "demons" destroy you and destroy everything that makes you respectable in this reality, regardless of how much you have acquired in wealth along the way of such negative activity.

You have been warned.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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