Despite the current hype over the 1st Amendment and proposed Chinese models to eliminate "hate speech" (whatever that is), John Lennon's legacy of his art calling for demanding of the truth still lives on, and now more than ever. This makes myself a fan of Lennon's legacy, although I don't agree with everything he wrote (i.e. "Imagine"). But I was and still am a listener, and I was always curious about his death and who else may have been involved. This aspect was really stirred up with the movie "Conspiracy Theory," with Mel Gibson playing a survivor of the C.I.A.'s MK ULTRA program (and who brings up the possibility of Lennon killed by an MK ULTRA brainwashed Mark Chapman). MK ULTRA was a C.I.A. program that reportedly brainwashed people to act as assassins or "useful idiots" (which was what Hitler referred to with the Brown Shirts who supported him, much like ANTIFA who supports the Democratic Party). This aspect of MK ULTRA possibly playing a role with Lennon's death surfaced again in 2002 at a web site dedicated to John Lennon in 2002. Below is the synopsis of this article, along with the web site for the curious:


Whoa! Is this the same George H.W. Bush who was elected president? The same Bush who was C.I.A. Director from 1974 - 1976? This leads to more interesting investigation, and I come across the doorman of Lennon's Condo complex (The Dakota) as being a former C.I.A. operative who ran a very important C.I.A. operation in Miami during the anti-Castro years. Below is his information:



Finally, there is bullet conspiracy involving Lennon's murder. This former Bay of Pigs C.I.A. operative (who happened to be the key witness for Lennon's murder) claimed that Lennon assassin Chapman called out "Mr. Lennon?" And when Lennon turned to face him, Chapman unloaded on him. The problem is that Chapman emphatically states that he never called out Lennon's name, and just focused on his upper back for his target. And he fired at Lennon with five 0.38 hollow-points THAT DO NOT EXIT THE BODY TORSO DUE TO THEIR EXPANSIVE PROPERTIES THAT INITIATE WHEN ENTERING THE BODY  (and this bullet "leaving the body" explanation has been used to explain the front chest wounds, unless you buy Arlen Specter's magic bullet theory from the JFK Warren Commission report (which states that bullets can do 180 degree turns). Below is the original statement from the director of Roosevelt Hospital Emergency Room regarding what he saw with Lennon when Lennon was rushed into the ER:8111243286?profile=original

And below is the original NYPD sketch of what happened with Lennon's murder. Again, keep in mind that Chapman claims he never called out Lennon's name. Also keep in mind that a Dakota window was hit by a stray bullet, of which the press claimed was a bullet that passed through Lennon's body (WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE IF CHAPMAN WAS USING HOLLOW POINT 0.38's! THIS IS A SMALL BULLET KNOWN TO RICOCHET OFF OF CAR WIND SHIELDS, AND WILL NOT "exit the body" IN EXPANDED HOLLOW POINT FORM AFTER IT ENTERS THE BODY TORSO!) Below is my explanation for the chest shots.




We will use 90 degree Uranian astrology analysis for John Lennon, Mark Chapman, and George H.W. Bush. A 90 degree dial is displayed below. Note that Squares, Oppositions, and Conjunctions take place in the same third sector, depending if the placement is in Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable signs.


With new projects, I like to use zero degrees Aries analysis because it reveals "what the world holds for the individual." This is usually a good area to start to see what a person is all about. Let's start with John Lennon.


I interpret Lennon's Aries analysis above as the following: "What the world holds for John Lennon is that he will be remembered as a hero who had conflict with government and government agents. He was also probably a world famous artist with public connections that may have generated backlash from areas of  organized crime." Now on to Mark Chapman, who (per mainstream media) is claimed to have created seven wounds (front and back) with five hollow points that are about half the size of my pinky finger.


The prominent zero degrees Aries feature of Chapman's chart above is the Moon/Vulcanus midpoint ("to have a powerful influence on the public"). But the real shock is the "organization of high level criminals" that is close to the zero degrees Aries point. THERE ARE SIMPLY NO RECORDS AVAILABLE THAT SUGGEST CHAPMAN TO BE INVOLVED WITH HIGH LEVEL CRIMINALS. Unless such records are classified (and classified at the highest levels of secrecy). My interpretation for Chapman's chart is "what the world holds for Mark Chapman is to influence the public powerfully in some way. This influence may be due to association with high-level criminals with a world-wide reputation for murder and very mean acts." And by the way, Mark Chapman never liked The Beatles according to those who knew him in childhood and teenage years. Yet he mysteriously had 14 hours of Beatles recordings at the time of his arrest, along with his autographed "Double Fantasy"  album. Now onto George H.W. Bush.


I have added the planetoid Sedna with my astrology readings. Sedna is a "Neptune on steroids;" it takes 11,400 years for Sedna to revolve around the Sun. Think of the negative aspects of Neptune ("deception, disappointment, fraud, drug intoxication") multiplied 5-10 fold with Sedna (and Sedna rules Pisces, just like Neptune). I read Bush's chart as "what the world holds for George H.W. Bush is involvement with areas that pertain to secret sciences or disgusting religious/philosophy practices. These areas described may feature Bush as a supervisor in some way, and supervision of murder and mean acts may also be included with his role as a supervisor." Sounds like a C.I.A. director on steroids!

THE FORMULA FOR "one's own death:"

Mars + Saturn - Midheaven

Below is Lennon's horoscope and the planets, luminaries, and planetoids to be used per 90 degree Uranian astrology studies:


Below is the result of Mars + Saturn - Midheaven for Lennon:


And below is the Midpoint tree that bisects from Lennon's "death formula" at 25 degrees Capricorn 57 minutes:


I interpret Lennon's midpoint tree above with the following: "Lennon's death may be due to or concern certain types of communications of a dark and secretive nature, and it may be related to the strong passions of others. Connected to this are people who are forced to serve others in some way, and may be involved in death or shocking disappointments in some way. Also involved may be individuals of the public armed with firearms in some way." Now on to Mark Chapman.


Now let's explore Lennon's formula of his death on the 90 degree dial of Chapman below:


And the Midpoint Tree of Mark Chapman is below. The intense combination of Neptune/Sedna is a "major delusion or disappointment," as well as a "major deception of some kind." 


Brainwashing is a major form of deception forced onto people, and this application of Neptune/Sedna above appears to have MK ULTRA brainwashing techniques all over it (if this is indeed what happened, and I think it did). I interpret Chapman's Midpoint Tree applied to Lennon's death formula as "involvement with Lennon's death will be derived from a major deception of some kind. Connected with this deception are contacts with government organizations of some kind, along with organizations in one's environment involved in shocking disappointments." Now on to George H.W. Bush.8111245879?profile=original

Bush's natal Saturn position (25 degrees Libra 50 minutes) is very close to equality with Lennon's death formula at 25 degrees Capricorn 57 minutes. But what is even more interesting is Bush's Mars/Poseidon position; the midpoint of Saturn and Mars/Poseidon equals Lennon's death formula. This is displayed below:


Now on to Lennon's death formula applied with the Midpoint Tree of Bush below:


This appears to have MK ULTRA all over it. I interpret Bush's involvement with Lennon's death formula as "involvement with Lennon's death will concern Bush to be an agent of the government involved in politics. He may also be associated with employees of the government who are involved in some sort of severe deception, along with tech-savvy criminals involved with religious or propaganda areas."  Now let's look at the shooting itself, and Lennon's death formula applied to it. The time of 10:51 PM, December 8, 1980 was the time recorded by the limousine company for the time of drop-off of John Lennon and Yoko Ono.


The first midpoint formula I considered for analysis relative to Lennon's death formula was Venus/Aries ("the world famous artist"). And wow.... it bisects with the Black Moon Lilith relative to Lennon's death formula.....incredible!


And below is the Midpoint Tree of Lennon's murder applied to his formula of death. Note that I have now included the planetoid Eris in my data bank for 90 degree Uranian astrology; Eris is ruled by Libra and is strongly connected with "the military, aggressive types of people, and organizations dedicated to a social cause (and in an aggressive way)." Eris takes 558.04 years to orbit the sun (and Pluto takes 248 years to orbit the Sun).


I interpret the shooting Midpoint Tree above as "this time-frame relative to Lennon's death concerns a famous artist involved with dark and sinister activities that may involve se#, death, or the occult. Also involved is the government in the environment, along with military connections known for "getting the job done." Also included with this event is a specialized worker involved in very unique work, and all of these individuals follow a philosophy or a religion of a dark and sinister nature."


Transiting Pluto/Black Moon = "transformation of a dark and sinister nature and of an intense manner"

Let's look at Bush first. He has a natal Mars Trine Saturn placement (circled in blue below) that may imply murder. Mars/Saturn aspects are usually connected with death (along with hard work, firearms, and accidents). Pluto/Black Moon Lilith is transiting over Bush's natal Saturn, and applying a very hard Trine to natal Mars near the Descendant ("the area of open enemies") at the time of Lennon's Murder. And yes, circled in red below is transiting Neptune ("deception") applying hard to Bush's natal Sun Square Uranus placement ("conflict with revolutionaries or unusual people").


Now let's look at Chapman. Circled in red below, the Pluto/Black Moon Lilith transit almost directly opposes Chapman's Sedna placement. This looks like "a dark and sinister activity of a highly deceptive nature" (i.e. MK ULTRA). Also note the transiting deceptive Sedna forming a Square to Chiron (drawn in blue below). Chiron usually represents advanced technology, and Chapman's Chiron is in the 3rd House of communications (AND CHAPMAN CLAIMS HE HEARD A VOICE SAYING "do it, do it, do it, do it ..." WHEN LENNON STEPPED OUT THE LIMOUSINE AND WALKED PAST HIM SECONDS BEFORE THE SHOOTING).



I am in agreement with Mark R. Elsis that George H.W. Bush was a key figure with Lennon's murder. There was real fear in D.C. during fall of 1980 with Lennon's resurrection and his new "Double Fantasy" album (which sold 700,000 copies prior to his death). The fear concerned Lennon bringing back the peace movement, and this would have probably affected the plans of a newly elected President Ronald Reagan that concerned "peace through strength" (i.e. "let's give the Pentagon and their contractors a blank check, and to hell with the two trillion it adds to the national deficit"). And who was invested heavily in the military industrial complex? George H.W. Bush. Thus, there was a financial reason for Lennon to be eliminated at that time, very similar to the reason that JFK was eliminated (after JFK called off the Vietnam War in 1963). Finally, note that an attempt to shoot Reagan would take place three months after Lennon's death. The assassin (John Hinkley) would also come under the microscope of suspicion of MK ULTRA involvement. And even more interesting is that Hinkley's father was reported to be very good friends with the Bush family. And yet, even more interestingly, Hinkley and Chapman are both of the same age, both are from the Dallas area, and both were seen together in Hawaii in the mid 1970's with a rag tag group of musicians. But unlike Hinkley, Chapman managed to travel the world with a history of making little to no money. And one of these places he traveled to in the 1970's was Beirut, which was known as a claudestine training ground for the C.I.A. during the 1970's. And Chapman reportedly brought back recordings of various gunfire recorded in Beirut, of which he was reported to be listening to CONSTANTLY..... much more than any Beatles recordings claimed by the media.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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  • Awesome Malcolm! It makes sense Lennon would get knocked off for the gov/military complex-This looks like a lot of work for you but have you ever looked into the Kennedy Assassination?

    • Yes Pet, I did a Uranian astrology research project on the JFK assassination once....I will bring it up again in the future .... I was actually invited to a JFK conference in Dallas last year by Judyth Vary Baker, who was Lee Harvey Oswald's girl friend while she worked for the CIA in New Orleans in the early 1960's.... I verified that she was telling the truth, because my father knew David Ferrie (who was her CIA mentor) and before my father died, he told me things about David Ferrie nobody would know, such as certain investments he made....AND SHE ACCURATELY TOLD ME WHAT YEAR THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN ( which was 1961)... here's a great portrayal of David Ferrie played by actor Joe Pesci from the movie JFK.....DEFINiTELY WORTH WATCHING...... MY FATHER SAID JOE PESCI DID HIS HOMEWORK...... click

      • thanks Malcolm-I saw that in the film-he was scared sh#@less assassins were coming for him from an astral plane next to this-truly crazy stuff!-knowing a guy like that might bring trouble spooking around-your dad ever approached for 'work' in the clandestine service?

        • Not at all, Pet father was a criminal attorney who worked for New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison (who was played by Kevin Costner in the movie JFK). My father was given an assignment to investigate Jack Ruby's mafia connections in Cleveland and Detroit. I remember my father did some legal work for an organized crime figure in Detroit, and he was given a Cadillac Eldorado (with Michigan license plates) for his legal services. He proudly drove that car around New Orleans until he totaled it while driving drunk a few months later. My father met David Ferrie in 1961 while he was president of a New Orleans chamber of commerce organization called the YMBC (Young Men's Business Club). He hired Ferrie to speak at a YMBC convention concerning investments in Latin America. My father told me he was brilliant, lucid, and had an incredible memory. He invited Ferrie for martini's after the convention. He stated that after he and Ferrie had 2-3 martinis, the subject of President Kennedy came up......he claimed that Ferrie started screaming "that f*cking bastard Kennedy! That communist piece of sh!t! Somebody needs to go to the White House and eliminate that traitor!" And my father said EVERYONE in the bar/lounge was looking at Ferrie like he was out of his mind.......and yes, there is that scene in JFK where Ferrie was very drunk and started to lose it about wanting to kill may have played a role in his "neutralization" by the agency...... Ferrie showed up at my father's law office some time in late 1966 to early 1967; I was 6-7 years old and watching "Johnny Quest," and my father told me to turn off the TV and leave....... There is a book written about David Ferrie, and he was reportedly a pedophile..... AND I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT GLARE HE GAVE ME AS I LEFT MY FATHER'S LAW OFFICE.... he looked like an evil clown.......Here's a photo of my father when he was president of the YMBC; the man in the lower part of the photo named G. M. Howard is my uncle....he received a silver star in WWII....8116301290?profile=original

  • I believe that the film Rosemary's Baby was filmed at the Dakota Hotel.

This reply was deleted.

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