SaLuSa ~ 18-January-2013

artworks-000036775352-zkjs4z-t500x500-290x290.jpgNothing has put your progress back where Ascension is concerned, and all proceeds in an acceptable way. Somewhere along your path and not too far into the future, your civilization will fully ascend as planned. At that time you will have achieved a point of critical mass, and it will not depend on anything else for its success. So it is now up to you to create the circumstances by which it can be achieved, by keeping a powerful focus on all that you desire. Do not lose sight of the fact that all of the time you are creating your future, and many parallel worlds. Be sure of what it is you want and place your intent upon all that is pure and wholesome, and for the betterment of all.


Following your upliftment you are now more powerful than ever, and with the subduing of the Dark Ones little stands in your way to the fulfillment all of you had been led to expect. The world as you know it is still of the old paradigm, and has little to offer now that you have turned your back upon it. It is you however who are calling the changes, and much has already been put in place to bring about a succession of announcements, that will ensure you know that the New Age has begun. The world is in a turmoil but events planned will bring about peaceful solutions, and where needed will be backed by us. We certainly do not intend to disappear from sight, as our future is very much tied up with yours.


We of the Galactic Federation of Light are as busy as ever, as many issues concerning the changes are being sorted out. This means liaison with our allies to ensure that our plans are going to deliver what we need. Our craft have successfully kept a nuclear war at bay, which has threatened on more than one occasion of late. Such ideas no longer have any place in your world, and is the weapon of your last cabal who have been disempowered. In time all types of warfare will cease, and total world peace will be declared. Many industries connected with such activities will have to turn their hand to more useful and peaceful needs. There is no need to worry about the future job situation, as people will not suffer as a consequence of changes, as prosperity will take care of their needs.


You will be taken out of your poverty and lack, and become part of a society that will share abundance for everyone's needs. Simply go with the flow, and know that your frustrations and disappointments will soon fade into the background. You are so far along the path to full Ascension, that it is absolutely assured to be your greatest experience so far. Afterwards you may well consider your mission to Mother Earth and duality to be complete, and return to your home planet. It will be your choice that will decide your future, and many will continue their journey with Mother Earth. The cleansing of Earth is beginning to start in earnest, and we are now active in that respect.


You will certainly begin to see more of us in your skies, because as threats against us are eliminated it will be safer for us to show ourselves. We want to leave you in no doubt as to our presence, and then First Contact will become more likely to happen. It will of course be done with the correct protocol that acknowledges the leaders of your different nations. It is not an issue we wish to force, but it is our strong desire that it shall not be put off for too long. Together we have so much to do and already know those of you who are suitable allies to participate in the changes. For this reason, some of you have already visited our ships several times, but we erase the memories to avoid an over reaction on your part. When you have other earthly responsibilities, we do not want you to become distracted and ignore them. There will be plenty of time for such things in the very near future.


We share your vision for the future where your civilization will co-exist with us as One. Where your understanding of life and its true purpose, will lead to the removal of all barriers that have been keeping you separated from each other. Already we see how you are beginning to see yourself in others, realizing that in essence you all have the same desire for peace and happiness. You can enjoy the differences in each others life styles, and in art you see a true expression of the inner person. Forget color or race, politics or religion as in time none of these will stand in the way of a great coming together. Ease of modern travel and communication have already drawn you closer. For those of you who believe in the truth of reincarnation, it is so much easier to accept what we have been referring to. You know that each of you have had lives in many different cultures, in many different countries as part of your evolutionary development.


Realize that duality is all but at an end and that you volunteered to have experience within it, and it can rightly be viewed as an experiment. It has never been your true reality yet some people have got so used to it, they are reluctant to give it up. The familiar is always going to feel comfortable, but duality and the 3rd.dimension have served their purpose and are now breaking up. It is true however, that those who wish to remain in a similar existence will have their wishes granted. God has given you freewill and will not take it away from you. Only you will give it up as you progress through the higher dimensions and become a pure Being of Light. Then you will become at One with All That Is and serve the Will of God.


At present you are but an aspect of your real self, and understandably do not grasp what a wonderful powerful soul you are. Your potential is unlimited, and the first step back to a recognition of it comes with Ascension, and your return to full consciousness. Think big as you go through this year and know that it will be quite remarkable and exciting. You will as you might say " come of age" and the past will quickly fade into the distance, and no longer have any pull upon you. So let go and put all of your energy into helping bring the changes into manifestation. Be Love incarnate and forgive all of those who have entered your life with darkness, and give freely of your love. It is the only way to release yourself from your past, and step fully into the Light.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and overjoyed at your intent to push forward, and not waste your energies on what has now moved into history. The future belongs to you, so make sure it is what you truly desire.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.


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  • @Ima Scending

    "Focus will let you see the end of the tunnel while the awareness will make you mindful of the tunnel itself."

    No, focus lets you know that the tunnel exists, otherwise you would not know. You are using the words as they are used by mainstream language in reference to the eye itself, I am using them in an existential way, in reference to your consciousness. Focus of consciousness brings about awareness of itself and in the case of where we currently are, of other-selves and the illusion we live within.

    "So, you only SEE the things you currently think about?"

    I want you to go back and think deeply about what you have said here.

    Are you aware of something until you place your focus upon it? Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you did something, but were not focused on it, and it ended up in a less than desirable way?

    Once again, the focus discussed here is not one of the focus of the eye, but one of consciousness.

    You see IMA, they are one and the same.

    The higher your vibratory signature, the more aware you are, the more focused you are. That is why the half of the world only thinks about themselves, that's where they are in their spiritual evolution and that's the only thing they can accomplish at the moment. And why more evolved souls think, feel and see many things, a concerned with many more things than less advanced souls. Separate the awareness of body (ie its functions) and the awareness of soul and you will untangle this understanding. We are in 2nd density bodies afterall.

    The same thing with Prime Creator, unless it focused itself on a "part" of itself, it would not be aware of that "part" - that's why this whole thing exists, that we call the Multi-verse with all their densities of reality and all the beings within. For Creator to explore itself and find something new. Creator is just to vast, ie infinite, which is why Creation itself is finite.

  • Thanks for all the Light you have shared on this thread Lori ;-)

    The dance of Life is in full effect!


  • Just want to "clear" something up about the so called government conspiracy to cover up UFO's... It’s more that the “scientific” community that advocates “Evolution” is more to blame than anyone in such cover-ups. With the advent of synthetic biology, specifically bimolecular design, in the scientific world “design” is being shown to be an integral part of biology and the people who advocate evolution do NOT want ‘design’ to be a part of the equation and go to great lengths in silencing such… If you show design with peer reviewed papers in an evolution forum, you get ridiculed quite a bit especially if you show that evolution does NOT account for the added information needed for species to evolve but can be accounted for by design by advanced extraterrestrial beings. Thus, it’s NOT the government that tries to hide the fact of UFO’s but the scientific community because it is a direct “threat” to the Theory of Evolution as it stands today in it’s biased form

    • Interesting multidimensional food for thought. Thanks. 

  • Actually things haven't gotten better for me .. Or well.. they have, but at the expense of others which in turns means that things are still bad for me since I gotta cancel the energies of those who have gotten hurt because of my existence as well. So, things are still VERY bad.. But, I am working on it. I won't rest until EVERY energy I've handled here has been cancelled.

    All it will cost me is my time and temporary well being, but.. That's a small price to pay to promote betterness for everyone, and.. I can always have another incarnation if I won't have time enough to actually ENJOY 3D for myself. My friends come first. I am eternal in ways they're not, so.. I can afford that kind of sacrifice while they can't, so .. I'll be the one sacrificing myself in this turn of 3D-life, and I'm fine with that. I'll even do it with a smile :)

  • @LoW

    "Awareness and focus is one and the same thing."

    No, focus will let you see the end of the tunnel while the awareness will make you mindful of the tunnel itself.

    "You cannot be aware of something unless you place your focus upon it."

    So, you only SEE the things you currently think about?
    If that is so, I sincerily hope you don't have a drivers license, because your pedestrian kill-ratio would be thru the roof ;)

  • Awareness and focus is one and the same thing. You cannot be aware of something unless you place your focus upon it.

  • "Tomorrow's another day, another bird will fly,"

    ...and another bird will also die. :)
    It's all about how you look at things. The next day could either be the aftermath of a tornado or it could be the beginning of a new home. ;)

    "there will always be another way, so wipe the teardrops from your eye"

    I usually cry at day 1, fire the missiles at day 2, and at day 3, everybody cries. But, at day 4, most people again see the daylight. The tricky thing is to keep them focused enough to propel that daylight into day 5 and forth. That's were most people run into patrol. ;)

    "I know better must come༺♥༻"

    "Better" wont come unless you MAKE it come. I speak from MUCH experience here.
    My life didn't start to get better until I put my heart and soul into MAKING it better. :)

  • Yes Amanda, it is rather alarming how many people think that just because there is focus on the positive, that that is all that will be experienced.

    Yes there is truth to that, but it also creates an imbalance that will have to be balanced later on. So quite the opposite - that is exactly how they stunt their growth. Esp in 3rd density where catalyst provides the greatest chance for growth. And negativity/negative beings are instruments that provide that catalyst. It's as if some deliberately choose to turn away from the most rewarding opportunities to grow, because they still carry pseudo-religious views on the nature of reality. Which even though they are on the spiritual path, they have not identified and managed to drop.

    This is not a judgment, but an observation that there is definitely a part of the New Age movement that reinforces this lack of self-examination through the distortion of concepts, providing certain ego comforts.

    People may practice their 4th density manifestation, but they are still on a world populated by a largely 3rd density consciousness and they have to live within that world.

    This is exactly at the core of the issue why Salusa and the like may have only a passing use, but it they continue to hold one's attention, month after month, year after year, this is clearly showing that the person isn't growing as much as they think they are.

    Choosing to turn a blind eye toward certain things, (which is exactly what you should not be doing whilst on this very planet), stunts spiritual "evolution".

    In fact this is exactly why the mainstream, why the religious and why atheists call the New Age just another religion, because some people within it, treat it as such. There is a kind naivete that cannot be told to another, the other can only experience it for themselves.

    Any sufficiently advanced spiritual being polarized toward sto, does not say, "I only focus on this... because....", instead they say "I seek to understand all".

    It's as if acceptance of the wider reality is panned by certain New Age communities, whereby they only choose to believe in a certain version of reality, instead of the whole, whatever the whole is.

    Many of these sites are filled with people saying things such as "well this is my belief and you have yours, now politely piss off, I don't ever want to talk to you again, because you lower my vibration".

    Would 4th density positive being really speak like this, or would they take extreme interest in beliefs that are different in order to understand the various distortions of Creator.

This reply was deleted.

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