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Russia Prepares For Alien Invasion After Trump Warning Proves True With 7.0 Alaskan Quake

Russians launched an unidentified capsule along with satelites last week-get a telescope and look at the wacky Christmas Tree 'ufo' apparently they are all over the place;

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Desperate news of the dark hats...This is just an excuse to get more armaments to control people...Nobody is going to attack earth...if anything that would be the ones that are already here and have lost and are desperate to do something...anything whatever it takes to regain the power they are loosing...

A few know that the illuminati will create a fake false alien invasion reality it’s more to keep beings on this planet in fear and control.  

yes thats the story-natural catastrophes as false flags then emissaries from what ever humanoid race then we/our govs invite them here-they are multi dimensional s -then they start shooting-in league with the cabal

correction-they use us for energy -extract our energy


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