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Ever see the Christmas tree ufo? If you look around on a clear night you may see a shimmering reddish  white and green light ball that you'd think is a satellite (usually above the horizon and not over head, in any direction) but;

  I have a telescope that I can focus in on the full moon and see it clearly, fits in the lens perfectly, but tonight I focused in on the Christmas tree 'ship' and it is not a ship at all!!!!!  It moves but slowly so you can keep it in the lens for awhile.

Close up it looks like the asteroid below except the bulge is a cone with an opening at the top. It moves around like an eye ball in a socket real fast as if it is scanning! It flashes the above colors!

Extremely weird -some type of tech beyond imagination!!!!!!

I've seen this many times but it's the first time seeing it close up-try it-you won't believe it!!!

And near it there were HUGE disks , their light dimmed either by distance or a shroud-AWESOME!!!

(You know- I think I have seen this/these things on youtube in a ufo compi[ation}

Image result for pics of asteroids

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