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Dear chelas,

Come now friends, we are striving towards a unified humanity, yet I see many western politicians, within the British establishment, in resistance to our goal...A humanity at peace with itself, as one...

For example, the current Tory (capitalist stooge) British Foreign minister, still stubbornly seeks to place Russia in a bad light, in spite of Russia's grand achievements in Syria, celebrated by a music concert in Palmyra, Syria...of which Hammond considers to be in "bad taste."

Now, let us review our histories, Mr Hammond.....?? Let us observe the so called "big three" relationships of WW2....?

Now, surely the most dullard of modern Tory politicians, will know that history is indeed to be observed in it's actuality...??? In it's akashic accuracy...??? In it's complete meaning...??

How can Russia be viewed as an enemy, within the context you propose...??? Your context seems to be based on economy and rivalry, yet short on essential diplomatic and more importantly, a sober military history...

How did Winston Churchill view the Russian bear...??? I would say with much more wisdom than does the modern Tory party of Great Britain....The people of the UK do not feel anger towards Russia...Indeed, we love them, as comrades and fellow Europeans.....Though they be slandered and hated, mostly by the elites or Europe and America.....Those financial elites of a less than noble morality, in the main....

Now our fellow, dear Winston Churchill, garnered respect for Russia and it's leader at that time, Joseph Stalin.....and indeed, so too did US President, Roosevelt.....One of the best of American politicians I would say...

We had the Big Three conferences, of Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam...The USA, British Empire and Soviet Union...Who made the world order we know today........One based upon what later became the UN....One of some semblance of international order.....

So what if this order is challenged by evil forces, as seems the case in 2016...???

Well, we have a solution.......It is planned for...It involves Russia, as an essential part of that solution.....

So I call upon all US and UK politicians to remember Winston Churchill's stance, with the former USSR....How he learned to respect Stalin, in spite of his differences, politically...How they got together, to defeat that greater menace, that was Nazi Germany....

I do not forget, because, in my past life, I WAS THERE IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL......I know....

Thank you, historical "Big Three"..........I salute you all.....

Much love and salutations...

Colonel Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew, East Anglia Sector, England, United Kingdom

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P.S.    Oh Russian friends and comrades, congratulations on your magnificent 2016 Victory Day celebrations.....I so look forward to that wonderful time, when my Sirian Star nation may likewise put on a flight pass, of similar gravitas.... Officially, rather than in secret....Awesome work, my dear ones..

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For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, when I mention the "Big Three." Here is a link:

I would also like to say that many seem not to know about their own national histories and that is a great shame, as one cannot know the future, without knowing the past.....

The Big Three at Yalta.

Here is the full Victory Day parade on Red Square, 2016...Enjoy it.....I always do... :-)

If any potential belligerent is deterred from war, all the better...Russian Federation forces are massive and highly professional...Moreover, if any dark and western "super power" seeks nuclear war, note that Galactic Federation forces are EVEN BIGGER....Take note....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farewell Slavianka.... ;-)

Appalling to observe that limp and somewhat effete institution, the Eurovision Song Contest, has decided to vote politically, in 2016, when they select national winners...DISGRACEFUL that Ukraine was made the "winner." And I'm not suggesting for one moment that either the UK or RF should have won it....ONLY that the political choices made by the judges, were abundantly clear and obvious....AWEFUL....!!!

Support of the Kiev agenda is not good politik and the music is utter rubbish, anyway.

Actually, the EU is just as insane as the Eurovision song contest....

All historical events operate in cycles, yet wars fought in a physical way, may be transformed into an economic way, the next bout...Rather like the situation with a German dominated Europe, which was always defeated by Great Britain getting together with Russia....and the allies France and America..

WW1 was fought between the Allies and the Central powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Turkey)

In WW2, again a similar line up, but with Japan and Italy, instead of Turkey...The Ottomans gone and now neutral, Austrians absorbed and Hungarians much reduced...

Again GB fighting with Russia and America.

Since WW2, the Germans have created an EEC and later European Union....A different form of warfare, with the same objective, European domination...They have their new dictatorship, which is based upon their earlier Holy Roman Empire...

And again it seeks a fight with Russia....BUT, with the possible Brexit, the whole game could again change and freedom return to Europe....and the EU disbanded, as proven unworkable....If the UK left it, we could show the others how to thrive and prosper, outside of it, maybe creating a new trading block we could describe as a British Trade Federation, which would be based upon our old Empire, aka Commonwealth countries...But a trade club of equal friends, all speaking the same language, with common laws and cultural connections...

This trade block could even ally with the BRICS South Africa and India are already commonwealth nations well known to us, historically...

The Schengen Area

Actually, when I revisit this issue of the Shengen area of Europe, it places Great Britain outside the zone and more obviously an outsider...and the same as the Russian Federation, of course, a non-EU country...

On the Shengen map, we do have commonality with Russia, more.....both nations being outsiders to German dominance, as it should be, as it always was in history; they (Russia,) on Europe's wider east and we (Great Britain,) on Europe's wider west....

UK leaving the EU would consolidate those sentiments, exactly....We really have much more in common with the WIDER WORLD, as a nation, than with the Euroland project....It falls to reason that we should leave the EU, as our national heart was never truly in it....Not in the Euro, not in why bother pretending...?? No need, just leave, is the best course for the ship of state, to take...

Get back with our many friends in the commonwealth.... We will never look back...When we do make that leap to freedom, we will simply wonder why we waited so long to BREXIT...

UK being in the EU, is akin to an unhappy marriage...divorce it must be, so both parties can be happy...Then UK can "re-marry" a much more beautiful, trustworthy and lovely bride, the Commonwealth....and forge new alliances with BRICS nations, including Russia, India and China...

Unfortunately Nato recently installed missles in Romania ON the border with Russia and troops-first military builsd up like this since WW2-Professor Cohen of Princeton and NYU-Professor of Russian History -say his contacts intimate that we are in PRE WAR mode -as Russia/Putin see it! 

  Trump says he will sit down and negotiate-for whatever reason bama and his soros gang won't even talk-I think this is soros and others wanting Russian influence and organized crime out of all the Iron Curtain states-s** slaves to the WORLD come from many of these countries

Yes I'm utterly appalled by this absurd anti-Russian madness we see coming from the west.....Trump will certainly express a different foreign policy, if elected...

About time they arrested Soros....the guy is a menace to world peace...

Great Britain has often been allied to Russia and we should again.....Frankly I tire of the absurd attempts by the globalists to provoke a war with Russia....The people want peace, not war.....Russia is a great power and it truly is about time they got respect from Brussels.....The EU Parliament are simply jealous of Russia and hate to be bettered.... LOL

European Union and their so-called "Parliament," is a "degradation of democracy," says Putin....and rightly so.



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