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Again Russel is doing an effort in raising awareness to the public. To me he is really inspiring and such a unique and genuine soul. We are all seeing the awakening taking place upon this Earth, if no one is going to do the change for us, we certainly will. Give it a few years and we will turn this place upside down now to the favor of mother Earth and it's inhabitants.

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When are the British gonna nominate him to be the new statesman of the country..he'd make the best countries speaker for all the people,global revolution,like every day would be a laugh..on a serious note, I agree he's a inspiration to all on higher consciousness,him and David Icke are doing the rounds educating together now..good on em..Go guys do it!!..

Hes very articulate and a cheeky chappy aswell .. I would like to speak like that myself ..

I totally agree :) to me it seems like he's been able to release all the things holding a human back. You can have all the wisdom in the universe to talk about, but it won't get interesting if your social ability to bring it forth is restricted. I think he could be very serious if he just wanted to, but then I think he would feel as restricting himself. He really radiates a strong personality and that inspires me and others to do the same. And like he says, the message is simple really. Love yourself and others.

I'm probably the only voice saying this on this post: I don't like him, and it's because he endorses the voter apathy that is so prevalent with voters at this time. There are other choices out there to vote for who are not part of the Coke/Pepsi establishment of voter choices (i.e. Democrat/Republican, socialist/non-socialist), Brand's approach appears to be "trendy" and reflects a "politics isn't cool" approach that approves of voter apathy, and this social state of apathy is EXACTLY what is also desired by the NWO globalist establishment with their agenda to manifest complete control over others. Here's what he said about voter apathy:

 In a brilliant piece in the New Statesman (a mag he is now editing), the ex drug addict (Brand) talks about voter apathy, a disease he believes is an inevitable reaction to a system that has little regard for the majority of the people it is supposed to serve. “There’s little point bemoaning this apathy,” writes Brand. “Apathy is a rational reaction to a system that no longer represents, hears or addresses the vast majority of people. A system that is apathetic, in fact, to the needs of the people it was designed to serve.”

Rand's father is a better choice.  

LOL? Rand Paul's father didn't laugh when President Obama stated "raising the debt ceiling isn't raising debt." 

Click to hear this "trendy" use of words from Obama that makes one feel good about our current financial situation via the art of words from someone who makes one "feel good about themself" for voting for such a person (minus the art of words)..

Ran Paul's father tried to address this madness. AND YOU THINK IT'S SOMETHING TO LAUGH ABOUT?

$17,000,000,000,000.00 and growing. That's about as funny as electing an actor to be a president.

Malcolm, if you would have listened to the full interview you would get his explanation for this apathy. They ask him exactly the same as you do. Basically he says that in the current system and people would vote for something different and the caring for the planet and it's inhabitants is still not met, then there is no point to vote.

A democracy needs to make the voice of the people heard, and it also needs to see through that there is no corruption or force behind the decision making. Currently I agree with him, voting for a political party (even if they are considered the best choice) won't actually make big changes. That is the biggest pitfall illusion democracy has created. We have been put under a spell that we have the power to change the world by voting, and that we are to blame for not voting for the right parties in politics. When it is in fact all just a big screenplay to keep us sedated while the dictatorship is being able to run fully operational without protest, due to the big lie that we have chosen it by our votes.

The problem with your argument is that the original mission per founders of the United States was to create a republic, and not a democracy. Brand has great ideas, but that is the only thing he has: IDEAS. And I'm more interested in hearing solutions than ideas. Anytime I hear anyone talk about a concept of utopia (WHICH IS WHAT BRAND IS DOING), everyone forgets how Plato defined a utopia in his writing of "The Republic:" an idea, but since it is an idea, it is not a reality (and thus has no current role or applicability within the reality of this dimension).

The role of government should be one of a "referee function," that is, to prevent corporations and business from controlling the ruling bodies that provide safety and and benefits for the citizens AND AT THE SAME TIME prevent the citizens from using democracy as a means for stealing resources of corporations and businesses in the name of "greed." Greed (like theft) is definitely an evil. But you cannot outlaw greed, and you can never have the perfect politician who won't be seduced by greed in some manner or form. You can only look for systems that have worked in the past for generating prosperity, and look for people who endorse such systems.

The current system is to look for whoever is "trendy" and makes one "feel good about themselves" for voting for such a person, as well a system that promises "a lack of pain" when the reality of economic contractions take place. If Brand addressed these realities and problems instead of the non-realities that sound so good, I would agree with some of his ideas and concepts.  

Nice one Ogdoo ..

he certainly radiates a strong personality .. what I like about him is his ability to mix his higher truth with comedy and so its not boring, its refreshing .. he recognises that there is a higher power and he manages to speak about that in almost every interview he does .. so in that way alone, he is helping people to become more aware of their own higher power, something which I have never heard one boring politician ever do .. and he keeps it light and funny .. aswell as enlightening...

.. at least he is putting himself out there and doing it. .. how many spiritually aware people can stand up on national television and explain that the old order is no longer working, that we need a change of heart and that people need to wake up spiritually in order to make a difference in the world? .. plus, Russle Brand dosent care what anyone thinks of him, he just gets deep in spiritual ways and incorperates comedy into it in order to make people feel good while he is at it .. he is clearly trying to make a difference for the better .. imo .. .


I totally agree Luke :) and we cannot expect him to have all the answers either. But he's a very good bit of the puzzle of structuring the new paradigm. To me he is like the loudspeaker of my own opinions to the world in a large spotlight. So I really admire his courage to stand up for speaking his truth and not be limited by fear of others. I would hate to see him get no support because we all need to be more true to our selves and speak our truths, but it's easier said than done alas.

I just feel that there is no turning back this great tidal wave of awakening. It's allready begun and it will keep on grow bigger for every day that comes.

How many awakened people did you see only 10 years ago in this fashion on media? Just imagine 10 years ahead from now if the awakening of humanity is increasing as rapid as it has, what huge changes that can be made in that time-span, with all the indigos and crystals being in their teens and up to make a huge influence on societal norms. What I see the old is dying and as every day transpires brings in the new more and more. There is no stopping it, only postponing at best.

I love listening to him....what a breath of fresh air he is

This is so well said :) I wish Lennon could have continued to live on and inspire the people of Earth, but I bet he was too early and the rest was not ready for that mass awakening back then in his era. Now we have a new generation that this kind of truth is nothing new, it rings true in every being, so how can the old be continued to run it's show any longer?



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