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I'm here to repost it for you please continue talking about it but WITHOUT FEAR that is the is most important thing now.So i think pyramids are like a bookshelf about our history, what they are painted or carved on their walls.And there are still places where they or someone don't want you to go and it's not allowed,but as a human being you have every right to see it...AND NEVER FORGET YOU ARE THE TRUE GOVERNMENT OF THIS PLANET NOT YOUR POLITICS ARE.Because they asking for your vote and lick your ears and say anything you want to hear and they just know what is that you wish to hear.

Pyramids will not be destroyed it's just fear mongering as one of the commentators said.They are too valuable to us and for them too.

I heard that pyramids are some kind of sun defenders.What do you know about it

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A lot of really great information about how pyramids work and just some of the things they are for, can be found in Wilcock's book, The Source Field Investigations.

Yep the pyramids do exist on upper levels.... and can NOT be destroyed... impossible... they can try... but... they'll lose ;)

..i dont know what happens in "upper levels"... but here, they can be destroyed pretty well, in a blink of an eye... just like anything else in solid matter...even the whole globe can be phased out of existence...

They won't get away with it. "In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD." Isaiah 19:19


  John, first of all, i'd like to know where did you get this info, what's the source?

  But before that, allow me to tell a few things about the pyramids, from different sources.

    According to many sources, the Earth has 12 chakras, which are known as the ascension gates, or wormholes where the the spirits and Earth have direct connection. The pyramids, especially the Great one, are located right over the Earth's 5th chakra, which is the THROAT chakra, hence it's the center of communication. According to many sources, these pyramids were the communication centers for the landings of the starships from all over the galaxy.

  According to another source, ( I think it's in admiral Byrd's book ), ALL the pyramids are connected to the inner Earth by the tunnels. In other words, the pyramids are the hidden doors for the Agharthan civilazation, which are closely protected by secret technology by the Agharthans. (If you would like to find more about this subject, visit this site please;   hollow earth

  Now, if this second one is true, there is nothing to worry...  The Agharthans, the Telosans and the Galactics, will NEVER EVER let these sacred/secret structures to be destroyed...  


 By the way, watch "Planetary Chakras" on UTB ( the 2 parts one ).

  And I beg YOU brother, stay calm...  There are some things we cannot do anything about, that's where the Galactics intervene.  Remember - We are NOT alone.



Sweet Dreams Thank you for the info!But humanity must do something to gain a better future not based on money..



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