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Today Amma, Pope Francis, and other leaders of the world's religions made history. They came together in one voice to declare that modern slavery is a crime against humanity. They called on all people, irrespective of gender, faith and culture, to work together to eradicate human trafficking and all other forms of slavery from the face of the earth by 2020.

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I believe changes go on forever, so there is no last year of change.

Yes, maybe for religions, their time is indeed up.

That's the hourglass of each of us, we as individual are in the middle. As you increase in vibe, those at the bottom of the hourglass disappear, while high frequency beings appear at the top.

Vice-versa this works the same.

Please stop using boxes for people; new agers, christians, muslims, etc.. we're all human. ;)

What is new age anyway?

"The world's religions will made history in february 2017..where all religions will perish on this Planet."

Does that mean that the remaining believers will be exterminated as well?

"2014 is the first year of change"

Indeed. The religious fanatics got weapons and land that year. All that's missing are the nukes to stop them from coming too far into europe. It should take about 3 years more for the world of nukes to realize the size of the threat before reacting to it with the only force they have to combat a threat of that size..  ;)

"2017 is the last year of change"

The end of WW3. Unfortunely, most of us will not be here to see it as all european cities below germany will be burning, radioactive ruins (according to prophecy).

Well, we're all debt slaves.  (Obviously not as bad as the other slaves though).

This will only happen if we, western society, will take some steps back....



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