Release The Shields Of Your Heart By Mother Mary


Mary - Release the Shields of Your Hearts
Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM MARY!

Feel in this moment that someone is putting a mantle over you; feel the energy it brings you, an energy of love, peace, and harmony. This mantle is mine, and I will cover each of you now. It will remain on you if your heart vibrates with light, love, and harmony.

My sons and daughters do not have any doubts about what you are capable of doing. Believe and trust in your own powers. You have always been able to create your own path, to attract joy or pain, to attract teaching or suffering. Whatever you reap is the fruit of what you have planted. There is no interference from the Universe. The Universe interferes when you vibrate too much, whether for good or not. The Universe wakes up and gives you back whatever you put out, the same amount or even more than you put out.

My sons and daughters, you can do anything. You can seek balance, harmony, and prosperity. But you've got to have faith, belief, and surrender. There is no magic formula; there is no ready-made path. Think of it this way: you will make a custom-made suit; that will fit you properly. Someone else may wear that suit, which may serve them well, but it won't fit them perfectly because it was made for you.

It is the same with the path of your soul. You have your way of being and your way of thinking, and everything is made for your soul according to those aspects. No two people have the same path. Each soul has its own course, and each has its own evolutionary way. Do not compare yourself with others.

Many take a long time to connect with us, while others think and talk to us. Why is that? The one who does not achieve it tries for hours and hours, many times, and achieves nothing. And others do little and do not follow many guidelines that many would say are necessary, but still, they succeed. So where is the magic formula? Where is the magic way? It is nowhere.

The path is individual. For those who pray and pray for hours, trying to make a connection, would it not be the case to be more objective and more profound and not to pray superficially, following pre-determined rules and beliefs?


Video - Goddess Kuan Yin Transmission - https://youtu.be/z8YPnMWfXMM


Everything happens for a reason, my sons and daughters. Do not expect too much of yourselves; you need to have a shining heart, nothing else. Let it shine; break this shield you have put up for fear of suffering. Look into your heart; if you see it in a ball that prevents the light from coming out, break it. You are capable, and you will see your hearts shining, immense, filling your whole body and walk. Do not be afraid to shine or be scared of what you might experience.

This ball around your heart often gets in the way of walking. And why does it stay there? Because of fear, the fear created it. Fear keeps it there because you are tired of so many incarnations, suffering, and pain. And why risk more of it? I only tell you, my sons and daughters, that when you break this ball covering your hearts, it will expand, attracting the path, answers, and actions necessary for your evolution. It will not attract pain and suffering. If suffering and pain exist, it is because it is part of the evolutionary process, not because the heart has drawn them.

Do not be afraid; expand your hearts, receive this intense light that is coming, and pump your hearts to penetrate there. The Light of Alcyon does not penetrate the heart of those whose hearts are protected by the shield of fear, for there is their free will, their choice. But I will give you a little help.

You don't need much, my sons and daughters; you must sit down and see. All right, I know you do not see. So imagine that your heart is covered with a dark transparent ball, and you look inside, and you see your heart shining, pulsating. But the light does not come through because this great shield does not allow it. And remember, it is not the physical heart; it is the spiritual heart in the center of your torso, just above the solar plexus.

So look at this ball and look carefully at the pulsating heart, full of Light, and say immediately:

"I AM LIGHT! And I destroy all shields around my heart so it may shine and light all my way. And imagine the ball breaking, dissolving, and the heart expanding. And it expands so much that it almost fills your body with so much Light. Feel that energy, that Light shining through your bodies. Now, this is an exercise to do all the time. Why is that? Because at the first problem, the fear comes back, the fear comes back, and this shield is re-created.

So do this daily exercise; little by little, your mind will get used to not creating this shield, and your heart will only increase in brilliance. Now, my sons and daughters, this is individual. Please do not comment on what is happening to your hearts; do it for yourselves. This is not the time to share or spread what you feel or do not feel. This moment is individual and unique. Each of you will go through your own moment.

Mother Mary
Source - Anjos e Luz Terapias


Video - A Powerful Download Of Diamond Lights






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