Occasionally I have an oobe during dreamtime, and am aware of my etheric body leaving my body and going to ships where I learn things, and yet I still cannot be sure if what I see and do is in another reality, or just in my imagination. I am indeed lost, and yet I feel privileged to have these dreams, and even more privileged that I remember a good portion of them. I am a fiction writer but have never been able to write Fantasy or Science fiction. I'm not interested in reading them either, so I don't know from where my night-time experiences and interpretations come.

Two mornings ago while ‘dreaming’, I left my body and walked out through sliding glass doors and into a field. A small space-ship landed near me and a human male, 6' 2" tall, alighted from it. Suddenly he was at my side asking if I was ready. I knew he meant ready to go with him into the craft. I asked if we'd be returning and he said 'No'. Our conversation was entirely telepathic. I told him I couldn't go because I hadn't found an opportunity to tell my loved ones "Goodbye". He said it was okay, that there would be future opportunities, and I watched him levitate into the ship through a portal on its starboard side. I stood feeling as confused as I feel in daily life. Should I have gone? Was I missing a great opportunity? Or was this galactic trying to con me? I couldn't discern; I still needed time to investigate, consider, ruminate. Maybe I just needed 3D proof.

I walked across the field, hoping to restore my sense of emotional and mental balance. It was a field where I have often walked in dreams, but I've never seen a space-craft there before. I walked on beyond where I knew there to be a stream, and up ahead I could see about 15 to 20 adults (including 3 who were friends of mine) and they were speaking with this same galactic who said his name was Zorush. I approached them and understood that they had collectively decided to board the ship, and so I decided to board it also, although not without misgivings. A friend assured me that I could email my family, but I was concerned that I’d been brainwashed or duped, and noticed that the urge to get on the ship seemed overpowering, like a drug. I was not in control.

When I got aboard, it was nothing like the mother-ships I've been on in other dreams, where there is always a guide showing me around. This time, I was expected to explore and determine things for myself. The corridors were surprisingly wide and I only met a couple of other people in passing. They nodded politely. I sensed there was a bedroom for me somewhere and went in search of it. Whenever I wasn't sure which way to go, a sign materialized to direct me, mentioning me by name. Eventually I reached my room. It was comfortable with a bed and automatic lighting that responded to my thoughts. There was a bathroom attached. I have been in rooms like this before during my dream-time and they are not all the same. In some, there is clean clothing waiting for me on the bed. In others, I’m directed to pass through a glassed-in area that automatically cleans me and my clothes without my having to remove them. This bathroom was the traditional 3D type, except ....

as soon as I thought to fill the tub, it was filled with pale blue-green water, brimming with bubbles and lightly scented. I began to remove my clothes knowing that I would not have clean ones to put on afterwards. Somehow I had ‘faith’ that they would materialize when needed. There was a mirror on the back of the door. I looked in it and saw that three small areas of my face had been replaced with a translucence. I ‘told’ my eyes to sparkle, and they did. I ‘told’ my face to become translucent all over but nothing happened. I was disappointed, but I got in the water and mentally turned on some music. It was “Bye-Bye Miss American Pie”. That was followed by something calming. I decided to meditate to see if I could get an answer as to whether I’d been duped or not. I was in that state for some time (10-15 minutes?) when I heard a knock on the door. I heard the voice of my childhood friend, Jenny, asking if I was ready. (I had seen Jenny out on the field with the other earthlings.) I told her to give me a minute and I’d join her.

Instantly the water was gone and my body was dry. I ‘told’ clean clothes to appear. Nothing happened. I looked in the mirror again. It was a bit steamy but I could make out the shape of my body, and all of it was translucent light, veined or decorated with tiny strings of silvery-white stars. I walked into the bedroom. Jenny was sitting on the bed and had gone through a similar transformation. Where I had stars she had tiny moons. She said, “I guess this is the new fashion,” and laughed. We went through the door and were instantly in a communal dining room. Zorush was explaining that we could have anything we wanted to eat; roast lamb, baby-baked ribs, chicken, etc. None of it was actual meat, he explained, but would taste as good as any meat we’d eaten before. He looked directly at me as if asking for my order. I telepathed “Fish & Chips”. He was momentarily surprised and said he had been expecting us all to be Americans. I replied I was a person without borders. He said I could expect the most delicious fish of my choice, and smiled. I chose cod. Zorush left the room.

Those of us left in the room were all translucent but some had very thin ribbons of purple or blue or green threaded through their beings. I pondered the significance of this and decided these were people who were ‘fully awake’, more evolved, 'true believers'. I looked for Jenny and noticed that she had one or two tiny flickers of blue that didn’t stay on or off, they simply kept blinking almost like a Christmas tree. I tried to imagine some across my own body, but nothing happened. After dinner we were going to go into the next room for an educational holographic film. I just knew that, don’t know how, don’t remember Zorush telling us. I was excited to keep journeying on in this ‘research experiment’ but something was still holding me back. My lack of trust? Or an intuition that was guiding/protecting me? I didn’t know. I could not discern. I asked if Arak was on the ship. (He is someone who guided me on a mothership in another dream.) Arak was young and therefore more innocent and more to be trusted, I thought. no-one answered and Arak did not appear.
Now another being was giving us instruction. I’d heard it all before, or rather I’d intuited it all before. I had done this in another dream where a man who said he’d once lived as John the Baptist walked me to a small village among green hills. When we reached the village, children came out to welcome us. They were spinning multi-colored orbs on their fingertips (Harlem-globetrotter style) and it was explained by my host that these were knowledge balls, and that I was welcome to spin one. I noticed that the children could make them larger or smaller, seemingly at will, and were laughing uproariously when the orbs grew big enough to almost pop. A child offered me his and I was soon spinning the ball of colored light on the tip of my forefinger. The ball held all knowledge and I could spin it faster or slower according to how much I could take in. It seemed to sense what knowledge I already had, and span very quickly through those parts. I decided to ask the ball if I was being duped or not. It said it could only give me the tools to find out, but I would have to judge for myself. I felt let down.

And now I was back in my room, hovering over my body which rose to meet me. I woke instantly inside my body. I was very hungry and realised I had not eaten my fish and chips! :) My next thought was that I should've asked for salmon because it is the fish of knowledge, LOL. 

Star Flower

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  • imagination or reality? does it matter? i don't think so....i truly don't think it matters.....all aspects of consciousness.....it is your puzzle to play with....;)

    i have had dreams lately where i believe i am standing somewhere I believe it is an obe, but it seemed in layers as if my mind was still dreaming superimposing itself in my OBE.......as if i am there somewhere else but also not...and that is my puzzle to play with....;)

    • ttt, the point I'd like to make is that when some people experience dream-time phenomena, they leap to the conclusion that they've had a vision of universal truth and existential reality, while I cannot discern if something is in another reality or just in a dream I made up. Thus, when some claim to have been given a view of the future, say, I am not prepared to believe it will happen.

      If I cannot tell what is 'real' for myself, how do I begin to discern what might be real for all of us, as described by a third party? Some members of Ashtar are so sure about what is going to happen this year, and I'm still left with the feeling that nothing much will have changed by this time next year. Sure, we'll have some earthquakes and tornados, probably more than usual, but they will be the result of solar flares etc. Mass arrests? Mass landings? Prosperity packages? ETs on TV?  I'll believe it all when I see it. Does this mean that I'm not fully awake? If so, one of the predictions is that we'll wake up more fully as this year progresses. We'll see. 

      Star Flower, Ever Hopeful

  • Waiting to hear more.   :).  Wish I could remember  something like that
  • Thank you for sharing that I like reading all the interesting stories from poeple. You didnt get your food though sounds like somthing like my dream except there was no food but a broken washing machine not working on the ship I was on although there was really good technoligy but the darn thing didn't work if you would like to read mine its called pyramid ship. love and light

    • Ohkwaho, I searched the site for 'pyramid ship' but nothing came up.

      • it's under dreams and dream interpatation hope you find it or go under my profile love and light

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