I have been reading this site for a few years now. There are a number of people who really understand what is going on, a lot of people who are seeking truth, a few who don't have a clue (sorry, but its true) and there are a few who seem to try to misdirect or just plain cause trouble. I suspect the trouble makers to be plants...

Mostly I notice that the folks who know what is happening don't seem to post much, and rarely get baited into the discussions that seemed focused on distraction and misdirection.

All in all you all seem to be some real good folks, and I like reading your posts and comments. It is good to hear from people who are a bit more aware of what is happening on this world than the average joe. I have lived this life around people who are blind to the truth of spirituality and extraterrestrials.

My name is Mike. I do not channel, I do not claim to represent anyone, not even the ETs who are currently circling this planet waiting patiently for humanity to wake up, and with whom I speak regularly and in depth.

Most of what I know, and who I am, came from being what I am, an incarnate from another star system who came here a very long time ago, and from a life lived each night in the spirit realm learning at the feet of angels and ETs.

I remember past lives stretching back to the time of the Great Flood, when all this began. Every now and then I stop the reincarnation cycle on planet to rejoin my friends and visit family, then return here, to be born again...

I have seen so many things, lived so many lives, and died so many times. I know why I, and so many others, came to this planet. It has been a very long project and I am tired. I am not sure that this incarnation will live to see the end of the evil and the beginning of the good that this world deserves and that we have worked towards so hard and for so very long.

But that does not matter. I did the job I came to do. I have listened to the thoughts and the dreams of humanity for far too long now. Returning home will be a blessing.

I am one of you.

And I have this to say: a new world has been built here on this planet. Not a physical world, but one that is on another plain or higher dimension. All of your lives you accessed that other world in your sleep. Sometimes you remembered it as dreams. Always it was confusing and not real. It was a dream world that reflected the subconscious of humanity. (if you have ever used ayahuasca then you may have visited that place awake)

Some of you, many of you, are now remembering your dreams. And they are more real than ever before. That is because the world on that other dimension has been rebuilt, scrubbed clean and remade over the last few years.

Watch your dreams. For there really are Extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional beings, and they attend you in the night when you dream. They speak to you, counsel you, listen to your fears, teach you.

And when you request something, if your request is good and just, they try to help you in any way they can from the spirit realm.

You may not realize it, but each and every one of you is in contact with ETs every night. Even the ones of you who do not believe.

The time of the New Earth is drawing closer. It may not come with a rush. It may not make a dramatic entrance. But the time will come when this planet will be free and each and every one of you will know it when it happens.

There will be a display of light in the skies like nothing you have ever seen before. They only do it once, and only when the goal has been achieved Don't be frightened when it happens. Enjoy it!

And watch your dreams. If you want to talk to ETs, before you fall asleep at night, talk to your spirit guides, they are always there. Tell them that you would like to remember your dreams, that you would like to speak to the ETs. Ask them to move the memories from your spirit body into your physical body.

In the morning before you start your day, lie quietly for a few moments and try to remember what you did and where you went during the night.

Don't be surprised if you remember a place with many, many people, some of who seem to be calmly standing or meditating (these are probably ETs), others who are caught up in the "dream" as you are. In many cases, especially when you have asked for help, dreams are scripted and the "idea" or "plot" is introduced into your mind to keep you flowing along. These dreams, and the feelings you feel as you participate in them, help the ETs and spirit guides to heal your mind.

And sometimes, if you ask with enough emotion and sincerity, they will sit down with you and speak to you, answer your questions, teach you, maybe even "shoot the breeze" a bit. They are good people.

Take care of yourselfs, try to not get discouraged at this life.

Maybe I will see you in our dreams...

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  • You are a breath of fresh air Mike. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  • Hi Mike.

    Good to hear a man speak his truth.

    Take care.

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