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Thanks Andy,

I love my rat! : )

~Babanam Kevalam~


Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! : )

Here's a photo of "Ratty" : 

And my adorable guinea pigs:

Ratty really likes the guinea pig girls but I'm not sure they feel the same way! : )   

Aww, very cute :-)  

I pretty much love all things with Fur, I have a deep compassion for all animals on this planet... :-)

Wow so many lovely pictures of rats J

You realy made this post look so beautiful.

Do you have a rat pet?

Ahh, thanks for this!  I *love* rats and all rodents.  I feel like I have a special connection to them.  They're so sweet.

I used to have 2 pet rats Gizmo (Gizzy) and Squeaks (she was a little weesy).  R.I.P. you two :)

Ilove the rats , it makes me want to go out and buy a pet rat. Ha Ha.



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