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Stretching military muscle-Putin sending a message-will he include a high profile meet with the Chinese commie capitalists gangsters soon?



WASHINGTON (AP) — The commander of U.S. air forces in the Pacific is reporting a significant increase in activities by Russian planes and ships in the region.

Gen. Herbert Carlisle linked that to the situation in the Ukraine. He said Russia was demonstrating its capabilities and gathering intelligence on U.S. military exercises.

Carlisle said there had been long-range Russian air patrols to the coast of California and a circumnavigation of the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam. He said a U.S. F-15 fighter jet intercepted a Russian strategic bomber that had flown to Guam.

He also reported a sharp increase in Russian air patrols around Japanese islands and Korea.

Carlisle said there was a lot more Russian ship activity too.

He was speaking Monday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies think tank.

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Putin And His Gang Are Pissed Off ? Youre own title Pet Rock?

Posting Cabal propaganda and when it is realy youre own title then you are a big a#h***!

Please remove this crap post!!!

lol klass your funny

this is large scale style of fearporn used by governments to scare it's masses into a more aggressive protection mode.

911 worked because it was a shock of fear that more is to come, so the masses me included swallowed the lies, and became another person willing to protect my home.


not much has changed in the tactics used by the elite to brainwash and control people future and their lives, thu lies of being facts, insults and terror by force (the draft suspended in 1972). correct me if I am wrong, about these facts. it shocks me on how the elite have a fancy way of lying, and being so cold and heartless while ACTIING LIKE A HOLY  noble PERSON WITH FANCY UNIFORMS OF AUTHORITY THAT THE PEOPLE BOW IN AWE, ****WAKE UP FOLKS TO THE BRAINWASHING LIES BEING TOLD TO YOU FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, WHILE THE 13 FAMILIES RULE AND MOCK THE HUMAN RACE FOR BEING SO TRUSTING AND GUIBLE TO THE LIES THAT SOUND LIKE THE TRUTH, BUT OUR INSTINCT TELLS SOME OF US THAT THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY WRONG UNDER THE SURFACE OF THOSE EYES OF THE ELITE.


rsolor:  I think most of us on this site know what is going on; too bad most people don't.

I suspect that the only gangsters attempting to provoke war, are those in Washington, London, Brussels and Kiev....

The Russians are being heavily provoked by murderous thugs in Ukraine, murdering Russians with western backing...

If Putin is "pissed off," can you blame him.....??


Your position doesn't make any sense to me.

Those heavily armed and highly organised pro russian "forces" that are wreaking havoc all over eastern Ukraine right now, are they armed and backed by the west just to give Kiev a chance to retake military control over that territory or something? 

I mean, you seem to leave out whole portions of reality in your analysis here. It's like trying to make coffe by using nothing but a spoon. ;)

You are as confused as ever, it would seem......Those Russian Ukrainian people are fighting to survive...

Currently, the Russian-speaking anti-Kiev peoples of eastern Ukraine, are less armed than their opponents of the Right Sector and others serving the diktats of the pusche regime....The Kiev pusche regime forces are heavily armed by the contrast to those who seek to seperate, in the east, to save their own lives...

Maybe at some stage Putin will be forced to arm them, to save their lives....He is attempting to walk a tightrope....The western backed Kiev pusche regime wants war and are doing everything they can to provoke it....Maybe they have not learned the lessons of history, as yet....

I see you have been brainwashed by western media......which does not suprise me...There is a back-to-front thinking propaganda war going on currently and you have been fooled by it...This vid will clarify all for you....



don't argue with Mr. Observer. It is obvious that "Acute" Observer gets turned on when he draws conflict over the MANY of his replies of his observations. I have learned that people who spend a great deal of their time debating and arguing with A LOT of people on websites (and in public forums) are often called "massDebaters." Mr. Observer may need to try porn sites, as such offer a better venue for this type of frustration, and they're free.

Please go some where else comenting youre Micky Mouse comments.

Oh pleeease forgive me dear lord for not having read and watched the same propaganda as you guys.. I'll try to do a better job brainwashing myself the RIGHT way next time. Happy? ;)

a observer.

please one question, do not lie.

how old are you.

then I might be able to understand your logic of facts of human  history, and how nations are born thu  riots and discontent of their government AT THAT TIME IN POWER that turns on it's citizen in times of peace, just to flex their tyrant power and becomes a dictatorship, that will be overthrown like the rest of the tyrants psychopath's love for people kissing their ass as it they were gods, and we are their slaves  .


Technically, I've reset myself back to zero actually. Not long ago I concluded that I know absolutely nothing about this world other than what I can observe right now. :)

Everything have to be re-learned since the original version of the knowledge were all too tainted by beliefs and such and I simply needed to start over. :)

As for your reply: I don't understand a word of what you're saying. But don't blame yourself for that. If an answer is jibberish it is only because the question itself were poorly constructed. ;)

As I understand it, it all started by people that were poorly organised but then became violent and protesting and "restoring the government to a fair order" as they so nicely put it.. Someone shoots a whole bunch of the protesters in the most cowardly way possible and shortly after the govt falls (of course).

Immediately after, the Russians do their thing in Crimea where they claim they are protecting civilians, even though I've heard no report on Ukrainian civilians being attacked by the new govt anywhere. I've heard some of supporters of the new govt that have been brutally murdered though.

Anyway, after Crimea have had their shotgun wedding a new thing started to happen. Highly organised and highly trained and heavily armed masked russian "whatevers"started taking over everything from weapons arsenals to buildings all over eastern Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army, who seem to be in no way specialised in more than basic combat, lets this go on hoping they won't have to solve the conflict with force.

After enough time and a few hostage situations they finally decide to at least take back some buildings.

And now.. well.. Where are we?

Who did what, why and how, and for what purpose?



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