Teal Scott : Psychic Vampires (How to Recognize and Protect Yourself From an Energy Vampire)

Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst's YouTube Channel:  Teal Scott - The Spiritual Catalyst

Very insightful video-blog discussing: Energy Vampirism

  • It is Impossible to give away your Energy to anyone and it is Impossible for anyone to Take Energy from you :)
  • Perception and Thoughts and how it restricts your own Source Flow
  • Ailments and Physical Symptoms of Prevent our own Source Current
  • How Psychic "Vampires" think
  • It is Impossible to be "Spiritually Weak"
  • Victim Roles of Vampirism
  • Only Vibrations that MATCH can share the same Space
  • Stealing Pity (Lack of Love)
  • Stealing Goodness (Good guy vs. bad guy perspective)
  • What Serves our "Self Concept"?

Attributes of a Psychic Vampire

  1. The Psychic Vampire lives in atmosphere of "Self Ignorance"
  2. They Pick Fights Incessantly - It's the Attention they crave
  3. They are Deceptive (Turn people against one another, picking sides, and pitting people against one another)
  4. They Strike when its least Expected 
  5. Guilt is their absolute favorite modality of Attack
  6. They use everything you say to use against you later
  7. They live in a state of persistent Paranoia
  8. They are Pre-occupied with being RIGHT and to WIN
  9. Many of them are Dissociative 
  10. They are either perpetual Martyrs or Narcissists
  11. They Ask for Help, but your help is never useful to them
  12. Their goal is to deny you from your own PERSONAL POWER
  • How to Protect Yourself?
  • Mastering Resistance
  • Vibrational Utilization
  • How to Break the Chain of Psychic Vampirism
  • Becoming a Vibrational Match and Healing Both Situations (Victim and Vampire)

Ways to Release Yourself From Vampiric or Victim Patterns

  1. Develop Authenticity! BE WHO YOU ARE! :-)
  2. Develop Autonomy (Fulfill Needs through Symbiosis)
  3. Learn how to Fill Your Own Cup
  4. Commit to your Life and Physical Body
  5. Develop Self Trust
  6. Learn how to see the World as is TRULY IS (Getting past Polarization)
  7. Observe what Behaviors you wish to Receive and become a Vibrational Match to those Behaviors!
  8. Get Past Fearful Thoughts

"Only Vibrations that MATCH can share the same Space" :)

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  • Indeed Feather!! ;-)

  • last time I posted something similar to this I was attacked for being mean to 'different forms of expression' I think they crave our vibes because their own manna supply is depleted and they cause constant chaos to create discord that creates vibes for them-maybe we do invite them at some level but I think they are parasites for the most part-turned their backs on Light

    • That could be... I really do think we attract things through, through our own energy and vibration... At some point we have to own what happens to us, and stop writing it off as someone craving our Mana ~ although there may come a time when you wished someone was craving your Mana :) ahah ` ;-)

  • Thanks Deliliah....I like Teal.  She is down to earth and for me she gets to the heart of the matter in a no nonsense way.  I have dealt with psychic vampires, I am sure we all have.  So true what she says that nobody can steal your energy unless you let them.  I like this quote:Observe what Behaviors you wish to Receive and become a Vibrational Match to those Behaviors!  That says it perfectly.  

    • True Marique ~ Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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