Psychic Invasion

Namaste All~

I am seeking some spiritual advice.

I would like to know, if there is a way to shutoff, put a block up, protect myself from anyone being able to psychically read me, UNLESS I am asking them to. 

It's come to my attention, there are some who are psychically invading my thoughts and feelings, via tarot and other forms, and it's not because they want to necessarily harm me, it's because they are plain nosey, and I don't approve of it! I'm the type of girl if I want someone to know something about me, they can ask and I can tell. 

So, how could I put a protectional block up, so that NOONE, and I mean absolutely NOONE can psychically read me, unless I am wanting and allowing them to. 


Thank You !!

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  • I completely know how you feel my friend. But I do have the tendency to ready people for myself, which I know can be somewhat rude because they seem to be some garded towards me, which make me kind of sad cause I am really trying not to read them until they tell me it is allright. But I cannot stop myself from picking up their energies and see their auras which is kind of stressfull and not good. So I need to learn how to not read anybody with out their permission.

    But enough about me. The only thing I wanted to contribute with is that you can also use natural stones and some meditation to protect yourself from unwanted energies and intrution. This is a exercise I have learn intuitively from my guide and she wanted me to tell others about it.

    What you need:

    Some natural stones which you feel drawn to (the numbers is not that important but the numbers 5 or 7 allways turns up in my head)


    Sage to clean the stones from unwanted spiritual garbage.


    some alone time.


    Go outside and pick the stones which you feel drawn to. When you pick these stones have intention to use them as protection. See them, inside your head with your visualisation, standing around you, just like stonehenge and feel their protective powers surrounding you. Doing this you start to activate the stones even before the meditation. When you get home ask the stones to protect you either in thought or out loud. After this meditate over the protective powers and ask your guides to protect you and activate the stones even more. Do not be afraid if you recive some kind of knowing, a feeling or a picture of you doing something cause this is the spirits telling you what you could do when you feel some what insecure or invaded. Draw powers from your root chakra (which is the chakra for safety and protection) and send the red light into the stones which you hold in your hands. See the stones glowing red. When you feel you are done with this you can use the stones as protection for your home, your children and youself. Just carry one stone with you, leave one in each corner of your home or give one to your children (if they want one or if you feel they are ready!).

    The stones will work as a protection for you in this way. When someone is trying to read you or in some other way invade you, they will work as an wall, suck up the bad energies and send them back to the sender. But be aware they are not working for an eternity, you have to get them back to mother earth and she will reactivate and send energy to them. Just place them on the ground for a day or two, and they will be reactivated and cleansed.

    Hope you understand what I mean and are trying to say. I am from sweden so my native language is not english, so bare with me ;)

    • Thank you very much Ayanna! Yknow reading this .. it occurs to me, my litle daughter already does this!! she is always wanting to pick rocks and stones, and has a little collection that she holds really dear to her, and it makes a lot of sense now that I have read this from you!! I will indeed try this out, thanks again!

  • Hi Aly :)

    It definitely IS rude, and my privacy is really all I'm after!! I know why they have been doing it, and even knowing their reasons, I still feel I have been invaded! It's time I enforce my boundaries once and for all in this situation!!!

    W0W, it's amazing how much synchronicity I am finding on this site, and I've only been here for a week now~ the purple flame, I have recently come across youtubes on the purple flame!! I am definitely going to be 'purple flamin' it cause it keeps coming to me repeatedly!! I don't know how much relevance this has to the purple flame, but along with many of the other ascension symptoms I have been dealing with ~ I have been seeing small purple orbs for a few months now prominently on a daily basis.

  • ahhh YES!!!  I will definitely be giving it some lovely new moon tonight hehe that's exactly what it needs, it has been too long that I've remembered to do that!

    Yes, I am often drawn to things intuitively, and I do believe it was my intuition screaming at me all them years ago! I can remember so distinctly how the locals were just marveling at my choice, and to think, my lil innocent mind just thought it was pretty hehe ;)

    Much Love and Light to you Jana!!

  • Thank you very much Jana.

    I haven't fully ventured into crystals, simply for financial reasons.. YET. But I do as of right now wear a purple amethyst ring, and I bought a crystal necklace down in cancun mexico years ago .. I was drawn to it and it was pretty, but once the locals started seeing me wear it, quite a few of them commented on my good choice because they said it was a 'protection' rock.

    That was years ago and I had no knowledge of crystals then. I still wear it to this day, on a gold chain .. and it appears to me to be a very light green jade, although I am uncertain. I'll post a pic of it sometime in the crystals section and see what people can tell me it is :)

    These crystals you speak  of Jana .. they will put up a barrier from any tarot or other untuitive psychics being able to read me, unless I ask them to?

    I really don't believe the people are trying to harm me, or are dark energy, they are just really nosey and want to get into my thoughts and feelings.

  • WONDERFUL Mayir!

    Thank you!

    On to the blog now ... ... :)

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