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A Veritas journalist infiltrated and recorded antifa members.

After going through a detailed approval process to be accepted into the secretive radical group, our journalist recorded antifa members describing just how violent they are.

You can watch the video here:

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George Orwell wrote a book called '' 1984'' and H.G Wells wrote something similar.

What a sinister group of individuals detailing on how they are going to physically Assult protestors and to  gripple them with life-threatening injuries ''yes, they are well trained and are a military-based with well planned to destroy everything in cities, in the surrounding areas of the cities. In one of the videos, I saw a young man in blue denim clothes was beaten up by a group Antifa anarchist but protestors resued this man and helped him off the ground. Black seems the most common color among authoritarian police and other dark sinister organizations. I notice they have black police cars with a mixture of white ( freemason symbol) sometimes red is one their colors and black helicopters and police are dressed in black and now this Antifa group is wearing black clothing.I once saw a video called ''Gladio'' where there were armed soldiers dressed in black with red armbands this happened in a  Ukrainian town or city. An author has a book on this incident.  

Operation Gladio was/is a stay-behind-army in case the warsaw-pact attacks europe. then the soldiers would have organized terrorist attacks, behind the lines. but that never happened and so they terrorized civilians with fals flags

Yes true...A resistance group, morphing into irregulars, then organised rural & urban guerillas, then into international terrorism...

Agarther...Have you noticed how there are no more wars? So now those that want to control the narrative or the world events are trying very hard to manifest and therefore aggrandize chaos even more...They know we are not in fear any longer and that Peace is here, so all they are doing is disrupt it for their own survival...They are loosing and soon they will be a thing of the past...Many people are easily manipulated since they are not fully conscious of the Truth...They are at a soul level...yet they need to awaken at a physical level, and these revolts are also a catalyst for that...The Mother's Plan is already manifested in higher realms of Truth...Blessings of Peace and Love...

I hope this chaos in the world is the last attempt of the cabal and there is soon a change in the narrative and the paradigm.


My friend, the chaos in the world is a sign that a figurative SWORD OF CLEAVAGE is forcing each to choose sides....In evolutionary terms we may speak of LIGHT TO DARK. In Theosophical terms we may speak of energetic wane, of the old 6th ray dispensation [2160 years] and the energetic wax of the incoming 7th ray, the NEW AGE OF AQUARIUS....

Note that 6th ray age of Pisces is demonstrated within the angry fanaticism of zealotry. From the Spanish and French inquisitions, to the self-scourging Flaggelators, in Germany, dressed in SACKCLOTH & ASHES, then. And the same Piscean energy express by Antifa and BLM, the ideals of diversity and socialist egalitarianism...Censorship, book burning [now online,] public humiliation of heretics/witches/free thinkers, toppling statues and defacing monuments...

Leftists are modern inquisitors, who seek the shaming and chaining of "WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE."

The Aquarian Age seeks order, civilization, magical technologies and true freedom....ALL LIVES MATTER>>>>>>>


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