Self claim 'Princess' Kaoru Nakamura explains the reason why there was no three days of darkness that she so fervently warned before the 21 December 2012. Whether it is an excuse or fabrication, it's certainly entertaining to listen.

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  • U guys shud listen to Bashar more, he makes sense!!

  • Well, Idid experience ten days of darkness when the east coast was hit by Hurricane Sandy!!

  • Here is what Wikipedia says about her;

    Kaoru Nakamaru (中丸薫 Nakamaru Kaoru?, born 23 May 1937) is a Japanese journalist, television interviewer and author with a background in international politics.[1]


    Born in Yamanashi Prefecture, Nakamaru studied abroad at Columbia University.[1] While beginning to write articles and books on international relations, she hosted a number of nationally broadcast television interview series, beginning with Sekai no shuyaku in 1972.[2][3] Newsweek nicknamed her "the Edward R. Murrow of Japan" in a 1974 profile that introduced her alongside Makiko Tanaka as one of a "handful of Japanese women who have bucked their country's patriarchal system".[4] The profile itself was news in Japan.[5][6] In her career she has interviewed such world figures as Edward M. Kennedy, the Shah of IranMohammad Reza Pahlavi, and Idi Amin.[4][7][8]


    Nakamaru has asserted that she is the daughter of Tatsukichirō Horikawa, purportedly an illegitimate son of the Emperor Meiji; that she is therefore the granddaughter of the Emperor, and thus bears the proper title of Princess.[9] These claims have been disputed in a Korean newspaper article.[10]

    Nakamaru's husband was the film and television actor Tadao Nakamaru, who died on 23 April 2009.[11]

  • "I've been told by a lightworker on here that I am the reason why all the lightworkers are gone from the site."

    I've not seen you post any disinfo on this site and I personally find you stimulating, so .. whoever that guy was he was probably not a lightworker. ;)

  • Hey don't feel singled out Amanda, I have been with this site since it's inception and the site before this one that parented this one, and I have been blamed for the same things before they gave the distinctive and dubious title to you, hahahaha....but I am willing to share the title and the distinction, lol.  When I am getting slammed with all sorts of insults and putdowns, it makes me feel validated somehow that people are willing to take the time to point fingers and label, lol..means something I have said or presented sticks in their craw for a reason, because it makes them question themselves to the point of indignance, haha.  It seems when anyone points out facts and questions the veracity of channelings dates and stuff, one becomes a punching bag for egos that cannot or want not to fathom that perhaps they could be in any way wrong, lol...I admire Indigo very much because she does not fall for a lot of fluff and speculation in general and has a very firmly attached and grounded intellect but is never hesitant to admit to being wrong and I truly think that is a wonderful trait, and I love it that she takes nothing at face value just like myself....Even though I am very thoroughly researchful and thirsting for verifiable facts and take nothing at face value just because I read it or a channeler said it, l have nevertheless shared things with my grown children that I wished I had not passed along and have ended up with an eggwash too. We are all being mislead from time to time, it is just part of living in this day and age, especially when we all are so willing to step outside of the box so to speak, which is an admirable trait even if the end result is sometimes full of egg all over our faces..So if you get labeled etc, look at it as doing a good job and a community service, I look at it that way, haha.  Don't ever change because naysayers are a valuable commodity even if a lot of people don't want to admit it.  Every type of personality and traits have value, even if in new age communities people tend to want only people who think exactly like them in their midst. We are a catalyst for growth as well, another facet to the whole.

  • She is making it all up...foolish woman ..Princess of fools
  • Hi Amanda....I did an expose on the Princess of Japan before you came here, and she is not even a Princess, let alone of Japan.  She is inauthentic, and just another of the new age deceivers.....I spent a month gathering information on her and her claims, and she is a sham...Her messages may have some truths in them possibly, although my own feeling is that she is just trying to make a name for herself.  None of her credentials proved to be legit....Here is the link to the post I did, and I hope you will read it, and it will also serve as a refresher to those that missed it the first time around.  I went to great deal of trouble to track her claims and credentials down, including writing to the current Emperor of Japan, only to find that she is in no way linked to the royal line in any way whatsoever, and all the bold claims she made on her Facebook page turned out to be false too.


    You might want to read all the comments with this link too.....very interesting...Update also, finally heard back from the Emperor's representative....who never heard of this woman and is quite unhappy with her


    Please read this link....some good reading here, lol...

  • She's a tool.

    It wouldn't surprise me if there's a direct representative of the illuminaughty that gives her this info.. ;)

  • I´ve seen this video long ago , and this isn´t of the light.

    The 3DD is still planned by CMAton

    This is the best alternative to wake people up , to remove dark entities and to start the teachingperiod.

    People are TOOOOO much asleep at the moment so a shocking event is the only way IMHO

    • "I´ve seen this video long ago , and this isn´t of the light.

      The 3DD is still planned by CMAton"

      You claimed it would come in october last year and when it didn't, you made up a million lame excuses for why it didn't, just like the pricess-tool does now ;)

      For a third party observer, can you please explain the general difference between you and this supposed princess?

This reply was deleted.

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