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I wrote the following for the 104th issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter.

In my short life on earth, I’ve come to understand that this land is deeply spiritual. An underlying spirituality permeates every aspect of this land – every tree; every flower; every blade of grass. In every animal and insect, I see a spark of beauty; a spark of brilliance; a spark of consciousness that seeks to be known and understood for what it truly is.

The sacred spirituality of this land was forgotten as soon as people decided to ravage it for its resources, and this has to come to an end if we want to create a new world that’s rooted in peace, harmony and respect for Mother Earth. We’ll have to learn to treat this planet the way it’s meant to be treated if we want to raise our collective vibration.

If we continue to be complacent about the earth’s destruction, which only serves to fill the pockets of the ‘elite’, we’ll effectively allow it to continue plaguing us. Of course, the elite can’t survive for much longer, but action is still necessary if we want to change things.

Personally, I want to see the earth and her sacred creatures respected. I’m ready to see all of the violence and hatred come to an end, and I’m ready to stop witnessing billionaires profit from the earth’s natural resources and gaining more than they’ll even need while people continue to starve around the world.

In the United Sates, the most ‘developed’ country, a significant portion of the population has to deal with starvation and homelessness, and yet, the people who profit from the planet’s destruction are living lavish lifestyles and spending endless amounts of money on trivial things.

A lot obviously needs done to transform this planet, but I’ll keep this week’s conclusion simple and say that humanity needs to change our ways from the ground up. This means that each of us should find what we can do to help the earth and her creatures survive, and do it.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, and even if we only make a small impact for the good, it’s better than nothing. There are plenty of things we can do, and even if we adopt one small thing, we’ll still help the earth. In my view, what really matters is that we care enough to do something.

If all of humanity cared enough about this planet to change their ways and start treating the earth (and each other) with love and respect, our new society would be built in a relatively small amount of time. Those of us who are becoming aware; who can see Gaia’s beauty for what it really is, are asked to do everything we can to heal the destruction that’s plagued her surface.

Humanity has hurt Gaia far more than any other species, and if we could all see the malevolence of the things we have and continue to do to this planet, I think we’d be inspired to change our ways. Call me naïve, but I sense positive change on the horizon and I think we’re going to be the ones to bring it about.

Planetary change will always be a reflection of inner change, so it’s important to look within and, again, ask ourselves what we can do to move this planet in a positive direction. We have the ability to completely transform our society into a brimming galactic civilization, but it’ll require a lot of work and dedication.

Personally, witnessing Gaia’s beauty firsthand motivates me to spread the world about the importance of keeping her environment safe, and hopefully, more people will join me as the planetary consciousness continues to rise and we see that Gaia is our sacred mother who deserves to be respected, not dominated.

Photo Credit: Permaculture Power

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  • I  want to live in a world that shares the consciousness of LOVE, TRUTH, HONOR, FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE AND GREEN LIVING

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