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Prayer made to help the Company of Heaven to Battle the Apocolypse coming soon.

I send forth from the depth of my deepest part of my Heart that is of direct connection to Prime Creator Our Holy Holy Holy Lord God of Hosts, all the directed Loving support of the highest Quality and integrity for the good of all that i am, all that resonates and vibrates the Light, sword of the blue flame of Protection, sword of the violate flame of transmutation, Faith, Grace, Hope, Inspiration, Support, Healing, Victory, Endurance, Strength, Virtuousness, Stamina, pure Golden and Silver Christ energy, pure white silvery light to the Three KIngs of the Ages, to our Holy Lord Jesus Christ our Lord Sananda, to King PLachacha of the plieadian star system of the seven sisters, Planet Erra, KIng Lyra of the Lyrian star system, love and support you all for being such brave beings that you know that you are and to the lovely Prinecss Rose of the planet Lyra, To the Ashtar and his Command, Archangels of Heaven, The Arcturians, Andromedans, Blue Avians, Agarthans, The Golden Race beings, company of heaven, the 144000 chosen ones on behalf for the earth by the awakened team of the Earth, white hats, Venusians, and to those beings who came here from our past, present and future timelines, and other dimensional timelines, portals, and dimensions that support the good of the whole under the baner of God's truth and knowledge, to the unknown beings and species who suport our Prime Creator and his truth, i also like to extend further all the great energies i am praying to you for the benefit of protecting this planet with good intentions for all life forms upon the planet of Earth and our planetoid Hostess Mother Gaia, i also would like to extend my support out to those civilisations near and far, who are sending prayers to the team of the good and the righteous ones, i send out our best intentions for the highest good to the all that is involved, to come out victorious in this goal to protect the universe from the evil clutches of the Reptilian race and the army of Darkness of Enlil and his demonic beasts, let us all annihalate there evil ways once and for all, let us all begin in support, the removal of the Army of Darkness and all that it entails it forever,I thank you all for your abilities, skills and attributes for the highest good of all i give thanks that this is done, For thy work is done.

Holy Holy Holy is Our Lord God Of Hosts, For You Are Truly Worthy Of Praise Glory And Honour Forevermore All Hail and Praises be to our Lord and KIng Jesus, Lord Sananda, our Holy and most Beloved Radiant one.

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