• Yes, this thing should stop...Anyway, this might be the start of WWIII According to the predictions of some analysts and it will end on 2014?..The F! But I don't think so...Should be thinking positive that this isn't the start of something horrible....
  • Yes, and also pray for those New Zealand Miners who lost their lives, and those in Haiti that are dying of cholera and many places throughout the world. May all of you be blessed.
    • I will pray for their wellness...God bless
  • Awww Kim Jong isnt scary Delilah....he just ronery.

  • Kim Jong is one scary guy!

    Definitely will be sending positive vibes towards South Korea.

    I am so sick of retarted humans using their weapons, may it stop, and may the world understand what WAR IS BORING and out of date.

    Time to move on, Time to Progress with the PROCESS!
    • Well, they can Fund a war, but they can't feed the poor...One BIG MISTAKE ...Really.....
    • hahaha! Yeah they should do made me smile...:D
    • ...detaching is very easy if the shit hits the fan away from your doorstep...
      i would like to see how easy u can detach if the shit hits the fan inside your living-room...
  • Indeed,Brother.

    This is not what we needs during the testing times,Wish all countries come to a consensus of being a part and parcel of humanity and representing EARTH.We all have a moral responsibility towards peace for our EARTH,our MOTHER EARTH has withstood many trial and tribulation posed by man-kind,it HAS TO STOP.UNNECESSARY KILLING OF HER CHILDREN'S HAS TO STOP.

    Love and Light To All.
    • back to you..;)
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"“If you want to meet someone who can fix any situation you don’t like, who can bring you happiness in spite of what other people say or believe, look in a mirror, then say this magic word: ‘Hello.’”"
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"If you feel joy during this difficult revelation times to expose evil, do not feel guilty.

Your joy will guide those who still feel fear

That is why you are here"
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"External attacks are just distractions. The answers are all inside you. The outside fear porn is just a distraction to stop you from looking inside"
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