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Portal to New Earth OPENING - WAVE of LIGHT 23/24 March -

Equinox Blessings - By Sonja MYriel RAouine

My dearly beloved lightgrid family and gridwork team,
Ready for tomorrow's light wave at noon, 12:00 am your local time?
As the EQUINOX energies are stronger than ever before, I ask you to connect as often as possible with LIGHTGRID and the Violet Light at connexion times and to participate in the world wide WAVE OF LIGHT, started by Aurelia Wasser's art project of the LIGHT AMBASSADORS, which I would like to introduce to you herewith:
6 of them are now united, waiting for their final destinations:
📷 NEEM: Truth - JOY - and EASE
📷 ESONIO: Pure LOVE - The Divine Masculine Principle
📷 ASHAYA: The Divine Feminine and Masculine in BALANCE
📷I SHTARI: Knowledge of all times and dimensions
REBIRTH of Ancient Knowledge
Reverence of the Divine Feminine in her Full Glory and Power
REMEMBER your DIVINE FEMININITY in its original PURITY by meditating with me!
And 3 more stelae have already found their home in Germany:
Randesha, near Essen
Ashtar, near Essen
Noyoni, near Karlsruhe
These 9 ambassadors of light are now being inaugurated by a WAVE of LIGHT which will be initiated in Europe tomorrow, 23 March at 12 am. Please let us know where you will connect from at 12 am YOUR local time!
As the wave is going to move westward with the rotation of our planet, the date for connecting can be 23 or 24, depending on where you live. For questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
We will help to initiate the wave here in Austria by dancing the rounddance of PEACE on 23 - and we will WELCOME the WVE of LIGHT again on March 24 at noon to anchor the LIGHT here in Europe DOWN to the HEART of MOTHER EARTH from where it will RADIATE its LIGHT for ALL LIFE on EARTH!
The time to sit and wait, read and do nothing is over, my dear ones. Will you help us to MANIFEST NEW EARTH? MANIFEST DIVINE JUSTICE? MANIFEST PEACE? MANIFEST FREEDOM, COMPASSION and the LOVING HEART of the DIVINE MOTHER NOW?
If so, please take a moment, answer the call by letting us know WHERE you are going to WELCOME and PASS ON the LIGHT and SHARE.
TOGETHER WE STAND - divided we fall
Thank you for ANSWERING the call,
Sonja MYriel RAouine
Video - The Equinox Gateway Is Open ! 5 Things You Need To Know - By Melanie Beckler

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