Hi everyone,

My father has been unwell for the past 2 months and we just found out recently that his liver is failing. He's currently in ICU at the Apollo hospital in New Delhi, India.The only option out is a liver transplant and I'm the donor. The operation is scheduled for the day after and the preparations are going to start tomorrow. At this point I would like your prayers and blessings so that we may pull through this tough part in our lives.

All my love,


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  • Thank you Custos Astralis, but my father passed away on the 6th of this month. He had multiple organ failure and was too weak for a transplant. But thank you for your love and guidance...
  • I am very sorry to hear this Ronojoy!
    It's a difficult moment, take some time for yourself... trust the love and the light of the Universal laws... everything has a purpose, even if we don't understand them at the moment.
    Emanating Light for your Father, You and your Family!
  • sending love,and healing prayers for you and your father,much love to you both,eve(solaena)
  • thank you so much.. I appreciate all your kindness. Much love....
  • Sending you love, prayers, strength and peace.
    • Love and Blessings to you and your father. May you have Peace and may you feel the loving presence of your angelic friends and helpers around you.

      I have a way of asking them, the angels, when I anxious and/or worried or for anything at all I need or plan...
      I would say it something like this or of course whatever or however you want to say it, if you feel it is right for you to say it:
      I AM ASKING FOR THE MOST BENEVOLENT OUTCOME... of ..... the operation planned for my father and I and that the surgeons will perform at their best and that the liver will be accepted and bring new life and wellbeing to my father and that I may keep my health...!..or whichever way you want to say it...
      It is from a book by Tom Moore: THE SIMPLE WAY and is a very simple request which I always feel helps me to let go of the worrying and planning and thinking and let God and his messengers..and I find peace..They will do their best for you without interfering in other's free will..

      Be at peace, you are eternally loved and so is your father..:)..
  • Ronojoy, I would like to offer my condolences to you on the loss of your father's physical form. I am visualizing for him a peaceful, gentle crossing to the other shore.

    Perhaps if I share an experience I had with you, it will assist you through your grieving period. I had a grandfather whom I absolutely adored, and he made no bones about the fact that out of 14 grandchildren I was his favorite. I now know it was because of a past incarnation, but, that is beside the point.

    My grandfather had arteriosclorosis and was semi-comotose, and recognized no one who went to see him, besides me. That's how very close our Heart connection was. It really hurt me terribly to see him in such a wasted, more or less vegetative state, so, when I heard of his passing (I had moved out of town) all I felt was total relief, because, I knew that he was free of his suffering. While I feel and understand your pain, perhaps if you focus on the relief your father is experiencing (and what a wonderful man he was) it will help you in your healing.

    As Katt said, "your father is eternally with you", and I am sure that you can still feel his presence.

    Sending you Loving, healing thoughts.
  • My father passed away today at 10:30 am IST. Thank you all for sending energy. May his onward journey be more peaceful. He was the most honest, selfless, brilliant,noble,humble and magnanimous person I have ever come across. He didnt need to suffer as much as he did. I am this close to losing faith, probably am as I'm typing this.
  • Father's too weak to go through the liver transplant as of yet. His kidneys started failing and he was losing control of his breathing as well. They put him on respirator and dialysis. he couldnt take dialysis for more than a couple of hours so they stopped it. The doctors almost gave up hope. We've had a really rough day. I went and saw him in the ICU and knew that he was fighting, and had a feeling that he was going to make it, no matter what. Now he has stabilised himself although he's still on the respirator. I know that at some level all your blessings and love are working. Thank you all. Will keep you posted...
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