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Lets keep this short...

A few days ago, as I was reading a novel in bed, I heard a very high peeping sound. I looked around the room and was unable to locate the sound. I went back to my novel and tried to ignore it. The sound became deeper and deeper until it turned into a very fast flapping sound. When I finally looked up from my novel, a small lemon sized metallic looking object was fixated in the air. I jumped back and the object mimicked my movement. It had very thin wings that flapped around a formed a sphere surrounding the object which made it hard to see. I jumped out of bed and the flapping became higher and higher till the peeping sound was back and the object disappeared. the peeping sound became so high I could no longer hear it and no matter how hard I tried to touch it in the air around me I could not locate it. 

I have attached an image of it. Please excuse the bad sketch but I was nervous and shaky when I drew it. 

Thank you so much for reading. 

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"I like your post since you actually gave me an explanation for my numbness afterwards."

Lo freq sounds will do that (but hi freq sounds also do that)..
But, so will many other things as well.
I didn't react on the numbness-description. Numbness can be had by a large number of different reasons. I reacted on the sound you heard before it happened.
That's a dead giveavay for those phenomena..

"I mean, yes, I hope I was just hallucinating because it was frightening and I do not like the idea of being observed."

I cvan rest your mind easily right there since we're ALWAYS observed by everything from astral projectors to invisible "drones", but .. Since they all have to follow the guidlines of "Spiritual Ethics" (it's a law, breaking it is unheard of in human realm so far) anything they see, must stay between them and you and if they ever break that code, we'll have 16'th century all over again, but this time, it'd be for REAL.. Nobody wants that.

So, get used to being observerd, but also get used to the fact that even IF you're observed, you don't have to change your behavioural patterns.
I'll confess tho, that the moment I knew that I had astral observers (they contacted me over ICQ and suggested some life-changes to me that would make me flower instead of destroying myself as I were doing at the time) I began to be more careful on what I did, but I later created the lawbook "Spiritual Ethics", uploaded it to the acashic field and it's now a common practice, so .. I'm back to doing all kinds of perverse things in private even tho I know there are many people watching. They can't ever tell anyone about that so .. As long as they stay out of my way, I can live as I wish :)

"The numbness afterwards went beyond sensory handicaps and maybe I think even slowed me down mentally for a good 24 hours. "

That is also a dead giveaway on a freq attack. Very few frequencies and transmittorstrengths can do that. We're talking far more than what a personal little transmitter can do here.
I once got in the way (unintentionally, both by me and the persons who did it) of a groundradar-scan from a plane. It warped my heart and sent a shockwave thru my entire body. It felt like "electric boogie" straight up :)
Now, this was noones fault. It was a mistake. They intentionally focused the flyover-path as to minimize the subjectance to anything human, but they didn't know that I just happened to have my computer at that exact same spot of the house and were sitting there at that late hour. I don't blame them for this, since their flyover produced results that were useful to me afterwards regarding the density of the ground around my house and the ammount of day-water that were leaking into the ground. But, the very experience of it all, made me quite interested in ELF-frequencies and their possible application. :)

But, if your brain was affected for up to 24 hours afterwards you probably has some microwave influence as well there.
That'd exclude haarp. They aren't capable of producing those frequencies nor range of'em. Microwaves are short-range stuff. (appartement above/appartement below .. that sort of things)

"I am a published author, exhibited artist and documentary maker (please don't ask me to give you my name on here)"

I wouldn't even dream of asking you to expose yourself on this site in any form.

"but my stuff is harmless. Dealing with the Iraqi marshes, women's rights and the preservation of Sumerian culture. "

Womens rights and preservation of Sumerian culture would warrant you for attacks. But, only if your mentality is of such composition that you could actually be used to perpetrate the cause of the .. well .. Patriarchycal agenda.. Since I've punctuated this thread, confronted "the bad guys" and also educated you on how to recognise phenomena and also handle'em, it's not likely you'd be subjected to that again unless it's NOT a part of the phenomena I suspect but in fact something completely different. :)

"Dude get a Life. The Illuminati aren't doing anything like that to anyone."

I'm glad you've mapped everything the different branshes do and do not do with people in the world. It'd be awful if they did things you actually don't know about.. Your entire belief system could become dislocated and chaotic should that ever happen.. Keep dreaming, that'd be best for you I think ;)

"Learn how the Universe works."

I know a lot on how the universe works. There's also a lot I don't know about the universe and well .. I usually don't speak at all about the things I know nothing about.
I figure the same goes for you my friend.

"Your a mental patient at life so you have zero credibility when you speak and post."

I think you're gonna have to back that last statement up with some facts before we can take it seriously.
Your anonymous word have little or no credibility. So tell us, how do you "know" I'm a mental patient?

I would not be that surprised since there is a domestic drone program now. Next step would be to build smaller versions of flying spy devices. Some day these will probably be used by Governments and police alike. I just did not think the post by Miranda fit that area and seemed more astral to me.

"I have no idea which is true, man made spy robots the size of insects?"

They're called "Mesicopter" and scientists developed them in the 90's. They advertised their progress in a science mag I used to follow, originally for research purposes. I don't know if they solved the power source for'em yet since they can only hold a small ammount of fuel and therefore needs to have the home-base in close proximity.

i seriously doubt that what you saw was a mesicopter tho, since those create noise (flap-sounds, fuelcell-sounds and so on. All machines create noise on SOME level). Did "your" "thing" create noise or was it quiet?

"In the first entry I mentioned a sound:"The sound became deeper and deeper until it turned into a very fast flapping sound". That's when the object appeared. Its too large to be only a camera and too small to be manned. Right now, I am hoping that the whole incident was just a hallucination."

Well, a machine would NOT behave like that fomr a purely audiological point of view. The sound would be constant.
 However, if one materialize an etherical thing into 3D-world it could sound like what you desribe, but if that's the case, we have some rogue aliens who've done some serious bounds-brealing activities on earth at this time which would award them a "buring alive"-sensation according to the current cosmic rules of engagement on earth at this time.
The last aliens that tried such a stunt got sorry, VERY sorry. They lost an entire realm as a response for that transgression and that sent shockwaves of "non-forgieveness" thru the entire cosmos so I doub't they'll try again anytime soon ;)

So, it concludes me to think that what you saw MAY have been a result of frequency based manipulation. Sounds and other frequencies can easily cause OEV's (open eye visuals).

"I am not familiar with hallucinations."

I am, I've had many. Everyrhing from drug induced to sleep deprevation and sound-induced hallicunations and once one get used to them, one can start to seriously analyze them and check them against different parameters of reality that one have in its base-mind.

"But the thought of being observed is too frightening to stand so I'd rather assume it was a hallucination. "

I wrote another answer in this thread that may be useful there. I don't know which page its on but it may be useful to you to get used to the idea that we're never really alone. :)

"The good thing about all this is that it made a lot of noise before it appeared. Next time I hear it I will snap a picture and share it with you. "

About that .. IF that happens again. Tell it that Ima Scending is after it.(and keep a clear channel in your mind so that there's no doudt that you're referring to me for them. If they know practical quantum mechanics they'll know who you're referring to). Observe what it does when that statement has been done.
I'm curious about the results. I wanna know what it does when it heard that :)

Could it be a drone?

It could be, but how did it get into the house? Drones can't morph so any orifice of the house would have to be big enough to fit that drone and... Well.. To have a h*** of that size in the house accessible to a machine like that would be considered a building error from a purely architectual thermo-insultation point of view and would result in the owner being able to sue the builder for that fuckup.  :)



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