Pentagon, Pfizer, BioNTech colluded with CCP-controlled pharma firm to develop COVID vaccine bioweapon

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Image: Pentagon, Pfizer, BioNTech colluded with CCP-controlled pharma firm to develop COVID vaccine bioweapon

(Natural News) The Department of Defense (DoD) colluded with a pharmaceutical firm controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to create a bioweapon in the form of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

The company in question was Fosun Pharmaceuticals, which signed an agreement with Pfizer-BioNTech for the co-development and distribution of the vaccines.

Researcher and former drug company executive Sasha Latypova revealed this collusion in a Dec. 28 post on her Substack. “Fosun is a huge Chinese conglomerate that owns a large number of global companies, and its chairman Guo Guangchang is a very high ranking member of the CCP,” she wrote. “It is curious that the DOD awarded $10 billion to a venture whose substantial equity and IP holder is the CCP.”

Guo, who has a net worth of more than $4 billion, is also a member of at least three CCP-associated groups. Moreover, Latypova stated the company owns a sizable number of international corporations.

According to the former drug executive turned whistleblower, the agreement essentially created a tripartite research and development alliance between Pfizer-BioNTech (as one entity), Fosun and the CCP. (Related: DoD conspired with communist China to unleash covid “vaccine” bioweapons on citizens.)

Latypova later emailed LifeSiteNews to elaborate on her revelations.

“In China, every large employer – especially in something strategic like [the] biopharma sector – is controlled by the CCP,” she stated. The whistleblower drew parallels to the Soviet Union, “where each workplace had a ‘partorg’ – a representative supervisor from the [Communist Party of the Soviet Union], or a whole department of them.”



Media, government trying to hide Pentagon-CCP collusion

Latypova expressed regret that this link to the CCP did not receive more coverage in the media and elsewhere. Moreover, she lamented how officials attempted to hide this connection by redacting certain information from documents made public as a result of Freedom of Information Act requests.

Latypova’s Substack post also expounded on the sources of money that bankrolled the DoD/Pfizer-BioNTech/CCP endeavor.

She noted that BioNTech, which began as a tiny company with just a handful of employees, managed to raise $1.7 billion in nine rounds of investments since around 2008. A large portion of the money amounting to more than $1 billion was raised before 2020, the year of the COVID-19 “plandemic.”

“What was it for, since no big clinical trials or scale manufacturing was happening then? That’s a good question worth examining at some point.”

Latypova also touched on people asking her about China’s involvement in the scheme. “I answered about China – they are allied with the DoD on this. The CCP is profiting from the financial windfall of the U.S. government printing dollars and throwing them into the mRNA furnaces where they are driving masses of the brainwashed citizens to suicide themselves,” she wrote.

“The national security, [defense] and intelligence officials absolutely knew all of this. They went ahead and authorized a $10 billion purchase order of this weaponizable tech from the Fosun-Pfizer-BioNTech enterprise – backed by numerous foreign governments, including the Chinese – to deliver and deploy it onto Americans.

Latypova ultimately lamented how the U.S. government and others utilize tax dollars to “fund, develop, then ‘approve’, purchase and deploy prohibited biowarfare agents for killing and injuring their own civilian population, their own armed forces, first responders, healthcare workers, pregnant women and children.”

Watch this Epoch TV clip about a proposal to make the CCP pay $20.6 trillion in reparations over COVID-19.

This video is from the Pool Pharmacy channel from

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  • Genocide
  • A bioweapon... indeed, it's exactly that....Red Chinese manufacture and distribution....American elements of the Dark Cabal corporation's brainchild and NIH financial backing...WEF depopulation plans...
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