Orgonite the Chem-buster

Instructions on making a Croft style CloudBuster

Seeing it in action is so much better

This what it looks like when an Orgonite cloud-buster dissolves a chem-trail. notice how the trail thins out and starts to crinkle up before vanishing? This is not normal behavior for a contrail. let's see if N.I.S.T. can come up with a explanation for this! If you see this happening to a trail, you know there is a cloud-buster in the area. If you DO NOT see this happening, build a cloud-buster! :-)

"Use Crystals, Quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, jade and turquoise. I do not however use aluminum, I follow Reich’s warning not to use Aluminum. Most Chembuster’s use Aluminum as the main metal. I use steel shavings Reich’s traditional metal, as well as Copper, Zinc, Silver, and a bit of Monoatomic Gold. I prepare the resin with a crystal singing bowl, and a Schauberger water implosion coil to create structured resin. I will also add in some herbs such as garlic and pure carbon in the form of charcoal.

The crystals apparently neutralize the Dor that the Chembuster / CloudBuster pulls in from the atmosphere. Chemtrails are the weapon of choice for the New World Order for population control. Chemtrails are embedded with Aluminum-Barium and different biological diseases. They are sprayed from Commercial Airline jets, they create artificial clouds that disrupt the weather patterns as well as saturate us with the Aluminum and barium. The HAARP project is a massive microwave project that blankets the Earth. The Aluminum and Barium create a shield that blankets the ionosphere. The microwave radiation bounces off the Aluminum shield and rains down over the whole planet. All Corporate food companies saturate all wheat based food products with Aluminum. Why? We now have enough Aluminum in our bodies where the microwaves can influence our thought patterns as well as our genetics.

How does Orgone help? By sucking in the DOR field into the Orgone unit and pumping out a healthy Orgone energy dispersing the HAARP grid within a few miles. There are claims that a Chembuster / CloudBuster can clear a 50 mile radius, I am a little more conservative in these estimates. The Chembuster / CloudBuster is essentially a radionic machine, it will amplify thought-forms, it is a etheric weapon in the fight against the New World Order."

Sylphs Transmute Chem-trails, lets help them out!

Orgonite Maker Jailed In Kenya
It’s not the first time an African has been jailed (or worse) for associations with Orgonite.

Etheric Warriors


From Workers to Warriors

I am born of the Earth.
I am of the Angelic Human Genome.
I resonate directly with Earths Templar.

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