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Though I'm totally unnterested in this topic 'cause I believe in Jesus as Father's Humananity (as Swedenborg wrote in his writings) and I think very few of you will need what I'm saying now, I know there are some people who are shocked to know that an ancient(?) document about the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This time, I report from an interesting channeling of Judas Iscariot made by Ryuho Okawa, a leader of Japanese religion body "Happy Science" (though it's funny name. I always wonder why they named it "Science of Happiness". I'm not a member of it). They believe in Buddhism, but the leader channels many prophets who appeared in the history and I've read some of those channeled messages and found some of them very interesting.
In his message, as was written in Gospels, Judas said there was a bad rumor about Jesus and Mary Magdalene. So, from this, I can guess that old document in which Jesus called Mary Magdalene "my wife" was just a gossip document or something. We don't need be shocked even if such a document is found from the ancient times. Humanity doesn't easily change, though we may overcome the bad oat element in us soon…

For Judas himself, he was very proud to have managed and "directed" the group of Jesus and his desciples, even in terms of money, foods, where to stay over night every day, and where to let Jesus appear "politically effectively"(Judas words, however) . And he said he committed a suicide because he thought he would be killed soon by other desciples and he meant to be a sort of loyal to Jesus by dying earlier than Jesus was killed.(This is very understandable for me, 'cause it's like Samurai!)

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Have you ever read the book by Dolores Cannon called Jesus and The Essenes? This is a little insight about Jesus through a person that Dolores regressed. I love the book but mostly I get the feeling that even though he was a very spiritual being, he was still a man. This being said allows for him to have had a wife and possibly bore children. The religious cults have bastardized the writings to suite their needs and removed any reference to this man loving a women or maybe more then one. This is why I personally have a hard time with conventional religions and their they are right attitude. I don't believe their was any mention of Judas in this book but another book I respect was written by Jane Roberts called Seth Speaks. Seth was a spirit and through Jane channeled where he spoke of the time of Jesus and wrote something that was rather startling based on what the bible says and that is, Jesus did not actually die on the cross but an imposter who was diluted and believed he was the Christ. It was common knowledge at the time of this person and so when it was time to point out the Christ for the Romans, Judas and several other apostles planned a place where this imposter would be and this is the kiss of death so famously spoken off. Judas did not betray Jesus but helped save him and it was decided it best to allow this person to be crucified in order that Jesus may continue his teachings. This is why their were several sittings of Jesus after his death and people wanted to believe he had risen from the dead. Mother Mary was also in on the switch and attended the crusifiction out of compassion. Anyways if this was true then history is definitely misinformed about a lot of things about the life of Jesus.

     Ainter,  Many of the channelers are contacting demons and evil/confused spirits.  This will only become apparent to people who are truly seeking.  There is a great deception occurring among the so-called spiritualists, as the truth is sometimes something the human finds truly uncomfortable and disruptive; highly toxic to the ego.  I'm very cautious about this so-called channeling.  Sometimes I think it is entitiies masquerading as another person for sometimes nefarious reasons.  Also, Judas killed himself because of his betrayal of Jesus and his personal betrayal by the priests.  It was his love of position and notoriety among the disciples that allowed his pride enough wiggle-room to be easy prey by the Sanhedrin.  The Jewish priesthood was looking for the oppurtunity to murder Jesus, do away with the person who the common people so highly regarded and challenged the religious system at it's very roots.  I also believe that had Jesus loved a woman, it would have been much different than what we commonly identify as "love".  He loved all people equally, so it should be obvious this relationship would be fundamentally different.   I never understand how people can think otherwise.  It's absurd.

SuperDave, I'm sorry I was short of words, but Ryuho Okawa channeled even to evil spirits to teach people how some of famous people reaped their fate. Another example was Karl Marx. However, I'm not interested in whether some specific famous people went to the hell or not.



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