276979_153110154738472_1304788425_n.jpg?width=100"As I was born on the planet Venus in another dimension and came to your planet as a young child, I was able to retain the knowledge and information that I had gathered as a soul through many incarnations and life times. I can keep this information intact, and what I teach people is actually what I KNOW and not what I've read about or what I've heard, but what I have experienced through many different life cycles on Earth and in other dimensions."

Omnec Onec, http://www.omnec-onec.com/index_en.html

Omnec Onec with three of her children in the Jerry Springer Show, USA, 1993

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  • Wow, I have just watched my first Jerry Springer show! Curiously, in about 1993 I met a woman during a university course who told me she was from Mars. When I told her that I didn't know there was life on Mars, she explained she was from a different dimension than the physical, and that lifeforms there cannot be accessed/seen/measured by any of our current technology. I think she was my introduction to 'other dimensions'. We still keep in touch; she is a very patient, kind and tolerant woman. Also very serious, which is something I picked up on with Omnec... very serious... to the point of not having a sense of humo(u)r. Do I believe my friend is from Mars? Do I believe Omnec is from Venus? I honestly have no idea. It does seem that a more highly-evolved race than our own, would find a way to demonstrate to us that they are present on our planet. 

  • Thank you for posting this  I had read the book years ago, but I had not had a chance to see this interview.

    I'm surprised how fair it was. These days the debunker TV guests are all haughty, but Jerry was more than fair here.

  • Bravo!!! The word is out here!!! Yea!!!  I know many people hear the name "Jerry Springer" and go running the other way..I have been one of those people..LOL..I have to say, once in awhile, a true glorious gem is found among the rubble..A true treasure...This is one of those gems and treasures...This show was from 1993..poor quality film, but, content..DIVINE!!! I am so thankful to be living NOW in 2012 where people are WAKING UP! We know everything Omnec and Venus said in this 9 year old show, is true!!!   We know these beautiful BEings are among us and we LOVE them! I'm so thankful Jerry Springer (or his show planners) had the forethought to bring this most wonderful DIVINE show to the public's attention way back when. He, Jerry Springer, asked the question, "How come they're not getting the word out about all of this?." Well, HE, Jerry Springer, Omnec, her children, Joe, Tobi, and Zandar, Venus, Dr. Frank Stranges, Ph.D, and even Dr. David Slavsky, and all who were on/at or viewing this show ARE getting the word out there..again...in 2012! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
    Being raised in the USA, children are taught many untruths..such as, VENUS being a dead planet, Mars, a dead planet, the moon dead too, all planets are pretty much dead, etc., etc.,..It's hard for people to wrap their heads around life being anywhere other than on Earth..The dark cloud of forced childhood education perpetuating false information to keep people from knowing the REAL TRUTH, ANY sense of DIVINE truth and higher activity is thought of as "Insane"...Our government (and probably all gov'ts) officials HAVE HAD conversation and visitations by ET's for many years, but, because of the dark egoic cloud of cabal control, the gov't and dark hearted, greedy men and women who control the media, education, and much of humanity, censor the truth of these meetings taking place. Most people do not know about these Divine Intergalactic/dimensional visitations and our Galactic Family among us...TRUTH BE TOLD NOW! THEY ARE HERE!! IN LIGHT AND LOVE!!  Let's let the LIGHT OF TRUTH AND LOVE SHINE SHINE SHINE!! SHARE this video and this website with everyone!! Time keeps on tickin into the future!! Time is NOW!...Sending much Peace, Joy, Light and Love to ALL! NOW : ) <3

  • I thougt that too.

    • Me too.  Her children seemed like good people to me; also her ex-husband.

      And now I'm having the thought that she could make $6-$10 PER MINUTE

      as a psychic. Someone should let her know this. 

  • Call me nuts, but I really like this lady.  If she is nuts she makes a pretty convincing alien. 

  • Greeting Ben,

    I know Omnec Onec and had her on Ashtar Command Radio a few years ago.

    She has a new book coming out soon.

    I plan on doing another radio program with her shortly.

    She is as real as one gets from coming off Planet.

    Her world is a beautiful Planet as she expressed to me when we have spoken.

    Jerry Spring I do not watch .

    It appears he did more interesting interviews back then.

    She is from Venus as stated and others like her live on Earth now among the population.

    Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


  • Pretty interesting... too bad Jerry is so narrowminded.

  • Thank you so much for posting this. Where have I been!? I've never even heard of this woman!

  • Wow, she was on Springer... :)  

    And 1993 - My life was so crazy at that time I never would have known... Thanks for posting Ben, I love it when these things come out into the Open!


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