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Rob Potter Victory of the Light Interview with Omnec Onec May 2015 by Pyramid One Network Radio on Mixcloud

The woman who came form Venus who will be appearing in Mt Shasta at Robs conference. Rob discusses deeper metaphysical questions and subjects that are not normally asked. Omnec shares her incredible story and some details about her previous lives that will amaze many and and be an inspiration to some and controversial too others. Behind it all a wonderful kind soul is happy to share her knowledge.

Omnec Onec | Emissary from Venus
“The most important thing that people on earth have to learn is to replace criticism and judgment with love and acceptance.”
Omnec Onec was born on a higher level of density on the planet Venus called the Astral Plane and came to earth with her own physical body in 1955. In the Nineties, she became publicly known with her autobiography FROM VENUS I CAME (today part 1 of THE VENUSIAN TRILOGY). This unique “autobiography of an extraterrestrial” was first published by the UFO investigator US Air Force Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens in 1991 in the USA. In this book, Omnec portrays the life on the astral level of Venus and describes why and how she was born there and why as a child she was given the opportunity to lower her vibrations, to manifest a physical body and to come to Earth at the age of seven in order to later in her life work as a spiritual teacher and fulfill her life cycles on earth. It is Omnec’s mission to share her spiritual knowledge and unconditional love with the people on earth and to help raising the human consciousness.

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To listen to the interview remember to click on :

She has a clean numeroscope which is very rare

Just checked. 

This is what the numerology has to say about Omnec Onec:

In her first name Omnec, she holds the vibration (number value) 24/6 which stands for blissful love and harmonious relationships and a strong social attraction to others. 

In her second name Onec, she holds the vibration 20/2, which stands for a huge gift to the world and clear spiritual channels. This vibration also means that she fully knows her life purpose and she is her for the upliftment of the world.

Her life theme (foundation) is the number 8, which stands for Heaven and Earth meeting and that she's good at being grounded and keeping the balance between the spiritual- and the 3d world. This also means that she is very progressive in her doings, and this vibration also holds a special sense of physical and inner beauty. 

In her lower left aura, she has the vibration 14/5 which is the highest money number of them all. It also stands for eloquence, movement and power. 

In her lower right aura, she has the vibration 10/1 which means that her results come easily to her, and she is good at taking well care of herself and feeling equal to others.

In her solar plexus center, which explains her self esteem, health in the lower body and sex life, she has the number 6, which means that she is very loved by her friends, family and everyone around her, and that she has great self love. 
It also means that her sex life is very well functional and somewhat magic. 

If I could also find out her incarnation day (birthday) I can also describe her life purpose and health in her upper body (from the navel and upwards). 

My conclusion to this is that I believe that Onec is a reliable source because she has clean and pure vibrations :D

Hi Claudia,

I make my statement on the anticipation that Onec is registered as Omnec Onec in her legal documents on planet Earth. 

All extra terrestrials are aware of their vibrations, and they always choose names that vibrate with the highest frequencies if they come as visittors.

Therefore her name Omnec Onec has a pure vibration which can only be chosen by an individual who already vibrates on top of the scale as it requires a high consciousness and intuition to put together those two names that have perfectly harmonious vibrations. 

If a low vibrating individual would try, I would be able to see the disharmony right away

With my numerological wisdom, I can interpret the meaning of the number vibrations. 

And surely a very beautiful story. I love it and believe in it 

I would like to add that Venus has long baffled people, as to it's history.....

With regards to genuine Venusian contactees, living on Earth, you can count both George Adamski and Omnec Onec among them....

The Venusians live within the planet, much as the Agarthans do....They are humanoids and descended from the original Lyran colonists to this solar system....The Lyrans colonised Venus & Mars, before arriving on Earth...They originally expressed their physicality (bodily vehicles) on the higher aethers....before assuming full control over the lower dense aethers...

The Planetary Logos, some call Sanat Kumara, was originally one of the active "buddhas" that surrounded the "throne" of the Venusian Planetary Logos....This exalted being chose to make the sacrifice of transferring to Earth, in order to speed up it's evolutionary process, in ancient times and one can describe such an event as the "fall of Lucifer." A fall into the lower aethers of physicality, in order to transform it, into a higher spiritual expression....EVOLUTION.

Religious people misunderstand this significance....The Logos is divine and all earth human beings reside within the body of the Lucifer, or light bringer, we know, as coming from the Venus chain evolution (higher) and here on Earth now, to bring this planet up...

Thus the cultural link between Venus, the morning star and Lucifer...

The bringer of light, Lucifer, is not satanic...but rather the divine Venusian Logos, bringing his light to ancient Earth.....That is the true meaning of Lucifer...Very much part of the Divine Plan.....

Hi Drekx,

As a numerologist, I want to inform you that your name Drekx Omega is really disharmonious. 

In the first name Drekx, you have the vibration 18/9 which stands for anger, drama and aggression. 

In your second name Omega, you have the vibration 20/2 which means that you want to make a huge positive impact on the world and that you have clear spiritual channels. 

Your life theme is the number 11/2 which means that you want everyone to feel good and comfort, but you forget about your own needs, and this can cause addictions.

If you want, I can help you with a better vibrating personal name and artist name as well. 

Let me know what you think 

I use the Chaldean system of numerology, which you obviously know little about...The Pythagorian system pales in comparison...

My name is well explained and is in harmony with my birth number...29....11......1+1= 2......LUNA value.

11 is known as a "master number" in numerology...and not one of addictions at all...I do agree that Mars rules "Drekx" but it is not my FULL NAME, is it...?? Both the full name as well as Omega, equals my birth number of 2.....2+9=11.........or 20, for Omega....Luna...It is the alignment that counts in any given incarnation...You do not mention birth numbers at all....

If any reader would like to understand real numerology and not the rubbish spouted by August, please visit my link....

:-) Thanks for offering "help," but it will not be required, August....

Hopefully Claudia put you straight, also....LOL

Dear Drekx, 

You are now confirming that you hold great amount of agression and drama in you (number 18/9). If your name was harmonious, you would never choose a cover name that holds the vibration 18/9. 

Even though Drekx Omega is a different name from your legal name, you choose cover names with vibrations that resonate with your personal name. Therefore your personal name also has low vibrations and I can help you to upgrade.

I work with the chaldean system and I study at the world leading numerology school in Copenhagen by Allberte Toft, from where we as the only numerologists in the world give the ultimate upgrades every time (10/10) with more than 200 pre-made formulas for all birth, month, year and destiny numbers so everyone can be 100 % sure that they get the ultimate upgrade, which can be checked from the facit list.

If your birth date is the 29 of the month, your birth vibration is 2, and if you're born i November, you are a double two.

As a number two person, your essense if very creative, and you like to enjoy life, and to have fun. You like it when your results in life land easy and pleasureful.

Therefore the number 18/9 is a strict contrast, as it holds a great deal of anger, hard work and warrior attitude, which works against your life purpose. I suggest that you change the name. 

I am a warrior....I like being a warrior...get used to the idea....No need for your "help." OK...?

I'm also a telepath and highly intuitive and that is enhanced by the lunar influences of 2...

So my name is perfect for who I am....READ MY LINK TO UNDERSTAND WHY....

Well if you want to be a warrior it's a perfect setup for you.

Though I would never give this vibration to my clients. 

With respect, as I really have no need to antagonize you, but I really don't seek to be one of your clients, August.......I'm a warrior of the Sirian clan of Atars......A Sirian Samanet starseed of the spirit warrior clan...I'm extremely happy and content being who I am......I'm loved and admired for my warrior skills and prowess, by other members of my beloved clan....Thanks for your offer, BUT, no thanks.... ;-)

Regards and blessings, Drekx Omega

Very interesting read between yourself and august. May you please do my name Andromedan Antares. I would lovr to hear what that provides 



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