Their going t do an 'exorcism' to draw the Holy Spirit (Lord and Giver of Life) from someones body!

   The fact that they use animals for blood sacrifice and the worst of them use children should be a good reason to shut down the whole thing-if these people want to damn themselves that's their decision but they advertise like this to damn others-they end up in the barren caves in spirit as slaves to Lucifer-Lucifer has an organization that lures people with the promise of power for a 300 year period or three lifetimes with time in between-then you go to the caves for 300 years as a slave and longer depending on how much you abused the power you were given-stupid.

The Satanist group that will stage a controversial "black mass" at an Oklahoma City civic center has said that all 88 tickets for its Sept. 21 event are sold out. The co-founder of the group revealed that the ritual will go ahead despite strong Christian protests and will feature a satanic exorcism, but will be "toned down" to comply with state health laws.

"One of the dictates of the church is not only to educate the members but to educate the public, and to debunk the Hollywood-projected image of our beliefs," Dakhma of Angra Mainyu's Adam Daniels told ABC News.

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Christian Pastor Whose Church Will Share Space With Satanic 'Black Mass' Speaks Out


Satanic Group Planning 'Black Mass' in Oklahoma City Returns Stolen Host to Catholic Church


Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin Blasts Upcoming Satanic Black Mass as 'Disgusting Mockery of Catholic Faith'


Over 37,000 Sign Petition Against 'Obscene, Indecent and Hateful' Satanic Black Mass Planned in Oklahoma City

He added that the group will comply with state health laws and substitute vinegar for actions involving urine as part of the satanic ceremony.

Daniels said that the ceremony will also feature Dakhma of Angra Mainyu deacons and priest who will stomp, spit on and use explicit language on an unconsecrated host, a wafer presented as a form of the resurrected Jesus Christ.

A satanic exorcism intended to draw the Holy Spirit from a follower's body will wrap up the event, an inversion of Roman Catholic exorcism believed to expel the devil from a person.

"Our practices have gotten it to about 22 to 25 minutes," the co-founder said of the length of the ritual.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, Catholic Archbishop Paul Coakley, and over 80,000 people who havesigned an online petition have all condemned the upcoming event.

Fallin called the black mass a "disgusting mockery of the Catholic faith," saying that it should be "equally repellent to Catholics and non-Catholics alike."

"It may be protected by the First Amendment, but that doesn't mean we can't condemn it in the strongest terms possible for the moral outrage which it is. It is shocking and disgusting that a group of New York City 'satanists' would travel all the way to Oklahoma to peddle their filth here. I pray they realize how hurtful their actions are and cancel this event," she said.

Coakley has criticized city organizers for allowing the ceremony to go ahead.

"We're astonished and grieved that the civic center would promote as entertainment and sell tickets for an event that is very transparently a blasphemous mockery of the mass," Coakley said.

The parks and recreation department, which rented the space, said that the satanist group is protected under the First Amendment, and will have to follow city laws.

"Mr. Daniels must abide by our local ordinances, our fire codes and all of our state laws," Parks and Recreation spokeswoman Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock said. "No bloodletting of any kind will be allowed."

Tickets to the black mass reportedly sold for $17.50 a piece, and will feature a performance from the band "God in a Machine" and readings that call for the renunciation of God.

A Christian pastor who also uses the civic center for worship services called on Christians to respond with "love and hope" toward the satanist group.

"As a church, we want to respond as people of love, who are consistent with the teachings of Jesus and the ways he responded to those who rejected him and even hated him," pastor Tom Mannin of the Oklahoma City Community Church wrote on his blog.

"So we will speak gracefully and peacefully of the people at the black mass gathering. We will pray for God's love to abound in our city and among its people of varying belief."

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  • There's been a woman beheaded in Oklahoma I think close to Okla City, since this happened and another attempt at it, I do think it allows spirits of darkness to come in at that location, my opinion.

  • Why is it so difficult to understand that a lot of people, myself included, just don't buy into the fairy tale that says that one of the thousands of people who suffered death on a roman cross was killed as a sacrifice that somehow paid off the world's karma? Then the insult of presumption added to the threat of damnnation if anyone doesn't pay the proper respect to something so sick and twisted. I don't believe that Jesus or anybody else paid for anything by dying. The very idea is just freaking weird. I'm sick of hearing about it. If Jesus is a real being, I bet He is sick of hearing about it, too. Lets see, blood drinking and flesh eating symbolized with wine and bread. Charming! Mind control death cult. Wonderful! I only hope that humanity can overcome and out grow the awesomely ruthless mind rape of salvationist religious dogma someday.
    You see, us non-christians are motivated by compassion for those caught in the clutches of christian inspired fear and guilt. By not speaking out, we give our tacit endorsement for what is seen as folly and a trap. It is not that we aren't friendly. We just don't believe that crap and find it hard to accept when we are assumed to be obligated to act as if if we do regard it as something with actual value instead of something contrived to halt spiritual growth, which it is. Christianity needs to get over itself. At least I'm not lukewarm about it.

    • so agree with this!

      • Thanks for adding your voice.

  • So Christian Post is complaining about Satanists. So what else is new? Obviously they haven't done their research on real Satanism, so they don't know what they're talking about. They just automatically see them as the bad guys so they say negative things about them. Yet these people complain about supposed Christian persecution.  Oh the lies and the lying liars who tell them.  Prejudice is ugly no matter where it's coming from.

  • Malcomb I agree totally about organized religion who is speaking of organized religion? Most Christians today do not belong to any organized religion and it's so different.  And some have more revelation on scripture through the real Holy Spirit (and there is a false) and part of that is final victory over the last enemy the bible says there will be a group that will Immortalize IN the body and we teach church is the Sanctuary under Donn and Valana's scripture teachings.

    Immortality of the body is what the Yogas have taught and many immortalized and once we do, we can take the seed atoms, there are three as taught by ancient Yoga Philosophy, and move to any dimension or any place on this dimension we want to.  Val is an Immortal and he teaches it and it's the complete teachings of Christ.  You won't find it on the gospel TV all you find there is money, money, money... I would not turn that stuff on.  There might be an occasional sincere minister but we never found one.

    No one calls anyone a witch that's the ancient Roman church that had the witch hunt and certainly you cannot blame any Christian for that as even that Church if you call it that, as it's not the true church, there is not organization that is a church if one ever reads the bible which most preachers do not, Jesus stated clearly his Kingdom was not of this earth (material dimension or Malcuth).  We are Kabalistic Christians and we believe through Jesus Christ and his spiritual work on Calvary we will overcome sin, sickness and death of the mortal body.  This is a revelation given for the fullness of Christ for those that want to find it and are sincere but those that have bitterness against peopled just because we call ourselves Christians and for the Government to be wanting to destroy us and that's what is happening, just wait, and Moslems will be running this country and yes they are cutting off heads, burning people in the fire and crucifying them.  How do fake a video like that but I'm sure they can do it and do it to fool the people but it's happening as we have missionary friends that we help support that are getting some of those videos out.

    That they are being faked perhaps and used to keep people in this country from knowing the truth, wait till it gets here but many will rejoice that the Christians are finally being destroyed, good people that know any better.  For any of you that might be Christian that thinks I'm wrong in what I believe remember Jesus told his disciples there were many things he had to teach them but they could not yet understand.  All this channeling Jesus and changing his teachings is from the fallen angels and deception as Jesus said thee would be deceived in the last day all but the elect that are totally sincere in heart so be careful what you do believe.  Paul said there would be a group that would overcome the last enemy, death and we believe we are that group.  That's the kind of church I believe in so don't judge everyone that claims to be Christian by the ancient Roman church teachings as they have changed all that, too.  They recognize it was wrong to kill anyone and nothing was worse than killing the Pagans that don't even believe in a devil for having sex with a devil! People will admit to anything when tortured. That was an atrocity and Jesus Christ had nothing to do with it but he came to give us true eternal life in the body just like the immortals and that's what the fullness of the gospel of Christ is that Valana and Val have taught through the years on this internet and Donn is now teaching with them.  But to mock any religion as the Satanists are going to be allow to do while we cannot have even a nativity scene at Christmas because it might offend an athiest is wrong as why shouldn't mocking the Christian belief of Catholics by spitting on what they believe to be the body of Jesus, why it should it not offend every decent person whether Christian or not?  That's evil and it should not be allowed.  Makes one think our Government is one step away from chopping block for Christians here in this country and it is not faked it is happening people wake up, but you are safe if you are not Christian.

    The bible clearly prophesies that we will be persecuted and killed for our faith before the change over and it's happening now.

  • First of all if time really is just a creation of this world as many masters have stated. Than within the first paragraph we have already showed that your belief is wrong. Showing the unsolid ground that the base of your ways claim to stand on. I will gaurantee that nothing will happen and the only thing you will prove is that u have a fetish with getting peed on. Are u gonna sniff butts too like dogs. Yet at least a dog knows to only sniff a butt not run around with your heads up each other's asses. When u speak it shows the truth cause nothing but pure crap comes out your mouth. The Catholic Church is putting on the whole show is what I think.
  • I won't be liked for saying this but I have a tendency to say what I feel.  I thought this was a new age site with spiritual people that were good and kind.  I've never seen the hatred for Christians and what we believe when you don't even know what we do believe.  Is that part of the ascension, to hate so much people that try to serve God and keep his commandments?  Never felt such hatred for Christ anywhere, just amazing I think I'll stick with Jesus and my church. Love to all. Rosey

    • ROSEY: not everyone on this site hates Christians or Jesus.  The message of love brought on by Jesus is reverberated by many on this site, even by myself (believe it or not) at times.  IT'S THE REACTION TO ORGANIZED RELIGION THAT MAY BE THE SOURCE OF DISCONTENT THAT YOU SEE ON THIS WEBSITE.  But if you are comfortable with your church and it helps you with your spiritual direction, than stick with it.  I get attacked constantly on this site regarding my beliefs; it's all about how you "roll with the punches."

      If anything, Jesus (and possibly along with Ron Paul) are two of the biggest inspirations for many on this site, and this is due to having the courage to attack the money changers.  Keep up with your posting, and keep the faith. 

    • "I thought this was a new age site with spiritual people that were good and kind."

      It is. That's why Religion doesn't really have a place here. Religion is what most New Agers have since long left behind (unless they fell for the religious part of new age that is) in order to enable their God-consciousness to unfold.
      I for instance, am both using and living on what you may call "The Holy Spirit", but I'm not a saint, I'm not a prophet and I'm not a higher-up'er in the church either. I'm just a man.

      According to the church, I am therefore a "witch" and should be destroyed because I abuse the power of God.

      "Never felt such hatred for Christ anywhere"

      Do not confuse christianity with Christ. They are two completely separate 'entities' with no relation whatsoever.

      "just amazing I think I'll stick with Jesus and my church"


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