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So much for all the prophecy that said he wouldn't.

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Another manipulator won, pff..I am disguisted by sissy-like creatures.

LOL so true so true....just a toss of the coin only in this case it was heads you lose and tails you lose....

Maybe Romney won in the 5th dimension.  4 more years of tears for us in the 3rd...

Why are you linking everything up to the 5th dimension, NONE of you will go to the 5th dimension before going past the 4th.

Whether Obama or Romney wins, that don't surprise me at all. What I want to see is their commitment to humanity, doesn't matter who have won.

Good Post Fence sitter,  I for one had a cup of coffee, before looking at the results this morning.  If half the milky way were to vanish into thin air. I still would have my morning coffee.   

If God announced a new God from another Universe was moving in and he/she was out.  I would still get up and have my morning coffee.

I guess you could say what runs my world and how I live each day is all about having my morning cup of Joe.

Pretty much the rest of the day, is run by “ME”  not following who it was done or is going to be done in some one else’s life.    Following anything outside of the shell we live in is.  Just following the tabloids,  Congress seems to be able to run with out a president, why shouldn't  I.?

The channeled messages (Matthew and SaluSa) said that he will win which he did. I also thought that he will win. Congrats to Obama. I would have voted for him if I'm an American.
You all know the voting is a big scam .. it is fixed .. You should all know this unless you live in your own Disney land..what Obama said he will do if elected is what he should have done during his first four years ... Now watch under him Americans loose their freedom and America torn to prices so it's America no more.

Krishna Kalki:  It's unfortunate that Obama won, but I do not believe that Romney would of been that much better.

Indeed, it doesn't really matter which one won.

Read this blog and you will know more is a big fraud and those who believe in this voting system are Suckers...

For the record Im one of the people that doesnt believe the voting system but I live with my mom and she basically said I either vote or a have to move out but oly cause she wanted me to vote for obama so we could keep our health care, and even then I went with Gary Johnson. If I have to vote I would want it to atleast be for someone who SEEMS like he actually gives a crap



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