I am amazed some are so much interested in all sort conspiracy theories regardless their being true or false, but failed to see a much bigger picture.

Even Obama’s rival called him a socialist or a community organiser. What does this tell you? He is trying to look after everyone. Yes, some will not like it. Because they have to share their part and they don't want that, especially the ones sitting on the very top of the pyramid. Surprise? They will group those who more or less share the same feelings. Well, it does not necessary to do with how wealthy they are. It is more to do with their consciousness level.  End of the day, if the world is all equal, they have no one to look down upon. And that is a big challenge for their Ego, not to mention the extra share they are losing. But “sorry”, we are heading to a New Age. Like it or not, it is going to be, an oneness world with community love and peace, not a world of "survival of the fittest" jungle.

Many still believe so called “economy” and even when it has driven the civilization to the brink of destruction. They still want MORE of it. Economy, jobs, stripping the earth of her resource and fighting with each other either individually or as a nation. How much more before they had enough with this survival of fittest philosophy based on separation consciousness?

Romney maybe greedy and have a big Ego. But he is not the most dangerous. The truly dangerous ones are those in the shadow behind him. They don’t want government to govern so they can do whatever they want. They want separation: separation of individuals by encouraging competition not cooperation; separating or dividing the country – letting the states all look after themselves. Their intention is chill to the bone: they want to reverse what human civilisation has achieved toward unity for the last hundred years. This is their only plan. They want to go back not go FORWARD. And Obama knows this.

Before you dive into the murky water of conspiracy, it is advisable you equip yourself with the required consciousness level, which can help you to tell the false from the truth; or you must exam every piece of information with great caution. The conspiracy theories are all over internet and have been there for a very long time. And do you think they have not figure out how to deal with the problem? It would be fair to say at least half of them are false. Yes, everyone picks what resonate with them.  But if you intend to work for the light, you should to be cautious about which information to spread. It is not only to do with others because they own themselves to discern. It is also to do with you. If you defend those information or beliefs, it is then what your vibration level will be.

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  • To Vagelis4VP

    That would be great.
    But I haven't heard anything being announced yet but we will see what happen next. Some nations will have less trouble implementing new energy technologies because they don't have the established interests trying to block the process.
  • Then keep on praying. Hopefully UFOs will come down and deliver a brand new world! Especally on 21 December 2012. That is probablay the last hope for many from what I can see here.

  • Amazing lack of knowledge.

    Both of them are servants of the matrix, if Obama was really who you say you are, why didnt he do nothing absolutely in 4 years?

    Romney or Obama makes no difference to me.

    • Is the conclusion that he did nothing based on your own research? Or has your belief blind your from seeing anything good he has done? Just one exmaple, a lot more people in the world believe America is far better with Obama, is this not something? You want world peace and New Age of Oneness. Do you? Or not?

  • A socialist economic system would consist of a system of production and distribution organized to directly satisfy economic demands and human needs, so that goods and services would be produced directly for use instead of for private profit[5] driven by the accumulation of capital. Accounting would be based onphysical quantities, a common physical magnitude, or a direct measure of labour-time in place of financial calculation.[6][7] Distribution of output would be based on the principle of individual contribution.



    • hehe yes agreed, many people twist the intention of a word to their own dogmatic beliefs.  what you posted here is almost what the new age is asking for.

  • only 3 days left of this BS!..lol

    • dont count on it.  whoever wins the other side is going to attack them, whoever loses the other side is going to gloat.

      • @One.yea that's a possibility...:-)

        • just go back through previous elections, until there is no more recorded history, and youll see the losers always attack the winners, and the winners always mock the loser in their "attempt to thwart the goodnes of our nation/group/club etc" 

          politics is so repetitive i really dont see how people dont get it.  they all campaign in the name of god and country yet have opposite stances.

          they go around asking their constituents what they want so that when the speeches are written the people hear what they wanted to hear.  every election where the team changes, the old group is accused of messing up say the budget, so the new group promises to fix it, then next election the group that supposedly fixed it in the first year of the term has now ruined it again and the other team will fix it, meanwhile most have forgotten that they already showed this episode last election and the one before that and so on.

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