• Brighter visually than those wonderful colours Chaos,some you'd swear you'd never seen before,but that's nice light ship gif though,looks just like when one goes through a worm hole to another dimension actually..

                  • Id always like to see new colors ....seems so many things have been lacking color anyways...some nice new colors couldnt hurt


                Of course it's a fake.

            • VLADA: I just gave you an interpretation from an animator, and you merely repeated what he told me. Now please chill out with the attacks regarding my ego; you seemed to be showing some negative ego-aspects yourself per your most recent posting.

              Blake Cousins has a lot of fakes (as well as over 309,000 subscribers), as well as a lot of videos that appear very genuine (as does Alien Planet). Fakes tend to be easy to spot as they are repetitive in appearance to other fakes due to popular animation programming (i.e. Millenium Falcon, Pleiadian Mothership, Billy Meir's wedding cake craft, etc.) Your fake videos seem to demonstrate this repetitive nature per appearance to other fakes. I am aware that the videos are from Alien Planet, and sorry, but even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

              I am aware that the big concern for fraud with this video is a lack of history or providence with who, what, and why the video was made at that time and if other people witnessed the craft. I am also aware that I was unable to find a duplicate when I combed the internet. And that fact is what I stand by; duplicity of appearance is usually a strong indicator of fakery due to common programs.

              The problem with providence is an important problem nevertheless. 

              • LOL talk about now twisting my words the instant I called you out..nah mate you really have some inner issues you havnt dealt with,dont throw it back on me and make out I'm an ass-soul;wrong I'm not an ass-soul...first off you were writing in huge writing as if you really wanted to project and make it known you were some high up research dude or something, now you change it to normal writing when your called out,you were negative instantly towards me for questioning the videos authenticity because I sussed out it was a fake CGI video and you didn't like had no research on it either..then you threw in few snarky remarks to boot,really why didn't you just admit that it was CGI,like many others in that Youtube channel then you wouldn't be looking like a ignorant ass-soul right now;I've seen many people on this site over the years being here do just the same type of reactions its rather sickening for a spiritual site,but I turn the truth back on them, as you did turn nasty and then start to chuck your toys out the cot when pulled up on it..the truth is this video is a fake and you cant prove to me that it isnt a real one either,makes it even more a fake,no names attached to it..nothing.....but you wont admit you stuffed up..face the fact and own your mistake..take responsibility for your actions instead of throwing more insults at didn't even address my questions towards the images I posted of my real life ufo experience in New Zealand, you didn't blink an eyelid,nor a sniff of interest,some UFO researcher you are..gees I would have thought you'd have jumped on that sighting to tell me who is in it,where its from etc..

This reply was deleted.

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