• If one is so gullible to be lured into watching & believing CGI Youtube channel UFO footage and accepts it as truths as a reality then there is something seriously wrong with ones intuition..especially when its so obvious to be a fake when one looks at other videos on the channel also CGI fake..

    • √ℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። (or whatever your real name is): the video came from UFOS/Spaceships Research, which has 4,974 members who carefully screen the videos. This one passed the CGI fake test; there is no similarity to the Millenium Falcon, the Pleiadian Mothership, or the use of laser pointers or such. Also note that the lights from the craft are random per display (as opposed to regular pulsation rates), and there are no CGI modes that can duplicate this (unless there is a CGI that now allows this function). Also I looked on youtube for CGI similarities of reported fakes from the past, and I could find none.

      You are simply stating it's a fake, and anybody can use the argument of CGI (especially without proof). I've seen four UFOs in my lifetime (including one up close) and I say this appears to be the real thing, unless my there is new CGI developed and/or my group missed something.

      "Intuition" has very little to do with it. Doing your homework has a lot to do with it. 

      • It's Vlada,...Only 4 UFO experiences & sightings in your life time,maybe they arnt connecting to you personally then,as I've witnessed many more than that,taken pictures & filmed them,if you look into that particular Youtube channel video Alien Planet that you posted above there is many other CGI faked footage,these ones below are just for starters,dosnt look good having that many fake CGI videos..that's a heck of a lot of GCI footage and gives a impression they are fraudsters..

        But please do care to share your research on the technology that was used of the screening process for this particular video above to come to the conclusion & rule it out being CGI Id be most interested & while your at it,please do this same CGI screening on my own morphing UFO images below...& let me know who these ships belong to..





        All these videos below are CGI & fake UFO's from the Youtube Channel you posted above..

        Alien Planet
        "Alien Planet" Channel comes up with Latest UFO/Alien Sightings Videos.UFO sightings in outer space are sightings of unidentified flying objects repo…
        • vids look fake ,....................

        • VLADA: I am more than aware that all UFO sites (including ThirdPhase, which has more subscribers than Alien Planet) have had questionable videos. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT ALL THE VIDEOS ARE FRAUDS DUE TO A FEW BAD APPLES. This is like saying that all politicians tell 100% lies all the time due to a history of telling lies.

          The videos you presented are all very fake in appearance and all were done with clear skies. 

          If the video I presented is CGI, it must be pretty good since the craft does not "stand out" in the polluted background (as do your fakes). Dubai is heavily air polluted, and it is very hard to fit in a CGI creation with such a background as it would clearly stand-out (unless a lot of work was put into it). This was pointed out a few hours ago by someone who worked in animation; the big concern of question was the perspective of the video and no mention of the building in Dubai and why it was being taped. Without a history, a UFO video is questionable.

          Congratulations for seeing more UFOs than me. Maybe you can get some sort of certification making you an expert.

          I combed for frauds similar to this video and cannot find one fraud similar to this video.

          • Go figure I knew you wouldn't be able to provide the research material proving this footage was not faked,your a fraud also...Your attitude in word formats actually sucks to,your energy sucks big time,your on the defense instantly as if this footage is yours and you are taking my words to question it as a personal attack on yourself, why I dont know,other than its obvious your own inner issues you have never dealt with obviously.. your rather a nasty person & clearing showing your negative ego attitude to all the genuine inquirers & researchers on UFO phenomena,plus your actually Incorrect in regards to CGI its actually easier to do CGI in foggy sky,clouds or pollution for the blending techniques required to disguise something that obviously was being filmed to be turned into CGI,why would anyone take footage of a Dubai sky line and follow a ship knowing exactly where it came out from between buildings,who took this footage?, no names mentioned?, no dates to when?.. nothing, your actually rather your showing me who you really are as a person now internally speaking, your inner work Malcom get rid of your ego, as the real offworld races wont want anything to do with you,your consciousness is on the lower end of the soul frequency spectrum..and shame on you even mentioning ThirdPhaseofMoon as Blake Cousins a total fraud scam artist,hes a joke to be honest, he even is known to pay actors to do his videos and make false claims to seeing ufo's,he is also known to steal other peoples footage just to get his channels name on them for Youtube fame only Read for there is heaps about his fraud in google search bar...he is a disgrace to the genuine UFOlogists & researchers of truths,he is in effect a dis-informant agent so are you really I have no conscience in saying that either as its general observation from your attitude....

            • Actually, speaking of fakes I'm constantly amazed at how ingenious some of them are, nowadays, with increasingly sophisticated video editing software....Yes, intuition and common sense will always guide the tuned in....There are special characteristics of genuine vimana's that are lacking in the fakes....But just look at this vid of a genuine fake that I embed is awesome and would be great in a Hollywood sci-fi epic.... ;-)

              No disrespect to Malcolm....he's a mate... :-)

              Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
              • Oh one other question which is a logical one, 'why the heck do these spaceships need lights'?, the one I saw morph didn't have lights on it,as you can see by the images I posted it had its own manner in which it illuminated itself to be seen & not individual lights that flashed around it or under it..the whole thing in a sense illuminated itself like an energy when it morphed..

              • Yes, intuition and common sense will always guide the tuned in....There are special characteristics of genuine vimana's that are lacking in the fakes..

                Exactly and I know a fake ufo when I see one on a video,I'm not stupid and gullible plus I've had my own personal experiences with many over the years,and yet not a soul can tell me who the heck is making contact with me in them,and dont you go saying its Ashtar Command mothership cos I know it isnt,they are nothing like the people on earth and this GFOL jibberish either..they are not Pleidian,Arcturian,Orions or any other planets race either,I have a feeling they are inter-dimensional & not even from our solar system at all..they have beautiful colourful changing morphing light ships,they can shape-shift in other words and are so beautiful bright colours,and they send out scout ships that look like orbs of light... but I cant understand them at all,they are trying to make contact though..

              • giphy.gif

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