I know there is always a heated debate(and attacks) when anything political is posted here but what will happen if a republican is advertised here?

  It's Ben's site and he can advertise what he pleases but again I see people trying to tie left wing politics with new age.


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  • second that Malcolm and Feather.....................

  • New Jersey politician advertised on Ashtar for campaign cash? Hitlery too?

    Can you explain what you mean with this title Pet Rock?

    Sorry for my , not so good English understanding.

    • Political adverts for cash for politicians on this site-my point is I see left wing operatives trying to combine left wing politics with new age spirituality as if politics is the same as spirituality-my view

      • Democrats are going after spiritually-minded people because they tend to be looser with donations (and erroneously believe that "the root of all evil is money," when in fact "the love for money is the root of all evil" ARE YOU READING THIS, PIERRE ROTHSCHILD?).

  • Ron Paul was a politician who didn't work for the cabal. And he had a large base of support from many voters, except from the people who pulled the strings behind the scenes.

    • and yet, Ron Pauls voice was not allowed to be heard by majority. 

      I think that tells us that if your not with them( republicans and democrats), you are against them and their shadow bosses.

  • Republicans and Democrats are different flavors of Kool Aid with the same cyanide amounts in each. They both support the Federal Reserve, they both support the Rothschild system of central banking, and they both take money from the same lobbyists. I am starting to wonder if Rand Paul is becoming a part of this system, as opposed to changing it (like his father was trying to do).

    • yes and  all kool aid and political campaigns ends up as bum buddies at the bitter end

    • Malcolm:  Like they say, if you vote Re-BLOOD-lican or Demo-CRIP you're WASTING YOUR VOTE.

      • yep-front men/women for corporate, secret society ivy league gangsters

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