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Just a rumor, but the word is that congress passed a new bill that would allow the big oil companies to send their goons out with government authority enabling them to break into your home without knocking, beat you up, and take your money. Proponents stress the victory for free market dynamics, and the saving of valuable time and resources by dispensing with the need for price-gouging at the pump. Isn't capitalism beautiful? Don't forget to vote citizens!

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Well, I hope these big oil goons know that down here in Texas we have that little law called 'stand your ground' and everybody including their dogs have guns so might take exception to someone coming in their home uninvited....looks like things might get messy. :)

Sounds like a good way to start a new civil war! 

Sounds like a rumor... that's about it. : )

what is the number of the bill-HR what?  

This is humor and playground...I believe Phylos is pulling our leg.


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