NESARA does not exist and is not legal

This is a response from David. P Crayford , (whistleblower) on RMN.

Honestly , do you think that this world is ready for this kind of funding?

We need action and not millions of starseeds waiting.



which, once again opens up a discussion on a subject that is non-existent and one that I have explained several times before. NESARA does not exist and is not legal.

However, let me ask one very poignant question, “How the hell is America going to pay for this so-called NESARA”. It is a country that is well over its head in DEBT which is increasingly expanding year on year. It is a country that cannot resolve its own financial problems and continuously blames everyone else for its problems. It is a country that cannot, and will not, face financial reality. It is a country that needs to drastically cut its Government expenditure and drastically increase taxes, but no it won’t because one Political Party or the other will be sent into oblivion forever. It is a country that constantly tells everyone else in the world what to do, whereby they sometimes forcefully ensure that other countries do as they are told.

It is a country bordering on civil strife. It is a country that constantly tries to wriggle out of its obligations by working through Limited Companies and not the Constitution. It is a country that is using Mercenaries across the world to steal assets of the Collateral Accounts. It is a country who fervently believes that when it does things wrong it can pay its way out of the mess they create in other countries. It is a country who just wants to grab everything possible from everyone else and every other country, including assets of the Collateral Accounts, to get themselves out of the deep financial crater they have got themselves into and screw /to hell with the rest of the world.

What the hell. It is a country whose credibility throughout the world has been destroyed over the last 25 plus years.

There is only one organisation in the world that could afford to finance something like NESARA, and that is the Sovereign Entity known as the OITC, but it will not do it because NESARA is National to America which is just one country out of 203 countries in the world, where the OITC’s interests are with ALL the 203 countries not just one country; whereby America is certainly not worthy of receiving anything from the Collateral Accounts until America sorts its self out and returns EVERYTHING it has stolen or abused from the Collateral Accounts since 1945.

To make it clear to everyone, that is Hundreds of Trillions of Dollars’ worth of assets, which is increasing day by day with the current activities, via Mercenaries, the American Navy and the Army, in the Philippines, Indonesia, Libya, and many other countries around the world.

For those who believe the rubbish these misinformation agents are putting out, get real and get to grips with the situation, because sooner or later the real truth will hit you hard in the face. You think it is hard in America now, it will get much harder. There will be NO ASSISTANCE from the Collateral Accounts until you prove yourselves worthy of it. I will say that I don’t believe for one minute that you will ever realise reality, nor will you be able to ever  face it.


David P. Crayford.


Also regards NESARA and WB asking how in hell would America pay for it?  Well beloveds NOT directly thru the Germain World Trust as put out there, because you see, ITS part of the FOUNDATION DIVINE,  under World Trusts, as you can see in this special piece written just for you by Dave Sale back in 2009. There is a nice graph of sorts so you have a general idea of the trusts and Germain's IS there, its real, but it's use was not ever directly for the US of A NESARA of so long ago now. I know considerably more but its not for publication.
Elizabeth Trutwins article is here: I did not find it on her own website, so far.  There is a supposed piece from St Germain on Jan. 22, 2013 here: it is not the same at the piece linked above and the description by this supposed St. Germain is sickening, quite frankly as to world trust information in it etc. It is NOT REAL.
NESARA is not going to manifest in the United States of America, despite the long research this person has done and she is NOT a fleet contact.  And I don't where she even came from and why she would be pushing this and for whom.  She does NOT know its not for real, obviously.  All she has done is collect all the old information put out long ago thru Dove and others.

In the LONG piece linked at www.guaruda,  Elizabeth chats on and on about KOS, Mother Skekmet, and so on and so forth and others from the days of Nancy Tate, and Tara and Rama,  and I believe she is one that was associated with them, or perhaps has just been a name change.  My memory is running short on another character who was working with them.  Anyway, its very obvious this person is either one of them, or associated with them from all those years ago now.  Tara and Rama ripped off a lot of folks too with the versions of NESARA and always begging support from the Light workers.  Long story, I sure never wanted to look at all that again, but the piece is full of it.  Please do not invest or participate in pushing this old baloney come alive again.

OK EDITING:  OK, Elizabeth IS associated with Rama and Tara, the A and A's. Adding some more research just to document it.  Rama and Tara are again active, giving A and A reports and the like here: And they were associatied as I look back with Mark Huber, who was separated from them by illness and his family and I don't know if he's around or not.  I thought Elizabeth Trutwit's  name was familiar and she was part of that 4 some a few years ago of the Rama, Tara, Mark Huber and herself, whom she called Beth at that time.  Tara's real name if I remember correctly is Carolyn Green.  I don't remember "Rama's"   If they are still doing Mother Shekmet channelings for money, make a wide berth.  For she is not engaged with them.

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  • agreed and the same go's for the world of economic's.   and thats why the world has 99 percent poor. and why if you suddenly give a poor man wealth he will still be poor in a very short time.

  • At this point they will attack your character, or just despair all together as NESARA is no longer defendable, the last couple of years its always the same.   Off topic is there favorite fall back or character assassination when they get tongue tied and have no answer that will hold water.


    • I never supported NESARA, I'm rich already, in love and joy, but prosperity belongs to us all.

      And prosperity is not money, lol. that is old paradigm. 

      Learn to communicate without throwing stones and slinging insults and perhaps I may give you the time of day like I did before you became a herd follower.

  •     IS REQUIRED ???????   

    Only if you take a 6 month course in economics 101. 

    Hollywood productions make trillions of dollars around the world - what do you not understand about the word --- “production“. 

  • I agree its like there reading a screen play, page by page to the dance of wveryone's weekness with this system of money thats going bust.  and it seem to be all our fault it dosnt come about. too much negative vibes, on the internet that is, everyone out here has never heard of this NESARA thingy.  If it cant make it on the internet then how will it ever fly in the real world.

  • Mr.Crayford,you can post your coments on Onoin,you are good!!!!
  • Uber,you are sick,sorry for you
  • Cap,

    In response to this summary anent the events that took place in East Anglia (my GFL Ground Crew sector,) I would like to give you a snippet of data that you won't find ANYWHERE in any report by USAF, or US/UK governments, or witnesses...

    The device hovering near Col Halt, in Tangham wood, was a special telemeter probe, of tetrahedral formation engaged in the extraction of fissile material from the nuclear storage bunkers at RAF Bentwaters....During the process of removal and confiscation, to prevent a nuclear war between the USA and USSR, some of the plutonium, for the neutronic warheads, was accidentally scattered in Rendlesham forest, during it's confiscation, via teleport beaming (laser lights) through the 10 feet of concrete and received outside, via beam extraction, into the probe....

    The neutralisation and cleanup was what was happening, when Col Halt's party witnessed the event...the spreading of special decontaminants upon the forest ground and canopy, clearing residual radiation as much as possible...I believe there was still much reduced traces of radioactivity left, though, which Nevilles picked up on a Geiger counter...

    Retired Col. Charles Halt recalled seeing UFOs over the woods near Royal Air Force Stations Bentwaters and Woodbridge in eastern England in December 1980. He and security personnel were investigating reports of strange lights just outside one of the bases.

    “All through the forest was a bright glowing object,” he said Monday. “The best way I can describe it, it looked like an eye – with bright red, with a dark center. It appeared to be winking. It was shedding something like molten metal, was dripping off it.

    “It silently moved through the trees, avoiding any contact, it bobbed up and down, and at one point it actually approached us. We tried to get closer. It receded out into the field, beyond the forest, and silently exploded into five white objects – gone. So we went out into the field looking for any evidence, because something had been apparently falling off it – and we find nothing,” he said.

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    • John-Fartist,

      I was responding to Captin found his comment pertainent to my own service...and was pleased to answer the mystery he reported...

      As for you, if you don't like it, you can always go offline and paint a few frogs and dogs....I know how much you enjoy that...LOL ;-)

      • Ignore the hypocrite, Drekx, he is just seeking attention by commenting on comments and wanting drama. 

        We have been investigating Santa Clause for hundreds of years, So that makes us all experts in whats real or not real.

        Your advise there for is about as useful as a stale moldy sugar coated doughnut from McDonalds. “I’M lovin it.”

        You no longer look down at what your walking in, you just continue to skip threw the cow pattie’s hand in hand with Drekx. And everyone can recognize the smell a mile away.

        And this is your new paradigm chasing the same old carrot, only with a different twist, same old song with a different dance. You cant eat a prosperity program, ideas, or affirmations, or a dead slogan no matter how many times you dip it in liquid sugar of the mind.

        When I investigate prosperity deeply enough I always end up finding myself. When I look for God deeply enough I find myself. When I look for an expert I find spirit deep inside myself.

        Why is NESARA only on the internet?- with the rest of the scams. You learned nothing the first time around and here you are back again with a new dance that smells worse than it did the first time. The love and light affirmation tree with no fruit, just EGO based BS.

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This reply was deleted.

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