NESARA does not exist and is not legal

This is a response from David. P Crayford , (whistleblower) on RMN.

Honestly , do you think that this world is ready for this kind of funding?

We need action and not millions of starseeds waiting.



which, once again opens up a discussion on a subject that is non-existent and one that I have explained several times before. NESARA does not exist and is not legal.

However, let me ask one very poignant question, “How the hell is America going to pay for this so-called NESARA”. It is a country that is well over its head in DEBT which is increasingly expanding year on year. It is a country that cannot resolve its own financial problems and continuously blames everyone else for its problems. It is a country that cannot, and will not, face financial reality. It is a country that needs to drastically cut its Government expenditure and drastically increase taxes, but no it won’t because one Political Party or the other will be sent into oblivion forever. It is a country that constantly tells everyone else in the world what to do, whereby they sometimes forcefully ensure that other countries do as they are told.

It is a country bordering on civil strife. It is a country that constantly tries to wriggle out of its obligations by working through Limited Companies and not the Constitution. It is a country that is using Mercenaries across the world to steal assets of the Collateral Accounts. It is a country who fervently believes that when it does things wrong it can pay its way out of the mess they create in other countries. It is a country who just wants to grab everything possible from everyone else and every other country, including assets of the Collateral Accounts, to get themselves out of the deep financial crater they have got themselves into and screw /to hell with the rest of the world.

What the hell. It is a country whose credibility throughout the world has been destroyed over the last 25 plus years.

There is only one organisation in the world that could afford to finance something like NESARA, and that is the Sovereign Entity known as the OITC, but it will not do it because NESARA is National to America which is just one country out of 203 countries in the world, where the OITC’s interests are with ALL the 203 countries not just one country; whereby America is certainly not worthy of receiving anything from the Collateral Accounts until America sorts its self out and returns EVERYTHING it has stolen or abused from the Collateral Accounts since 1945.

To make it clear to everyone, that is Hundreds of Trillions of Dollars’ worth of assets, which is increasing day by day with the current activities, via Mercenaries, the American Navy and the Army, in the Philippines, Indonesia, Libya, and many other countries around the world.

For those who believe the rubbish these misinformation agents are putting out, get real and get to grips with the situation, because sooner or later the real truth will hit you hard in the face. You think it is hard in America now, it will get much harder. There will be NO ASSISTANCE from the Collateral Accounts until you prove yourselves worthy of it. I will say that I don’t believe for one minute that you will ever realise reality, nor will you be able to ever  face it.


David P. Crayford.


Also regards NESARA and WB asking how in hell would America pay for it?  Well beloveds NOT directly thru the Germain World Trust as put out there, because you see, ITS part of the FOUNDATION DIVINE,  under World Trusts, as you can see in this special piece written just for you by Dave Sale back in 2009. There is a nice graph of sorts so you have a general idea of the trusts and Germain's IS there, its real, but it's use was not ever directly for the US of A NESARA of so long ago now. I know considerably more but its not for publication.
Elizabeth Trutwins article is here: I did not find it on her own website, so far.  There is a supposed piece from St Germain on Jan. 22, 2013 here: it is not the same at the piece linked above and the description by this supposed St. Germain is sickening, quite frankly as to world trust information in it etc. It is NOT REAL.
NESARA is not going to manifest in the United States of America, despite the long research this person has done and she is NOT a fleet contact.  And I don't where she even came from and why she would be pushing this and for whom.  She does NOT know its not for real, obviously.  All she has done is collect all the old information put out long ago thru Dove and others.

In the LONG piece linked at www.guaruda,  Elizabeth chats on and on about KOS, Mother Skekmet, and so on and so forth and others from the days of Nancy Tate, and Tara and Rama,  and I believe she is one that was associated with them, or perhaps has just been a name change.  My memory is running short on another character who was working with them.  Anyway, its very obvious this person is either one of them, or associated with them from all those years ago now.  Tara and Rama ripped off a lot of folks too with the versions of NESARA and always begging support from the Light workers.  Long story, I sure never wanted to look at all that again, but the piece is full of it.  Please do not invest or participate in pushing this old baloney come alive again.

OK EDITING:  OK, Elizabeth IS associated with Rama and Tara, the A and A's. Adding some more research just to document it.  Rama and Tara are again active, giving A and A reports and the like here: And they were associatied as I look back with Mark Huber, who was separated from them by illness and his family and I don't know if he's around or not.  I thought Elizabeth Trutwit's  name was familiar and she was part of that 4 some a few years ago of the Rama, Tara, Mark Huber and herself, whom she called Beth at that time.  Tara's real name if I remember correctly is Carolyn Green.  I don't remember "Rama's"   If they are still doing Mother Shekmet channelings for money, make a wide berth.  For she is not engaged with them.

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  • No thank you i will go with the OP  NESARA does not exist and is not legal

    Read more:
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    Wish you all the best.   Good luck with your quest for a hand out and rescue by mass landings. And re-education chambers.   I will follow mother earth and her needs.  I followed Sheldan Nidle for more than 8 years and Salusa. I'm finished with fake promisses, and dead end Dreams of Susan Nidle writtings.

  • My advice is to read Kelly's words carefully....I'm exactly in the same state of divine abundance and all can achieve it, prior to any offical changes to the fiscal system...Be sovereign abundant in all don't need to be given wealth, YOU ARE WEALTHY..It is so...

    Anyone who is in debt and helpless, has chosen to be that way...You are empowered to reverse abundant in all things....


    I never supported NESARA, I'm rich already, in love and joy, but prosperity belongs to us all.

    And prosperity is not money, lol. that is old paradigm. 

    Learn to communicate without throwing stones and slinging insults and perhaps I may give you the time of day like I did before you became a herd follower.

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  • Excuse me, I have pointed out that I have blogs, my name is known online, do it for yourself; I shouldn't need to dig through things that you should have found by now as a studious researcher looking for "answers".   

    • I just reacted to the kind of separation I observe. What I see is a lack of unity where everyone is welcome. Of course disrespectful behaviour shouldn't be taken lightly, but it is up to oneself to decide if it's something you take on personally and get hurt by or simply leave it and move on to those willing to learn and ask questions without making them "suffer" for this as well. For me I'm genuinly curious and seek some answers, for me it is easier to ask those I think have a direct answer than to start look inward for every single question I have. In my case it would be "the path of least resistance" to let information flow to me, as Bashar would have put it. But I can't speak for others.

      I understand we all have different outlooks on life and even if it seems impossible to agree on everything which is our human nature to be unique, then we can still contribute to grow more if we allow ourselves to share freely and openly to those who ask questions from what we know. I'm not saying it should be forced to answer anyone, but if you want to lift everyone up it's just natural to share if you know it can benefit others at some point.

      Kelly, instead of seeing the drama you refer to and fear of being caught up in it, may I suggest you look past that and cherrypick the quetion (in this case) for starters? It would do wonders and save up much energy for everyone.

      I just want to state again that I do not wish to make you feel bad or that you feel like as if we are picking on you. I respect your work and honor the choices you make.

      Lots of love! :)

      • Ogdoo, I understand where you are coming from, I really don't have time to get into it right now and have to go offline.  You know I am here if you have genuine questions but those who seek to tear down another will not garner my time, as it's become a precious commodity, lol. 

        Here is how I really feel about money and basically that is what we all need to discover for ourselves.  Some people pay more attention to the messenger than the message, which is why I rarely step in to these forums these days, much to ponder and being in a high vibe feels so much better than arguing over semantics online. 

        Have a good day :-)

  • Who will -- after they receive Prosperity continue to work as.

    A dish washer, Cook, waiter, after your done with your buffet.

    Trash collector working with smelly garbage after you hall it out to the street.

    Who will do all the things necessary to keep your car running when it brakes, or your so rich you buy a new one, that the truck driver will no longer deliver to the dealer, witch will not be there to sell you as he’s now on a crews  stuck in the Bahamas’ as all the menial worker have jumped ship for a better life on there very own island.

    Who will deliver, unload, and shelve your food at Wal-Mart let alone check you out as all the cashier’s have left for greener pastures.

    All the truck drivers, that spend 8 to 16 hours a day driving goods across this vast high way system all now are sitting home with there family’s they hardly ever see, watching a hug big screen TV now that they can afford it that dose not work as the people at the studio all went home, tiered of the long boring hours of sitting around watching the gages and monitor’s to keep the signal up and running. While the produce in his truck roots away.

    From tooth picks to gas for your car is no longer delivered, and the lowly clerk is not there to collect your money for gas, milk, and smokes.

    Fueling a plain, to handling your heavy luggage, to delivering the food to the plain and checking the air in the plains tires. To the controller in a room with no window staring at a lit monitor 10 hours a day all gone, down that road to prosperity everyone now has.

    Even if you only had a couple of day worth of economics’ 101 schooling under your belt, you would see that NESARA, GESARA , are the needle that pops the I don’t care to do your work for you anymore take this ____ Job and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    The good life is because some one is serving YOU.  When your spending money to those who serve to your every need.   When there is no longer anyone to serve, how do you pay them to come back?  There already rich with prosperity beyond their wildest dreams along with you looking to finally get what we all deserve.  A day off, now allot of days off, jobs would fold up and go away employers would no longer need to employ to get rich with prosperity dripping out of every one’s butts.

    Economics’  101 is the biology of how the body eat, breaths and functions to stay alive.  Nesara is the heroin that would shut down the entire global system in one single heart beat when its introduced.  You’re a bunch of ignorant wanna bee’s  thinking everything’s going to stay in place for your prosperity living, when everyone will go on a permanent vacation.    IMO  your and idiot who’s left your brains be hind for monetary gain.  And you have done this over just the idea of it happening.  Billions of people not having to work anymore? Are you nuts?  Your need for Money has taken the place of thinking?  When an educated mind would clearly see the folly of NESARA and the knife to the heart of economic’  NESAR is making your brain squooshy, as the rest of fantasy thinking dose.

    Who would dress up like Mickey mouse and stand in the hot sun for your joyful little kids anymore, no one with money would.   Any and all service oriented jobs would be vacated that same day NESARA come out. For once in your life think about every one you pay money to going away as they no longer need your money?  They have there own now, and that makes your money and prosperity totally worth less.  Service to other’s make this whole thing work. And economics’ 101 is the play book. 

    “I don’t need you anymore “  explain that statement away with your Nesara thinking, and maintain control with out division of class, and everyone is royalty and rich. 




    • Good points John. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what you just said. And if NESARA is real, then either we have misunderstood it how it will work OR it's just pure dis-info to keep us waiting for something and be passive. I don't personally need more money than I can eat and live for. I have left behind all material desires, my greatest desire is focusing on spirituality, and it often tends to be easier to do this while living as almost poor than it would being disgustingly rich (who could resist the urge to become a materialist with this kind of distraction? Takes discipline to burn the money and stay poor I mean..). those moneys would be completely useless to me, and everyone else. Nothing would have the same value as it would today.

      But I don't think we should worry. I have heard too much about NESARA that it is close now to know that it's reputation is really at stake. I can most certainly live without it, but I wouldn't complain if there was global debt clearing and overall better salarys for working etc. Just exterminate poverty and the pollution of our planet and improve the well being for every human being on this planet is what I would want to see. And whatever it takes to get there is what we should focus on.

      So someone that has more understanding of NESARA or if John's interpretation that every human being will get LOADS of money is wrong. Please elaborate here how NESARA would keep our society spinning and flourishing without making people focus MORE on materilism which so obviously is a false illusion that needs to be transmuted to looking to re-awaken to our true spiritual and divine nature.

      I'm looking forward to an answer now to these questions :).

      • Exactly, who in there right mind would spend 8 hours behind a 7 eleven counter waiting for you to come in for gas, when he or she could be spending there own wealth on say a jet skee or a new swimming pool if everyone moves to Florida and the good life like i did.  or why even get educated when money will get you what an education would have in the first place.  it go's on and on and on.  

        if there is a new world order this NESARA thing globaly would do it.  So that leave's the question who's pushing this NESARA thingy and what it would do to the world.   NESARA is putting to sleep those people who came to the internet that were in afect starting to wake up.  NESARA has now put them back to sleep.  and looking for hand outs yet again.   

        and i will not do your dry cleaning ever again do it yourself. as i float in my pool in sunny south west Florida.  So this is how the new world order takes over in one feld swoop. NESARA 

  • It´s important to know that Nesara (America) were later changed to Gesara (global) , so both these "ideas" were real.

    We havn´t developed nearby the required level of conciousness here to recieve this funding.

  • I definitely will be jumping with joy to see an end to the slavery of humanity on earth!  I just want to SEE it happen first and THEN celebrate after, that is not that unreasonable I don't think.  Action that is visible is something to jump for joy about, wise words on the internet or written about do not convince me all that much, but seeing it actually happen would definitely make me give it serious thought.  Until it happens it is a carrot in my opinion, and I know that we disagree on that, but I do appreciate all you do to share what you feel will happen.  I know you have spent countless hours researching this all and find it credible.  We will see...I am now off to watch the video you shared.

This reply was deleted.

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