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How to tell a scam in thirty seconds – they offer you something for nothing
The OPPT Fifth Dimensional New Age “Doing-Being” Angels who issue death threats when exposed
OPPT – A retread of the old Illuminati trick: Co-opt the revolution from within
Who’s got the gold? Answer: not OPPT…and not Neil Keenan either. Surprise! It’s owned by the depositors (we call it private ownership – hope that doesn’t ruffle the OPPT’s communist feathers)
by Michael Henry Dunn

JAKARTA, April 12, 2013 : Long ago, in the waning days of the Carter administration, around midnight at 55th and Broadway at the northern edge of Times Square I nearly fell for a very old scam that was very well executed (let’s just say it involved a large wad of bogus hundred dollar bills, and a supposed locker at the Port Authority with lots more dough inside). Having barely escaped with my life and meager savings at the hands of a phony Nigerian and a smooth West Side dude, I recounted my experience to a NYPD cop. “Here’s how you know it’s a scam in the first thirty seconds,” he said. “They’ll show you a big wad of cash to hypnotize you – cause it’s human nature to want to be around money – and then they’ll shortly offer you something for nothing. They’re playing on your greed.”

Which brings us to the so-called One People’s Public Trust (OPPT). Anybody received their six million dollar checks in the mail yet?

There are millions of people around the world right now who are looking with hope to Jakarta, wanting to believe that Neil Keenan and his team can somehow finally pry loose the tentacles of the dying cabal octopus from a death grip on the Global Collateral Accounts so that the funds can be put to work for humanitarian programs, as originally intended.

There are good reasons so many people are looking to Keenan. The best one, in my mind, is that Neil Keenan is not offering something for nothing, and that he’s already been offered more money than most people ever dream of to drop his fight and walk away. Those who have taken the time to research the case, to read the lawsuit, to examine the affidavits know that the bribes offered to Keenan went from fifty million to half a billion, and then beyond. Mr. Keenan is not in this for the money. The cabal stole money entrusted to him, and then they killed his best friend.

Big mistake.

And then he found out they’d been robbing and murdering the whole planet for centuries….and then he got REALLY mad.

We receive daily offers of help from ordinary people, prayers from those of all faiths, and hard intelligence from highly-placed allies that helps keep us a step ahead of the opposition. Those with long experience dealing with the Accounts recognize that meaningful action is now possible, due to a dovetailing of many factors and cooperation among many allies, united behind one man. And those high-level players, be they “holders” entrusted with Global Account assets (such as the Indonesian Elders), or bankers who have long wished to escape the cabal’s deadly mafia, are reaching out to Mr. Keenan for his help in putting the assets to work. As one veteran intelligence community ally said, “You’re winning – don’t stop now.”

One sure way to know you’re winning, of course, is to see if you are being hit with petty and treacherous attacks from the losers. This morning the OPPT 5th dimensional “angels” called in a death threat against our team to Neil Keenan at four o’clock in the morning, with a warning to “back off” on exposure of this NWO front. Keenan’s intelligence allies revealed that the call originated in Houston, Texas (hmmm, now who can we think of that lives there?).

Clearly Keenan’s team must be winning by a lopsided margin to earn this kind of attention. Most of the time, we’re too focused on the day to day grind of making things happen on the ground to bother with responding to these distractions. Occasionally, however, in the interest of saving innocent and well-meaning people from being duped by the many cons and scams that have historically swarmed around the Global Accounts, Keenan feels it is his duty to respond.

(Caveat up front: many good, honorable, and well-intentioned people are working in ignorance to further the OPPT agenda – possibly including even some of the founders, who may be unaware of how they have been co-opted from the start for the cabal’s goals. Sorry to have to upset you folks – make up your own minds once you’ve looked at the facts. Ask yourself – do you want to be working for a movement whose backers are issuing death threats?)

The One People’s Pubic Trust (OPPT) has managed to convince some undetermined number of people that they have “foreclosed” on the cabal, “reverted to Prime,” and set all humanity free in a glorious cascade of “DO-ing,” and “BE-ing” (these are apparently indispensable Fifth Dimensional terms necessary in a UCC filing to set free mankind, while simultaneously causing everyone’s heads to spin in terminal confusion). My initial investigations of this group led me to conclude that they were well-meaning if a little misguided, and that they could serve a good educational role while creating an important symbolic freedom via this largely unenforceable filing. On further investigation, it turns out that the group has plans to actually take control of global assets, and their handlers and backers are none other than the same old villains, who are hoping to co-opt (in classic cabal style) humanity’s desire for freedom as a way of regaining control of the Global Assets.

A number of former OPPT advocates who have done due diligence on this group are now working to inform the world of the truth about this New World Order front operation before more people are taken in. As Karl Marx observed, if enough people believe something, it no longer matters whether it’s true or not – “it becomes a material force.” This furnishes the reason for the death threats (others opposing OPPT have received such threats as well). This is a crucial moment in the growth of this scam. If enough of us buy the lie, it becomes a material force. If we expose it now, it blows away in tomorrow’s wind, and we drop the fantasy and get back to the hard but promising work of changing the world

So be warned, folks. Here’s the gist:

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf admits that she formed the concept behind OPPT with the help of a Rothschild trustee.
The Vatican is exempted from the OPPT foreclosure, with no explanation given.
OPPT claims to have created a universal trust with the Consent of the People – do you recall giving your consent to these people?
OPPT’s communist ideology: “Everyone is assigned equal value under the concept of the CVAC (Creator’s Value Asset Center), so there are no rich or poor there are just equitable humans”….so if someone gains more wealth through self-effort, who decides to enforce the so-called equity? Old Uncle Joe Stalin would love this one.
Destruction of national sovereignty: Tucci-Jaraff has stated “there are basically 195 registered corporations operating under the guise of government…COUNTRIES in the old system.” And in the new system? Not to worry, the United States of America, China, Russia, Ireland, et al, will happily surrender their national identities and sovereignty to the 5th Dimensional NWO. Right….
The hallmark of the New World Order is globalism: the OPPT is globalist all the way – One World, One Trust, One Order, One Currency….sound familiar? Back in the Cold War era we called it “totalitarianism.”
OPPT claims to intend to set humanity free for humanity’s sake, but they are now attempting (with no success) to take physical control of Global Account assets which properly belong to the rightful depositors, the families and nations in whose name the assets were originally placed. But since OPPT apparently intend to abolish private ownership, such considerations need not stand in their way.
The report that OPPT supposedly based its filing on was issued by a shell corporation, operating out of a Swiss industrial park.
An international arrest warrant on suspicion of fraud and counterfeiting remains in effect for Karl Langenstein, Tucci-Jaraff’s supervisor in the preparation of the founding OPPT document referred to as the “Paradigm Report.”
An excellent summary of other disturbing facts about the OPPT can be found at the following links: revealed/
If you’re really interested in the truth, check it out for yourself, and forward this to others to prevent them from falling prey for this wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing deception.

And just so everyone clearly understands the difference between Neil Keenan’s Alliance and the OPPT, here’s a quick list of contrasts:

OPPT – Something for Nothing: OPPT has recently put forward the false promise that each and every human being in the world will receive six million dollars cash with no strings attached from unnamed “Indonesian royals” (by the way, there are none)…but only after a global financial collapse, and the placement of Global Account Assets in OPPT (i.e., cabal) hands (this is just a dressed-up retread of the bait-and-switch con I nearly fell for in Times Square thirty years ago).

Reality check from Neil Keenan: Sorry, folks – don’t be looking for instant cash in the mail. The Global Accounts are going to be utilized in Private-Public-Partnerships (PPPs) in humanitarian projects around the world, with emergency funds going to hard-hit areas, amid eradication of fraudulent global debts. If that’s not good enough for you, too bad – I’m sure you can find someone else willing to give you rosy promises of instant wealth in exchange for your freedom. The rest of us will be looking to start good businesses offering real goods and services, or to work in foundations independent of governments and banks to implement humanitarian programs, buoyed by new energy technologies, amid a massive infusion of the key ingredient – freedom.

OPPT – One World, One Currency: The OPPT folks like to wax lyrical about the ultimate irrelevance of money in a lovely new Fifth Dimensional world (while secretly attempting a gold grab)…and in the meantime, we’ll have a One World system controlled by One Trust, issuing One Currency. And just who do you imagine will be in control of that? That’s the original Illuminati agenda, pure and simple.

Reality check from Neil Keenan: Once the tottering euro disappears, the sovereign nations of the world can choose to restore their original currencies, while coming to regional trade agreements and alliances as they may desire. In the absence of cabal military-industrial phony wars, the natural human tendency to work things out will reassert itself (believe it or not, that’s who we really are when we’re not being enflamed by a few centuries’ worth of false flags, e.g., Guy Fawkes, The Maine, The Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, 9-11, etc.). The natural dynamic of “fortune passes everywhere” can then spread the wealth around the globe via the old-fashioned method of exchanging good stuff for good stuff, with asset-backed currencies instead of cabal fiat debt notes. We’ll leave it to the nations to sort that out for themselves – don’t look to us for any One World anything.

OPPT – Quasi-Religious New Age Theology: OPPT clothes itself in an eccentric amalgam of New Age philosophy, and apparently seeks to impose a One World Trust based on this theology, cosmology, call it what you will, without respect to the individual beliefs, traditions, customs, or preferences of the various higher religions of the world, which will presumably fade into irrelevance in a blissful celebration of DO-ing and BE-ing….until, that is, we all wake up to find the Rothschilds and Rockefellers issuing our global slavery card instead of the dollar, pound, or peso.

Reality Check from Neil Keenan: Don’t get us wrong, folks – we’re all for Doing and Being and Freedom and living as authentic Beings in direct relationship to our Creator, and all that jazz. We just don’t intend to impose our beliefs on anyone. In any case, we’re just one small but important part of a global alliance, with freedom as the guiding principle. So if you like your church, your mosque, your synagogue, temple, vihara, whatever, that’s your private affair, and we’re not about to sign you up without your consent to some bogus Fifth Dimensional contract to a new and improved version of a secretly Luciferian cabal slavery system.

And by the way, just to give you an idea of how desperate the OPPT folks are getting, one anonymous attacker on behalf of OPPT is asserting that Jean Haines and this writer are actually “talented former agency operatives” now working as Keenan’s PR team from a secret location in the States…..

Well, thanks for the “talented” part, but I’m actually here in Jakarta, and my resume as a writer, researcher, and classically trained actor with twenty years of working for a meditation fellowship must be one of the cleverest CIA disguises yet, while our colleague Jean Haines is an immensely talented artist, researcher, spiritual counselor, and incisive commentator who really did become a crucial friend and ally of Neil Keenan through her influential blog.

And as for this morning’s cowardly OPPT death threat caller, we have a message in Irish:

“Póg mo thóin!”

Personally, I think that the victory of Keenan’s Alliance offers us all a pretty good deal: the removal of cabal control, and defeat of their genocidal agenda; responsible management of the Global Accounts with the blessing of the world; a level playing field for healthy global competition, with war a relic of a barbaric past; implementation of suppressed technologies; eradication of fraudulent global debt and abundant funding for humanitarian projects.

It will take a lot of work (it’s already been years of work), and it won’t be just handed to us. It’s our planet and we have to work together to clean it up. Each country and culture will have its own path to freedom, and there will still be struggles and conflicts to be resolved. It won’t be an instant rose garden, but it will be a helluva lot of fun.

In keeping with that, here’s a brief video message from Neil Keenan which pretty much sums it up.

Michael Henry Dunn

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  • Keenan IS a fraud for sure.

    OPPT is for real IMHO

  • Thanks for shining the light.

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