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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Negotiations Update

I have contacted my sources and they confirmed intel from Drake’s last interview.
Top people inside Positive Military group started having doubts and reservations about the execution of the Mass Arrests scenario in early May as there was an unknown element disturbing their plans. This unknown element turned out to be the Archons, physical and non-physical ones. The original Plan for the Mass Arrests designed by the Positive Military did not include Archons in consideration as their presence was not known to the Positive Military group until recently.
The physical Archons consist of a powerful group inside the Jesuit faction. This group had direct access to nuclear weapons which they were threatening to use if Mass Arrests would commence. As this group was effectively cut away from such access this Tuesday, the Cabal went into panic mode as they had no more leverage to delay their downfall. Therefore they are begging for mercy. They are cornered and they have nothing more to lose. If their only future would be mass arrests and possible execution, the only option they have is to fight an all-out war until their last man falls. If we give them a chance for a peaceful surrender in exchange for a milder treatment after they surrender, they have a motivation to cooperate. I have been present at many negotiations with members of the Cabal and they all follow the same pattern: as long as the bad guys have some power, they will use deceit to your disadvantage as much as they can and as long as they can. When they are finally cornered, most of them become very cooperative and some even genuinely cross over to the Light.
The non-physical Archons could become a real problem in the Mass Arrests scenario. Please understand that Mass Arrests could not happen without the complete reset of the financial system to cut off the Cabal from their remaining financial resources. At the reset, the non-physical Archons would influence people to spread panic, violence, riots, provoke civilians against the military…Things could really get ugly and spin out of control. 

So peaceful surrender of the Cabal is our best option. If the Cabal tries to manipulate the negotiation process, we can still execute the Mass Arrests scenario anytime we want. In case that things then get ugly and escalate into a war, the Resistance has promised to back up the Positive Military and protect the People with their resources and can also send their troops from their deep underground bases to assist the Positive Military as the last resort.
Non-negotiable terms of surrender as suggested by the Resistance:
1. The leading members of the Cabal that are public figures must publicly announce surrender of the Cabal over the mass media until a certain deadline. The latest date suggested by the Resistance is June 21st (summer solstice). If the Cabal does not do this, the Mass Arrests scenario continues.
2. Immediately after that, in the next 24 hours, they must permanently step down from all positions of power. They must give in all their property and resources. They are allowed to keep basic food, clothes and shelter for survival. This will free us to create the future we want, with NESARA, free energy technologies, transparent financial system, non-censored media....
3. They must publicly confess their wrongdoings. Amnesty can then be granted in most cases, with some arrests still taking place.
The reason for polls on this and other websites is for the Positive forces to understand the opinion of the general public so they can perform their negotiations with greater confidence. Therefore it would be great if someone could get those polls to a mainstream website so that opinions of the mainstream population and their reactions to this would be better understood. Human masses have been programmed immensely and they effectively became parts of the Matrix and no one knows how they will react.
Even if all physical Cabal surrenders, you need to understand that by this act alone the non-physical Archons will not be removed. That is a separate issue and it will be dealt with in a different way.

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Great comment Nancy.  The only thing that I might expand upon is that it was not only B.F. Skinner and years of teaching people to not trust the aliens from outer space or the cabal that causes some people to be wary and cautious.  Many of the people who do not trust implicitely all aliens from outer space have been abductees who were abducted and treated like lab rats and have undergone all sorts of atrocities and violations physically and emotionally, and have good reason to be hesitant about believing that ALL offworld civilizations and offworlders are benevolent in n nature.  If someone has been severely injured and mauled by a dog, is it not only human nature to be hesitant about going up to a strange dog to pat it?


So lets not give ALL Lthe credit to behavioral modification or the cabal for some of the reservations that many people have about having blanket total faith in all off worlders intentions.  Sometimes it is far easier to make decisions based upon their own life experiences, and should not be discounted because their experiences do not fit into the tidy package where ALL aliens are benevolent and those that have fears are simply programmed by the cabal to fear..  Just my personal observation of why some people like myself have reservations about blindly accepting an alien species is benevolent just because people think or feel they are benevolent.


I do agree with you that it is going to be tough sailing for many even after the cabal is taken down, because an abductee's negative memories of abuse and debasement and victimization are hard to erase.  I think the only way to make abductees comfortable is to somehow do a "mind wipe" to make all those traumatic memories null and obliterate them from their memory to make them go away, maybe a frontal labotomy or something could make those memories go away or hypnosis, but those are very extreme measures.  Many abductees have PTSD and even though being treating can not erase the trauma. Sometimes one is haunted by nightmares their whole lifetime.  So yes I agree it is going to take quite a lot to make everyone believe, simply because not all people have had wonderful and joyous relations with off worlders. 

Thanks Jake.  This is very very informative.  I knew little to nothing about the Archons.

This describes the behaviours of many here.

LOL, there is truth to that. 

Thank you for that Nancy. Interesting stuff.

Thanks for this, am watching it now.  I am really learning a lot today.

Hi Marique, I'm glad that you are learning.

I personally have had several encounters with these parasitic entities. I have actually seen them, as they were implanted within my physical body and my mind. Manipulating, controlling and deceiving me for as long as I can remember. Giving me thoughts and sensations without me noticing that these thoughts and sensations did not originate from me. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to find out about them, handle them and be totally free from them. They are the gatekeepers who are keeping humanity in these lower vibrational states.


Do you mean that you have heard that the GFL are the gatekeepers? or that the ones who work with the GFL are the gatekeepers?

My only problem with this is the use of the word Archon it is said that using this title is what gives them their powers. The sayers that be soothing these days suggest that we refer to them as ankle-bitters as this not only takes their powers away it does it with humor which aside from love is their biigest weakness.

Ha ha I am vertically challenged too as my roomie calls me.  I was taller but I had spinal surgery due to a severe spinal injury where I became paralyzed in one arm and had one disk removed completely and two had to be fused together to keep them.  I lost 4 inches of height in a 5 hour surgery!  When I finally got out of the cervical collar months later I could not help but to notice that all of my parts were nearer to the ground, and did not like it.  But I guess I am thankful that now when I bend over to pick things up off the floor, it is a little easier to bend down to pick things up, so all is good, lol. 

wow you ppl mass arrest is not gonna happen the cabal never surrender that not going to happen 




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