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It is actually a step forward, as much as I do not like to say it. For this site is in fact here for multiple thoughts, beings, beliefs, knowledge etc.

Just try to realize though, if you are here to dismiss or bash the Ashtar Command, well that will do very little other than cause negative feelings here, however overall part of the reasons for most being on this Earth contains this, so it helps as well.

I would really encourage you all to be more respectful as well as loving towards others, if love isn't your thing, again, just try and be respectful at least. :)

What are the thoughts on this from everyone? The site now has over 5,000 members, and not everyone will feel or think the same, however there should be a good reason for joining this beautiful and harmonious community, just my opinion, but if you don't like it in the first place, don't think you are still required to join, but really, there is no right or wrong.

I don't want to be setting out rules but just want things cleared up, and making sure you don't get too surprised at the doubtful posts and such. This is for everyone.

Thank you all so much ~*

Love, light, joy and peace to you ~* x

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hey listen I just want to apologize if I offended you or you think I'm just here to spread fear

I know for a fact our alien family is out there the evidence is just too hard to ignore, and I wasn't trying to bash anyone either. I just wanted to address some things that I saw that concerned me

Its totally OK to believe what ever you want to believe I just wanted to remind everyone that in the end after everything is said and done do we really know anything for sure, not really

Trust is an important thing to have amongst people because without it we are doomed. I just wanted to say that a little skepticism can be good and we don't need to look out for a savior from far beyond to do all the work for us.

That savior is you me and our fellow man. I am in deed a deep believer in all of this stuff and do not make the mistake of thinking I don't. I do VERY strongly.

Its just the the details that are fuzzy and until we all unite as one we should retain some healthy skepticism as to avoid deception

again I'm sorry if I came off a negative, My only desire is for all of this nonsense in the world to end

Love to you sister
Oh no no, I wasn't pointing the finger at anybody, you need not apologize at all :). In fact, I do enjoy reading most of your posts on the forum, I sense no negativity with them, you touch on some great points, I am sorry if you got the wrong idea. You see there are always ones who go to extremes I would say, to spread fear and doubt throughout the site, along with their energy.

I agree, to be honest I think discernment and even skepticism is vitally important in moving forward, but to be honest light and love is always there, love is the universal energy I feel, and there is much much more knowledge of the Universe that we can be discovering here on Earth today, I often see some people post channelings and historical or new information that gets immediately insulted or discredited, this is not at all what the Community is about from my understanding.

It seems clear that the 3D aspects of our understanding or at least the most familiar for now get the most credit here, while anything spoken of without proof or evidence to back it up (while unfamiliar) gets denied or even insulted at times.

The main deception is from those who try to control this Planet while having us under a prison-like system, and it is true there are always dark beings who will pose as those of the light, most of them are surprisingly tricky to spot too, so it is important we understand the feeling and energy with them, as well as learning to discern, rather than dismissing the ET group as a whole altogether.

Brother I share your feelings to trash the nonsense, it will all end eventually, but we are all here for our own missions, some of which for people could be of dark purposes, which gets me thinking...

Remember, trust yourself, the truth is in you! Let's keep up the good work. :)

Please don't feel forced to stop feeling or thinking a certain way, I love and respect everybody's feelings and thoughts, still have so much to learn though. I do look forward to posts like yours.

Love, light and peace to you ~*
I completely agree with everything you say its true things are only going to get more interesting from here on out

Absolutely a fabulous time to be alive :D

Love to you sister
Oen, Totally understand where you are coming from, I am feeling it too.

There is alot of chaos (in the form of negativity) right now, and I assume as things heat up, we will most likely see things get crazier. The only thing I can do is stick to what my life has been teaching me, and share as much of it as I can on the form of "Energy".

Hang in there, we shall prevail, and when I say that I'm not saying they won't prevail... hopefully we can all prevail... lol :)

Thanks for posting this though, it's needed in times like these!

Peace, Love, & Light to you as well :) ~*~

Have to keep a positive attitude, even in the face of darkness (I try).

I think it is not that negative at all, just a miss-translation.
It is to be expected in these awkward times.

I feel that the 'very credible' idea of the Galactic Federation being a front for a NWO 'true or not' is not necessarily negative. I think when we put everything into prospective we will eventually see the symbols and allegories for what they really are.

Was the GF built on the archetype of a negative and controlling manifestation? It doesnt matter, because it wont last, it cant. illuminati ego will not be able to maintain this cohesion force as we enter into the awareness of the love of organic living light energy.

And here we are, with love and light
Negative people need the expression of these energies as hard as it may be to come to terms with this, this is the principle of acceptance. Love draws negatives for a reason, so that the principle of love can absolve negative into whole. Negative sometimes doesn't understand this, but love is what its looking for. Classifying the distinction between these 2 so-called opposites is really the problem. They are one and the same. It is simply energy being expressed seeking a higher vibration into a deeper understanding into its origination of wholeness. The evidence of this truth is found in our collective experiences and individual as well. Anytime in my past when I was in the "negative" it came around full circle and I found acceptance and wholeness and brought that energy into a state of resolution and unison with peace. I absolved it into One.

As it always has

Cheers, MAJ
Discernment is critical. You will find these things far worse on comments on news sites and some youtube videos. It is unfortunate that many do not respect each other. All you can do is ask that they do and align your love with the law of free will. Many people express different ideas, but the diversity is how the game of life stays exciting and free will is a factor in 3D life. Personally I was having trouble connecting here last week. When you do have trouble, just skim through until you find something worth your energy or find friends you like here and talk to them through comments or messages. I enjoy helping others when they ask for help or advice on this site. Ben Arion has some nice posts worth reading too. Everything is your choice. Everyone is learning and choosing- nothing wrong with it just a big learning experience for each of us. It's the game of this life in 3D.
Deep inside we are from the same source but each one has had different experiences on Planet Earth so each one will have his own views based on his/her life experiences on Planet Earth. What i do not like is if people start using offensive language when joining a discussion. There are so many discussions every day so each one should choose the discussion they want to join in and avoid the ones you do not like instead of joining in with your swear words for these you can keep to yourself.
Any discussions comments with bad language should be removed till they learn to comment in a nice way without being offensive. This should be a requirement for all members to follow.
I agree with the language thing, but must confess to being guilty myself, though only in things I discuss which make me angry, then I actually censor the word with *****, and maybe a first letter to make my point.
I never use the language against other members here though, only when talking about my own experiences which have made me extremely angry, and I confess to having anger issues, always have, and always will, and anyone who's had a life similar to mine will understand that.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
A little bit of soap will wash away your tears.
A little antagonism makes for exciting drama- to be continued in our next episode.
Unity in diversity
As a mod on a forum with over 1,500,000 members from all over the world, I have learned a couple of things.
First, there will always be some misunderstandings due to language differences, what may be considered a compliment to one race, may be very insulting to another, and the second thing is...not everyone likes to play nice.
I frequently come across total stupidity (I'm often part of it), but I do try to draw a line when it comes to outright disrespecting others and their opinions. I have my opinions and beliefs, which I don't expect everyone to understand, nor agree, the same as others have opinions and beliefs I may not necessarily agree with, but I still don't see that as an excuse to be rude.
The one thing to keep in mind is not everyone is at the same stage of knowing. I'm sure I'm a lot different to what I was 20 years ago, even 5 years ago for that matter. I have seen and learned things I never before dreamed were possible, so I guess it's just a matter of all taking baby steps till we all cross that point where opinions and expectations change.



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