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Was sent this link on facebook. Make of it what you will.

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If I have learned anything from NASA... it is that they pretend they've got a big surprise... and then they tell you they gave you herpes
Nasa ..all their staff..and all their crew members are a bunch of clowns and the world should know by now.
The best thing would be to put them all in one of their spacecrafts and give them a one way ticket and say goodby to them for good and then we will have more peace on this Planet.
Before they start their meeting ask then to explain why they faked the moon landing to fool the World...they are still not giving an answer...foolish bunch of clowns
I used to believe that the NASA moon landings were faked until I saw the Satellite pics of the flag on the moon.... I'll try and find it... but this is something that had people thinking alot about the reality of the lunar landings...

Regardless, I know there are cool people at NASA, and it will be interesting to hear what they have to say in their press conference... :)
so let me ask u a question just because u seen a satelite pic of a flag on the moon u think the appolo missions were real?
It actually would have been very easy to put the flag up there in subsequent missions, which is what many "moon hoaxers" believe. So the hoax isn't necessarily that we never went to the moon-- it's that we didn't go that first time for some reason...

Not necessarily what I believe, just passing it on.
Agreed, I am sure there are cool people at NASA! People have so much agression! :) I wonder why that is....
Look Ravinder if you cant figure it out,it was politically convenient that the USA was percieved to have landed on the moon at that time. They were in the middle of a cold war,and it was seen as of benefit to them that Russia and the world percieved them to have technology far above what they really did at the time. It was a bluff if it was faked.

Whether they did land or didnt,it still had the same effect. People thought they did,it provided the country with a HUGE morale boost,which gave power to the lawmakers passing bills that would ensure the peoples support for a space (ahem ) I mean rocketry program.

After all these years you would think they might have sent a robot up there to take a picture of the American flag which by rights,if its there,should still be there.....along with all the footprints,and 12 Lander modules,moonbuggies and the jettisoned ascent stages of the landers.

Wheres the American Pride? Why no Glory photos? Cant be that hard to get a bot up there,the Russians did it :)

Would be very interesting to see a private space program send something up there nowdays and see what they find. Can anyone dig up the radar maps from the recent polar orbitals?
Ah cool Delilah...i was hoping there was a pic. Ignore my comments then about that aspect. Was just one of those things that bugged me....I figured someone would have wanted to take a pic after all this time.

It was kinda convenient for them politically.....the idea of altruistic exploration is a nice cover for the military aspect of increased rocketry research programs........I will take my conspiracy theorist hat off now lolz
I'll try and find those pics today. I was thinking the same thing that you were after I had seen that documentary, deep down, I do believe they went to the moon. Regardless of all of that though, NASA is still a very cool orginization, and I do respect them.

I know there are alot of good people there who are probably more like us than we think. :-)
Yeah I know Rae....the only people who can provide the proof are the same agency. I am aware of that. I wouldnt mind seeing a faked pic of the crashed Eagle lander though. Would be interesting. lolz

I figure we could learn alot from taking a look at how all that stuff has fared after 40 years on the moon, Did the suns radiation,all the heating and cooling cause any significant effects on stuff there? Was any of it hit by micrometiorites?

Anyone know what this conference was about? What they said or anything?
@ Cpt Caveman,

"WASHINGTON -- NASA will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 2,"

Don't think it's happened yet lolz.



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