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This is from a very interesting website. they are in a fight for humanity as I am.

Exposing those that need to be, and bringing truths. We are under attack and have been for countless decades. I have been quiet about things and stayed on the sidelines, NO MORE! I am not trying to bring fear with these posts, just open minds.

Here is the link below I want you to check out. It has a lot of info and will take some time to go through. I think it is important that you do check it out, thanks.

Also feel free to post your comments and opinions.

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Here's another link you might find interesting.

thanks for sharing Infinite Soul ... ;)) interesting info .... so looking forward to our 'bright future' ... ;)) (my apologies for sarcasm) ...

thank you ara for the reply, humanity is in for some dark times ahead. Things have been set in motion for quite some time now to bring us down as a whole. Let me put it this way, there is a war with the light and dark that's been going on for countless decades. We are seeing it unfold like never before. The battles\wars that are going on over seas mainly the middle east is just part of it. Corporations and the elite are the main players. And they see us as pawns\cattle in there doom and gloom games. I put this post here to raise awareness, and to let people know of some things that are going to come to pass here in the near future. And not to put fear into people. Fact: no prayer is going to save us and things have been set in motion, that will come to pass. Humanity is going to have to go along for the ride, all the way through to the end.  In the next 10 to 20 years will be a major test for everyone with there lives and within there selves. Also the war against humanity's spiritual growth is very real. We the ones that are aware can help others by making them aware. Light will beat out darkness, it will just take quite some time.


Lol, NASA's ideas of future warfare are nothing compared to the designs on death-machines I've dreamed up over the years during my senseless plowing through the ideas that can be extracted from all the inspiration this world provides. ;)



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