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I pretty much lurk on this site to understand how there are some aliens which help and some that harm.  I noticed that Jesus Christ is discussed a lot here. 

Note that although this in the Soulmates' forum, I don't believe in a "soul mate."


One day, my Grandmother had a feeling that I'd be marrying a girl from the Inner Earth, or to put more specifically, a girl from the Lost Ten Tribes.

I disbelieved her, mostly because I thought it was preposterous.

Lately, I've been reading about our friends on the Inner Earth, and the reports of the women -- if they are to be believed, are much more beautiful than the girls on the outer Earth.  My Grandmother is right.  Perhaps, I'd be marrying a girl from the inner earth. Now I feel bad for dismissing my Grandmother's feeling about me marrying one of the daughters of the ten tribes. I thought it was preposterous because I was a horny pre-teen and I wanted to have s**, and I thought that s** wasn't connected to spirituality.

(Gee, thanks Mom and Dad, for putting s** in a negative light.) 

Fast forward to now, and I'm discoursing about Atlantis on CivFanatics.  I said the Earth was hollow and presented the first parts of the Hollow Earth theory. That went over well.  However, in researching the hollow earth, I learned of the amazing girls and that's when I thought that my grandmother's feeling was not preposterous. 

I'm very intellectual. But sometimes, I do stupid stuff like disbelieve my elders when they had a feeling about me.  Seemingly as how I'm 39 and not married, and I would like to be but the women here seem to have traits I don't seem to find attractive.  I am still a virgin, keeping my covenants I made at my LDS baptism the best I know how, so that when I marry, my wife will know that I'll be "stuck on her." Even though vasopressin works the opposite of oxycotin.

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I hope you find your inner earth girl. :)

It's more likely she'll come to me.  I can't go to her.

Crap, I don't know what they look like, hold on . . . 

The inner Earth girls would be the inspiration for the legendary beauty of the Sidhe, the Nymphs, and the Kitsune.  

How very beautiful she will be.


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