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I see two main sources, one being the dark and one being the light. I do not see a battle, i see the dark working to infiltrate the light, the light does not fight, the light protects. The dark trys to infiltrate the light but if the light were to fight back it would be using power from the dark thus allowing the dark to infiltrate it's main source so the light can never fight or take force against the dark but only protect it's main source. Just be the light, protect the light.

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nice..thats how i see things too... fight back is what the dark wants...and its just a waste of time,and energy...
Your very right, my friend, also taking sides will only pull us into the game of duality. The best strategy is to use the Unity Triangle, this places us into neautral mode, We then move into the diamond cener where we become Portals for others to enter. Into the greater reality. We are paving the way.

cool cool, I just had that vision the other day and it was pretty intense. I also saw that if we choose to get angry and fight back that the love would detach itself and we would be fighting alone making the fight very frustrating and impossible to win because the dark would then have you where it wants you, confused mad and kicking and screaming. I just got the vision to be silent and be with love.
That is a good vision Ryan :) Thanks for sharing this. Yes, focusing our thoughts on the potential of love that every human is able to be, will avert the fear the dark ones wanto creat to keep humanity in their grasp. their plans will nullzone. Unity Consiouseness and love is the new currency.
...i need to re-post here...cause i think this is one of the most important messages i have read here in a while...
Thanx again for sharing.... :)

Hmm, yes, I have been challenged lately with this (also stumbled across some written stuff and now this reminder...), that I should strive to focus my mind and to maintain to be in the middle as it is my/our role to balance and heal the polarities ...and I must say I am finding it hard. But I appreciate that it is important for my/our spiritual growth and the Light quotient on earth and so lets just keep trying/practicing to become more self-aware and where and how we focus our thoughts...
I understand too that when I indulge in anger, even if it seems right and justified in the face oppression right next to me etc, it does no good and its true, Love is not present and not easy to find...these are opposites..
I have discovered that when I think about people and their actions and examine the deeper causes of fear and greed and ego and that the loss of power (over others) is the worst and most terrifying prospect, then I can find understanding and compassion in my heart for their torment and lashing out and can detach from the drama... and its easier to open the door to unconditional Love lives...:)..
Its all a journey and we keep on keeping on....
We are All ONE! ...and all together we are LOVE.
Thank you very much for sharing..:)..



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