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My response to the previous discussion on Narcissism and Flying Monkeys

I have something to share! No more insults I promise! I like Hopi's way of relating what's on his mind. He has a humble way of getting his ideas across. I believe I know what germinated this discussion, and I don't believe it was totally benign. It was designed to hurt your friend, and suggest that he was narcisstic. I've called Luke names and have insulted his friends. On reflection I have acted like a ass. This is not a constructive way of getting ideas across. I apologize, but I do not agree with the way you have treated Omega and Lisa. Or the way you treat Charlotte when she comes to share. But this does not give me the right to insult and call names. I want to share this idea with you. We are all the flying monkeys of our own narcisstic egos. It gets us to do all kinds of cruel stuff, like name calling, and labeling others as inferior. It will lead us to join ranks with others who also have narcisstic egos and go out and find victims to attack. There are narcisstic  Relationships between people as you say. But I see nothing like that between Omega and Lisa. I see only love and dedication. You might have had problems with Omega in the past. But why do you guys hate him so much that you would discourage Lisa from loving him. Your narcisstic egos are sending you out as flying monkeys to destroy their joy, and to try to convince Lisa not to love Him. Your narcisstic egos are sending you out as flying monkeys to discredit everything that Charlotte shares with you. My narccisstic ego sent me out as a flying monkey to insult you guys for being mean to my friends. OK I've stated this. It's my Truth. I will stand by it! You can insult me all you want for writing this. I will still stand by it. This diccussion was originally designed to do harm, but it can now be used as a tool for understanding. Namaste and I again apologize for my previous insults to this group. I listened  too much to my narcisstic ego. And If you claim that you don't also listen to your own narcisstic ego, you are not being honest. And this message cannot help you. Hopi apologized to me as his elder the other day. If I am a elder then it's high time I start acting that way. Namaste to you all.  


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Well I'm sure she knows you are protecting us.... Charlotte tells those she's talking about straight to their face she pulls no punches but at the same time is fragile at heart... If she meant it for you she would tell you straight up.... Youre a good friend

Luke is not a bully, he is a really sweet and gentle fellow....but he doesnt take any crap and he will defend himself.   Btw seem ok, that you have found your gentler side...

I'm not really a bully a heart at all. What Hopi said reminded me. Thank you Feather Winger Namaste

Thank you, Feather, I appreaciate that very much .. I would like to point out that I dont mean anyone any harm, whatsoever, but I will always defend myself, no matter what ... and I can see the Christ in Eaglebear, I can see he has a softer side, despite what occured. He apologised and so, may it remain in the past.

For what its worth, I am going to offer the Violet flame into this thread, as an gesture of reconciliation, indeed, to burn it in this sacred flame .... no point in bearing a grudge, I certainly dont .. 

Peace and Namaste.

Namaste my Brother! No more war Brother! I bury my sword!

EagleBear/ Charlie

Likewise .. seems like a good time to move on .. so, I bury my sword aswell .. no hard feelings ..

Blessings, Charlie :)

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Sweet Luke is it all over for everyone please say yes.... 

Called hostile behavior, they are in attack mode, I never have war like behavior.

They are trying hard to get me to leave him... They now brought up a blog he did three yrs ago bout Kelly I think they just want them back together.... Im sick of crying... Drekx is in bed so I can't talk to him..

Lisa, Who care what they think, they are being disillusioned , they want to create fight with you, when they are one negativity, Universe bought you omega together. Past is forgotten, start each day fresh, they are still stuck in the past......... let them be stuck their dead end path. We are in the now, moving forward,

Figure of speech, don't feed the dragon more negativity, more negativity will caused attack with big puff of flame. Keep being positive, They want you feel weak , unworthy, You are better than the negativity personality from people. You have the blue shield of universe protection, right on your side, No one can't take your love away. Your love with omega is real, all the people past is forgotten, time to move forward, new chapter..........

past love become friend, no need to tell people off, who is bad for you. i don't see wrongness in omega. i brought you two together........

........HOnor it madam.............cherish you love,,,,,,, Universe grant you, people don't understand, they had to wake up on their own. All we can do is pray for them to come sincere and loving once more. They need to stop, true love is truth.

Charlotte is right who cares what they think. they certainly don't want you two to be happy. They are not true friends. True friends want their friends to be happy. They are only your friend if you do as they wish. They are the narcissists they they claim Omega to be. They want to control you. They desire you to be their flying monkey (to do what they will). I know your not a flying monkey for any body.

No need to fight or try to reason with them any more. You have tried. Omega has tried. Hopi has tried. I tried to. Sometimes it's best, to leave those that don't wish you the best behind. This is all I can really say. I hope it helps. And I hope you don't think I'm trying to get you to do something. If you feel I'm wrong don't listen to me.

The choice is 100% yours OK? Only do what your heart tells you is right.



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