Hey, guys.  I'm really into this whole Ascension and Galactic Federation of Light business and I believe that it could all happen soon.  However, my mom thinks that this is fantasy and she keeps asking me what I will do if none of this happens.  Well, I mean the UFO videos and news all over YouTube are great evidence but my mother wishes she had more proof.  My mom also believes that if you die, you don't go to a Heaven or a Hell, you're just dead.

I'm positive about the GFL's coming but there's a part of me that's questioning it.  Blossom Goodchild's failed prediction of a landing in October 14th or something in 2008 is a very big influence on it.  I also get the feeling that this interest of mine will get the best of me someday and I will become insane over the thought that "there is no such thing as a duality, this world, full of hatred, hunger, poverty, and want is all there is and you will live here for the rest of your life.  There is also no such thing as Heaven or Hell, so when you die you are just dead.  Also, get ready for a devastating barrage of solar flares around 2012.  (Well, I hope that doesn't happen either)"

And this channeling stuff, I have only one question about it.  How do you know that it is legitimate and not the workings of your imagination?  Please don't be mad at me, I never did channeling before and I just don't know how it works.

In fact, I used to have astral projections (or so I call them) when I was younger.  They used to scare me, but when I got around to controlling them they were enjoyable.  I never visited anyone in particular in these experiences, I just went to places and did things that I really enjoyed but was not able to do in the material world.  I've tried to have more recently by using binaural beats but they did not work

Anyway, all I ask is for some hopeful words that everything will come to pass and that maybe things won't be as bad as I am thinking now.  I love the idea of this, but there's a part of me that is skeptical and thinks that this entire culture is built on fantasy.  But... I hope it isn't that.  The GFL seems to be my one-way ticket out of dismay and trouble with world and personal issues.

But still, there are many mysteries not yet solved.  If the brain can create clear images and sound when we dream, why can't we do it when we're awake?  That is one thing that I can't explain.  Near-death experiences, what happens during sleep paralysis, and black holes are also prime mysteries.  I mean there's got to be something going on here.

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  • such is the deal with this new reality.....my mother went to study with a methaphisical group....now they want me to give them long talks about all this.....so i teach them advanced NLP to help them with the future challenge of telling more people....its all so nice and enjoyable....it took like 20 years and alot of substantial focus on Spirit here and now because even better than that is the beauty of the moment...and that is happening right nowww!!!!!

    dear brother....have a nice day and be as happy as you can easily and intensly do that....go for it!!!!!!!
  • I agree on this with you both :) And I like this:"It is good to be mentally and emotionally prepared for as many eventualities as one can imagine"

    I only meant that there are here around ( and me too ) that can explain what is happening right now, so don't let to your own thought decide how could be right or wrong, just lead on us to know... it's for all of you to do the right questions for the right answers.

    Selamat Ja!
  • I agree with you, we can use mind to eliminate false prophets and disinformation by logic. But it's a fact, and you can use this fact, that there are so many Beings that come from other dimentions and they, also me, can tell to you all what is happening right now, so believe for first that their aggenda is a very Divine One so a very good one. If you use this fact, you will understand that it's unusefull to use your mind as well as your spiritual side, but you will understand that you just can use your Soul and your Heart to be sure about one thing, if you're not sure about any information just don't take it with you... but going on with your Soul and Heart is just what all Human Being need... ask to who knows, don't use only your mind to understand because all of us are in One. There is not a false Galactic Federation actuallly, don't be worry about that

    I hpe anyone will start to understand this concept, not only you, so forgive me if I am writing this only to you...
  • Hi Eiskel!! It's a very important point what you wrote about what you think about a real intention.

    I'm so happy and very proud to tell you this important thing: their REAL intention is truly help Planet Earth and Human Being ( and there are a lot of good and God's reasons to do this ) and they started to work on all this many many years ago, ( your doubts show that you lost important informations about Galactic Federation, you can read a lot about that ) and they still are doing efforts on all this ( forgive me for my bad engish ), be sure of it, be sure that they actually are the 'Angels' or 'Light Beings' of 2.000 and more years ago. I tell you this as a truth simply because of my belong and membership.

    Just think about this, your concepts that come from your mind cannot let you think 'this is real for me' or 'Dosen't mean i'm going to beleive it aswell' if as you can decide if one thing 'could be or not could be' because your thoughts just can't go so far, you say right when you say 'live it up while you still can' the only thing that I can add for you is... ok, but do it NOW! Don't follow thoughts created by your rational mind.

    I'm just writing this because it's time for all to leave the idea that the own thoughts are a core issue... as Human Being is been created ( and alive and free ) it's also true that Human Being belong to a very 'Higher Light' or higher reality, so your minds have to be opend now, not closed to think that thoughts can bring you so close to a realilty, because the only truth comes from the 'Higher Light'. So Dear just open your Heart's eyes, don't use your rational mind now, it's time to Be One with Universe and Light and it's time to Be in Joy with who is working so hard for Human Being. Selamat Ja!!
  • 1) It doesn't matter whether she believes in the Galactic federation or not. It's her life, she has free will, let her live her life however she wants to, and let her believe in whatever she feels comfortable.

    2) The brain can create clear sounds and images when we're awake. It just takes a lot of practice. Either that, I just simply slip into a day dream ;)

    3) Black holes, according to Stephen Hawking, are erasers of the universe, and it makes sense, to me at least. There is no "other side" to a black hole. That would be a worm hole and the concept of a worm hole is totally different from a black hole.
  • In my modest opinion, I think she is more sensible than you. Namaste
  • Hi, It is what it is! If there are mass landings then there are mass landings and if it doesn't happen then it just doesn't happen. And if it feels right to you and you feel great, happy etc then go with it. Susan
  • WaitForTheSun: "My mom... believes that if you die, you don't go to a Heaven or a Hell, you're just dead."

    Well, that's fine. She can believe or speculate in whatever way she chooses.

    WaitForTheSun: "I'm positive about the GFL's coming but there's a part of me that's questioning it. Blossom Goodchild's failed prediction of a landing in October 14th or something in 2008 is a very big influence on it."

    I wouldn't put Blossom's stuff on your list of reliable information. There are plenty of other sources. Your own gut, for example.

    WaitForTheSun: "...[This] channeling stuff, I have only one question about it. How do you know that it is legitimate and not the workings of your imagination?"

    I don't. That's why I don't put too much of my faith in it. I try to be my own channel of truth.
  • Yes, my husband not believe anything about spiritualism. And he always making Joke about my believes.But of course that's my challenge.Never doubt about yourself, challenge, challenge, challenge...
  • I believe in the moment now. Hell on earth or heaven on earth.. we choose we create. I believe we are more then physical beings... we are multidimensional and continue past death. We exist beyond the physical reality even here on earth. I believe in ET's UFOs and higher level beings and lower level beings and all ranges of things and open mindedness... but i am not attached to any one specific belief.

    I do not think the GFL is real or is not real. It could be and may not... and that does not bother me.

    Surrender to not knowing. Its ok not to know. Know what you personally know for yourself in your life and your experience and live from that genuine field of reality within yourself. Also trust your heart and intuition on things... and go with your imagination.. because that reality... even the "fantasy" realities are all reflections of 3D reality and beyond.

    Concentrate on your personal journey. Life is challenging but it has its rewards... don't live in the future hope of being rescued. Start rescuing yourself today with Love... self love and healing... and with love for all that is.

    Go on your ascension path strongly in these moments of the NOW. The individuals inner journey is most important.

    The only place you can really actually exist in time is NOW - the moment.

    Much Love and Light to you on your Path :) Bless You!
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