I discovered  Osho about 25 years ago when I was studying Pantanjali. Too lazy to learn sanscript, I read 6 books of  Engish translations by different authors of his sutras with commentaries. I was particularly interested in the 4th book of sutras which gives specific meditations to attain the various siddhis.


I found Osho's (aka Shree Bagwan Rashneesh) translations the most lucid and most coherent. I have since read over 50 of Osho's books, which are not really books but transcipts of his talks on all the great Spiritual  Teachings.


While his accent is atrocious, his command of Engish grammar and volcabulary is absolutely perfect and he is extremely well read. He includes in all of his talks several of the worst jokes I have ever heard. His delivery and timing are flawless.


This outrageous clip is worthy of a great comedian like George Carlin.


Hope no one is offended. If you are. F*#k you.


So what's in a word?


Love, B









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  • He never said anything about twin flames or connecting to your own I AM Prescence,he only drew attention to himself to live off the light of others,not enlightened as most people would believe he was,but at least he had a sense of HUmor!

    • Hi Captin


      How many of Osho's books have you read?


      Love, B

  • I am intrigued... will look further into Osho, thanks for sharing :) 
    • This clip of him is the funniest but he can go very deep. His dicourses on  Buddha, Jesus, the Sufi masters, and Zen masters are all great. And of course the Tantra masters seem to be his favorites.

       I found him while investigating Pantanjali.

      Good hunting. He's all over the web.


      Love, B

  • that's cool


    I still l love yiou.




    That's easy. His followers gave the cars to him.

    Many of them were quite wealthy.

    Others were poor slobs like me although I never was a "follower" of Osho, just another seeker on the path.

    I'm content with my 20 year old jeep.

    Love, B




  • Well he never taught his followers about the violet flame so i guess they all ended up a bunch of miserable F's? Too bad, they be a whole lot happier with th the violet flame!..............................................................................................................
    • Hi Shelly


      Thanks for the "refined gentleman".


      Actually I am a raunchy lecherous old beachcomber who's only claim to fame is that I never worked a day this lifetime so far in my 84 years. 


      Last I heard, Osho had 100 Rolls Royces. Almost as many as Jay Leno. Too bad because he is much funnier than Jay---almost as funny as Craig Ferguson. I heard you now get Craig down under. True?


      Osho doesn't have a drivers license in fact he doesn't know how to drive a car. And doesn't need insurance since the cars never leave the Ashram in Poona and the only way they could get damaged is by falling mangos. 


      I never met him bodily but he initiated me as Dyan Apurva which translates roughly as Dr. Strangemeditation. Correct me if I'm wrong as my Sanscript is not real swift.


      Anyhow it's all academic since Osho dropped the body a few years back.


      My wife and I still enjoy his books. He reminds me of Eckhart Tolle. Both of them speak great wisdom while surpressing a chuckle at the same time.


      Love, B




    • Hey that's f*=king beautiful!!!

      Loved it.


    • Uh Shelly,can you mind your own buisness for once? Who asked you to comment on this disscussion? Right! Nobody! Not that we dont appreciate your comments cause we do,but we have 93 rolls royce cars that might not have any insurance,so please,let's see if ohsit,oops im sorry, ohsho,has a drivers license?
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