Dear beloved family , I hope your day is ...filled with wonders and beauty..tonight we will with a lot of lightworkers, actually all over the world send our love and light to Mother earth and all her inhabitants,,,we will first send rays of violet to her and than visualize all of us toghether unite as one, holding hands o...r connect by heart and soul sned all of our light and love to Earth...we will not be albe to understand how deep this energy will help to uplift and nourage all but be shore it does help enormous!!!!!! so let us in joy do what we can do best! love and shine!!!!!!!! and with that we bring healing, nouragment and beauty and it will bring soo much bliss! will you join?/ we are shore that ebven the ones who do not conciously know and join tongiht, are also uniting with us, by wanting this with heart and soul, so no one will be missed!!!!!!!we are one, we are te ones making the change and doing it right now!time doesnt matter realy you can do it any time, and even every day..we love to have a weekly meditation with all earthlovers and lightworkers on Gaia, more days, however, are only making it stronger, so if you feel invited to, meditate, send love every day, visualising all beings of love togheter around Gaia in a beautifull Light full of love and joy send light light light! lets do it!!!all my kindness and so much love to you!!!!

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  • wonderfull1 the more WE do this the more we increase the light and help Our mother with her proses to move into the new most gracefully with less side effects, and more and more loving human will awake and come with us into the light into the one that we are! we can help sooo much aswe are god! godsand godesses we all are as a desenced from father mother God ..we carrry the spark and devine light, we cando beyond imagination when we cocreate!!!!!!!1 all my love and deep gratitude to all of you!!!!!!
  • Blessings and love to you......Much Abundance and Peace.,,:):):)
    • dear Eagle, I laways Love eagles, It is my guide!!!!!!!!! thank YOU FOR JOINING AND HELPING! I am grateful and joyfull for all of us helpng healing all children of Gaia and helping her too to asenced most gracefully! I know she loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we are truly makng miracles right now eagle! it are wonderous times indeed! I feel it and my heart is almost bursting!
    • all love and joy to you too! thank you dearest sister in light!
      love and a cosmic hug! Love to All!

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